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Best cbd oil for pain reddit

Anyone here that uses CBD for chronic pain?

Hey ya’ll! I recently purchased some CBD oil for my mom who suffers from chronic pain (arthritis, soreness, lower back pain that hasn’t been relieved by surgery-herniated discs, joint pain, etc.) and following suggestions for first time users, I bought a 240mg tincture(?) from Nuleaf Naturals. She started off with 5 drops, sublingual and mentioned she did feel a slight difference but no relief, so she’s using 20 drops/a full dropper of oil day and night. Still she says she doesn’t seem to feel any pain relief. I’m wondering if I instructed her wrong (hold under tongue for 30 secs) or maybe she needs a stronger tincture? She’s about used up the bottle in less than a week, but I’m attributing this to my step-dad also using it too >_> I’m not sure what to do, one because she refuses to get any help with the pain and two, she gets freaked out about the laws here in PR in terms of usage of CBD. Any help and recommendation is appreciated.

Honestly it is probably too low of a tincture. 240mg in the bottle and only about 5 drops, that ends up being maybe a mg? I use it for anxiety and pain. Right now I have a 250mg bottle because I am waiting for my vape pen to come in and I have noticed increased pain. Try a 500mg bottle or more to get a more concentrated version and considered getting a vape pen of some sort. I find those work best personally and it is instant relief and you can figure out how much is needed quickly instead of waiting. If using the tincture though, keep the liquid under tongue for 90 seconds.

Thanks for the suggestion! I considered getting her a stronger one to see if it’s better for her. She upped it to a dropper full of the oil, so I don’t know how that would translate to dosage. I’m having a bit of a hard time looking for companies that can ship to PR without charging me as if we were international (our main postal service is USPS). As for vaping, she’s not into the idea of doing so 🙁

A lot of people who use it for pain do 100 mg or more per day. If you could include even a few milligrams of thc, this dosage could be reduced. An 8:1 cbd to thc ratio is ideal. Cbd has no influence on cb1 receptors, only cb2. Thc is very helpful in treating chronic pain and in an 8:1 cbd:thc ratio, the psychoactive effects shouldn’t be felt before pain subsides.

I also recommend using cbd in conjunction with caryophyllene and possibly other terpenes as well such as linalool, pinene, Limonene and Myrcene. Caryophyllene has been shown to have an analgesic effect in rats. In general terpenes can help with treatment of chronic pain. Look up things like aromatherapy and entourage effect for more information.

What brand and product do you like for chronic pain?

This is like maybe the second time I’ve heard of Kratom. Sounds interesting. Wikipedia says it’s an Asian plant? Maybe I’ll check if my relatives can get a hold of it.

Also too it will gradually get better after continued use, will not be instant.

She should also try a topical and soak.

That’s a fairly common scenario when it comes to CBD consumption I’ve found with my personal body as well as many friends and families.

CBD-rich hemp oil comes in various concentrations and forms, including liquid hemp oil, hemp oil as a thick paste, oil in capsules, sublingual tincture drops or sprays, salves for topical use, edibles as in candy or gum and CBD vapor from vaporizers similar to e-cigarette or even in bath soaks & bath bombs! But one thing I’ve found to be true with all of this is one simple thing.

Everyone Is Different

The fact remains that everyone is in a different place and will react differently to their CBD dosage. As serving size or dosage of CBD differs for each person, it is best to start small and gradually increase until you experience the desired result.

Its crucial we understand the importance of the Endocannabinoid System.

What personally helped with my mother who experienced chronic joint pain and severe muscle aches primarily induced from 12 hour workdays consistently was starting with CBD Infused Bath Bombs & Soaks.

She would take 15 – 20 minutes to soak and let all of the natural ingriedents do their job and she started showing much improvement after the first soak.

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Then we gradually upped the dosage until we found that magic number.

Thanks for your reply! It’s been one thing I’ve been trying to explain to her, that the same way with other medications, everyone reacts differently. She’s a stubborn woman – sigh-

I’ve heard of topical salves, there’s even a brand that they sell locally but they don’t really state the source of their hemp other than “its real and made in the US”. But I’ve never heard of soaks. Do they sell them like bath bombs? She removed her tub years ago, but she could still use it to soak her aching hands and feet.

Yup. Endometriosis/pelvic pain, migraines & general bodily discomforts. It seems to make my migraines worse but is an enjoyable way to stem boredom & it goes well with kratom so I use it daily in some form. OH, and CBD has literally saved me from puking during several severe nausea attacks due to various causes. That’s probably the most important medical use I get from it.

If inflammation is involved, daily use of CBD will be more effective than occasional use. But you should still get some benefit from one-off uses. Larger doses just may be needed to obtain relief. A lot of CBD products don’t contain very high doses per bottle/box/whatever, so for severe pain you might need to greatly increase the dose.

The good news is that you’re not gonna overdose on CBD. Nothing bad will happen from taking too much except maybe falling asleep & waking up refreshed.

I have bone on bone knee joints. I have been doing 2/15 mg pills daily for two months. My level of pain free exercise has increase dramatically, although I can hurt at the end of the day. A friend insisted I try the product and suggested using pill form because of ease of dosage control. When I started I double the dosage in order to permeate my tissue which was recommended by a nurse friend. I have also began to s l o w l y lose weight. All good. Hope the product works, give it some time and maybe try different brands, delivery systems, and dosages.

That’s a form I hadn’t considered, thanks for suggesting! That goes to show how much I still need to read up on!

There is a company called “Bio RemediesMD” made by the University of Maryland Baltimore. They are a legit company with 3rd Party testing. They sell Cbd with terps at a very low cost. If you buy just the oil it will be 30 dollars for 150mg of cbd in 1ML. That is SUPER concentrated. My advice would be to load the oil into a empty cartitage and use a vape pen battery. They have 4 different kinds of CBD each with different Medicinal effects. I use the “Calm” for sleep with good results and will be soon using the “Focus” for my ADD issues. What your mother would want is the “Recovery” CBD they sell. That one is specifically for people in pain! I hope she finds relief!

Thanks! I’ll look into it!

Seems pretty expensive

In order to figure out how much she’s taking, you need to look at the size of the bottle as well as the mg in the bottle. The 240 mg is for the total bottle. So, for example, if it’s a 15 ml bottle, a full dropper is probably about 16 mg, and a drop is probably 0.8 mg. ( 240/15 = 16. and 16/20 = 0.8 ) You also need to take into consideration her weight.

As others have said, if you buy a higher concentrate (2,400mg or more are available) you can get a more affordable tincture. If the 16 mg a day doesn’t cut it (it may take some time to build up in her system too) then she could try upping it and/or going to a morning and evening dose. It’s very individualized, so it’s hard to say what is the “right” amount.

It’s very nice of you to try and help her. Chronic pain is awful.

So that’s how you calculate. I haven’t done conversions since college haha, thanks for taking your time to explain!

Hello, Hi ZhangCE sorry to hear about your mother’s pain issues, I also have lower back pain and had surgy for it, but it’s still very painful, that’s just the 1st of my many problems but I want to help you, mom, out and I have a few different ideas & combinations. First, as many other posters mentioned get another bottle that is much higher CBD per drop also make sure it is full spectrum, so you do get some of those also very valuable terpenes they do make a big difference. There’s something called the entourage effect which takes awhile to happen as the different cannabinoids build up in your system. The other two are to look into Kratom it’s an amazing plant & will definitely help, but I would do some research 1st, but that along with the CBD in moderation will be like night and day in pain control. There is another option, Tumeric specifically the active chemical in it Curcumin, it has potent anti-inflammatory effects. I can give more details in a PM since I can’t name brands on here and it’s also all very confusing and overwhelming trying to research all these different ideas. Good Luck. Please reach out if you would like.

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Best CBD Oil Reddit – Does Best CBD Oil Work?

Have you heard concerning the CBD oil to nervousness, anxiety, inflammation, and feelings? Why CBD oil is regarded as an effective alternative for fighting these issues? Get all your questions answered within this in depth review of CBD Oil.

Struggling against your anxiety, inflammation, anxiety, emotions and sleepless nights is truly a battle in todays contemporary world. There are numerous nutritional supplements and remedies available to handle these problems but they occasionally never provide us the desirable or long-term results that are extremely disturbing. In reality, for decades physicians and researchers have tried their best to affect society concerning the powerful and safest formulation i.e. in artificial medication. Nevertheless, they failed to convince due to the number of side-effects that were reported.

Following the reported side-effects from artificial drugs, the scientists tried their very best to think of a solution that is 100% organic and natural. They spend their nights and days around the Cannabidiol (CBD) that may be utilized as an effective medication to fight against anxiety, anxiety, and several other concerns.

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Countless thousands of individuals have demonstrated that CBD oil for stress, anxiety, inflammation, and insomniac is actually powerful. It comprises hemp extracts that are highly organic and doesnt have any side effects. Besides, the formulation is THC free, as THC is the most important source of any health problem or supplies side-effects from any formulation.

Let us further find more about this Best CBD Oil. The way the formula came to be, how it functions, what advantages does it provide, and a whole lot more.


Many studies and laboratory tests have revealed that CBD is successful since it includes all natural and organic ingredients that dont result in any damage to the body. CBD oil is extremely effective since its well known to a lot of people who CBD oil for stress, anxiety, chronic pain and lots of pain linked to arthritis and hepatitis have been utilized for several decades, in actuality, its in use in the modern time too.

The CBD oil for stress and several Other concerns have lots of advantages to like:

  • Alleviate pain
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Reduce cancer-related symptoms
  • Great for skin also as it may eliminate acne
  • Additionally promotes heart health


The recently launched program named Best CBD Oil is similar to ordinary CBD oil. This formulation is beneficial and effective also since it also comprises hemp and other natural ingredients. The body is surrounded by different distinct all-natural cannabinoid receptors and receptors from the ECS i.e. endocannabinoid system thats accountable for the valuable and productive consequences on the body. To produce the functioning and regulation of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) appropriate the Best CBD Oil can be employed which contributes to the successful outcome and aids your body to remain calm and have a comfortable feeling all of the time.

The formulation Best CBD Oil gives your body to remain calm and lively daily. It is helpful to lower your stress and stress in addition to gives you greater and decent sleep. Besides, the scientists have demonstrated the formulation is secure and may be implemented and obtained with no physicians prescription.

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The drops of Best CBD Oil are powerful and create the ECS i.e. endocannabinoid system modulates properly from the body. It includes hemp extracts that are 100% organic. Besides, the petroleum does not include any poisonous material and heavy metals which could lead to damage to the human body. The formulation gets the refreshing peppermint taste that makes the formulation more refreshing and more pleasing to use.


The formulation has the most soothing taste and so powerful also. Additionally, it provides many health advantages aside from the coping of CBD oil with stress, anxiety, inflammation, and feelings. The advantages are as follows:

  • Pain reliever
  • No Physicians prescription is needed
  • Reduce inflammation in your own body
  • Boost serotonin
  • It also promotes energy levels
  • Fight anxiety, stress, and isonomic
  • Bargains with nausea too (See Also: (OFFICIAL WEBSITE) Here to Buy This Best CBD OILFor The Lowest Price
  • Boost sleep also
  • Boost skin tissues and gives you fresh and clear skin too
  • Appetite stabilization
  • Bone increase too
  • Assist with dependence too
  • Stabilized disposition

Whats more, besides, it assists in reducing blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and decrease acne too.


As most of us understand that CBD oil for stress, anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and other health concerns playing a significant part in todays contemporary world. However, for the secure side, its advised for the men and women that are facing any significant medical concerns should consult their doctor. Another disadvantage is that the formulation is only available online rather than at the shops. If youre below the age of 18 you can not use the item.

The merchandise Best CBD Oil is currently available on the official site and it has several different discounted bundles too. They provide free transport to their clients and take approximately 3-4 working days.

Buy 1of Best CBD Oil at $79.00
Buy two bottles and one free also just at $59.33 per
finally, purchase three bottles and get three free also just at $44. 50 every
Each of the packages is offered for your restricted time frame since the bottles of Best CBD Oil is moving from inventory rapidly. Grab your bottles until it is too late.

Overall, Best CBD Oil is quite much successful oil with a vibrant taste of peppermint. It works naturally like the same CBD oil for stress. There are lots of health benefits you may have from the formulation and above all, theres not any danger in giving it a try as the formulation is only natural and natural.

The formulation was created particularly for men and women who have tough times in dealing with everyday stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, emotions, and above all chronic pain. Theres not any battle anymore you need to make for eliminating those problems because this CBD oil for stress is performing its part and providing out rapid results. Besides, the bottles can be found in very limited amounts with free delivery so make your choice quickly before it is too late.

Best CBD product for high strength pain relief.

Ok, so here’s the deal, my 85 year old grandmother has severe arthritic pain in her hips and she wants to try CBD products to try and help her pain. Right now, she’s taking a CBD spray that she shoots under her tongue. She said that it was helping her at first but now doesn’t seem to do anything for her anymore. I was vising with her today and I looked at the bottle she was using, and the entire bottle was only 200mg, which seems low to me. Not only that, but shes paying over $100 per bottle, for only 2oz. This leaves me feeling like she’s getting ripped off.

I’d really like to get her something that’s a little more powerful to see if it helps her, but there’s so many different CBD products out there at so many different purities that I find myself scratching my head at what’s best. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions concerning what I might be able to do for her, as I dont really have much experience with CBD products. Thanks for your time!