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Best cbd oil for pugs

How cbd helps your Pug

CBD Oil for Pugs – How Cannabis Hemp Tincture Can Help Your Puppy

Pugs belong to the breeding group of companion dogs, and their lifespans typically last twelve to fifteen years. They make excellent companions and are well known to be loving animals that want lots of attention. Owners say that pugs have a playful, charming, and sociable personality, and they are true lap dogs; they’re perfectly happy to lie with you as you relax, or sleep with you at night.

Pugs are ideal for older owners, as they’re very low maintenance, and do not need a lot of exercise; unlike many other dogs, they don’t get destructive if they don’t receive exercise and instead enjoy being at home.

Pugs are also great with children. They are very silly and will perform tricks and antics, and unlike many other small breeds, they aren’t delicate, so you don’t have to worry about your children harming them as they play together. In the end, Pugs are happy to just spend time in the company of their owners.

Background of the Pug Breed

Pugs originated in China with the Han Dynasty, dating back to 206 B.C. The dog was so adored by Chinese emperors, that they often had their own soldiers and guards for protection. Pugs were given a life of luxury. As China began to trade with European countries, the Dutch brought Pugs back with them, and European royals also quickly fell in love with the breed. In the 19th century, Pugs were introduced to the US, and they have been a very popular pet ever since.

Health Conditions that Commonly Tend to Impact Pugs

Although Pugs are known to be a relatively healthy breed, they are not immune to many of the conditions that tend to impact dogs, especially smaller breeds with dog’s pain. These conditions include:


Diabetes is a chronic disease that is caused either by the body’s inadequate response to insulin, or a lack of insulin entirely. There is no cure, but there are treatments that your vet can help you with if your Pug has diabetes.


This condition occurs when the brain becomes inflamed. Signs that your Pug has encephalitis includes seizure, fever, behavioral changes, and decreased responsiveness. It can be scary when your Pug develops this, so take them to the vet right away.

Dry Eye

Dry eye occurs in Pugs when the eye does not produce a sufficient amount of tears needed to keep the eye moist. There can be different reasons and causes, and once the cause is determined, there are a variety of treatments available.

Cheyletiella Dermatitis (Walking Dandruff)

Pugs tend to be impacted by Walking Dandruff, a condition that is caused by a small mite. The small mite leads to extreme dandruff, and if you notice that your Pug has more dandruff than usual, you’ll need to get all of your pets checked, as it is contagious.

Legg-Perthes Disease

Many small breeds of dogs are impacted by Legg-Perthes disease, a condition that occurs when the blood supply to the femur decreases, and the head of the femur, which connects to the pelvis, begins to disintegrate. This condition is very painful, but luckily, it can be treated with surgery. The disease commonly develops in puppies within the first four to six months of age.


This condition often impacts short-nosed dog breeds, of which Pugs are included. The impact of this condition ranges; sometimes only a few vertebrae are affected and your Pug can live a normal and healthy life, and sometimes, the condition can be at its worse and lead to the dog becoming paralyzed.

Vaccination Sensitivity

Many Pug owners have reported that their dogs react negatively to some of the vaccinations that are routine for the breed. If your Pug develops soreness, lethargy, face swelling, or hives after getting vaccinated, they may be sensitive. CBD oil may help with a sensitivity issue. Some dogs suffer from this. Don’t miss out on vaccinations as they help your pug’s immune system.

Nerve Degeneration

This condition typically affects older Pugs. Symptoms include dragging rear legs, incontinence, trouble jumping, and staggering. There is medication available, and owners may also get a little cart to help their Pug’s mobility, as their front legs remain healthy.

Respiratory Issues

Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS) occurs in dogs like Pugs with a reduced skull length, and results from excess soft tissue in their airways which may obstruct airflow. Symptoms can include your dog gasping for air and struggling to breathe during even moderate amounts of exercise.

If you notice these symptoms, it’s important to consult your vet. Surgery can sometimes be required; however, the impact of this condition may be reduced by keeping your pug cool in hot weather, avoiding excessive exercise, providing lots of fresh water, and keeping your dog at a healthy body weight.

How Can CBD Oil Help Pugs?

When your playful and loving Pug becomes affected by any of the conditions above, it can be very troubling. Luckily, beyond medication and surgery, there are options that you can turn to, and CBD oil is one of them. There are several ways that CBD may help with some of the conditions that commonly impact Pugs. The health benefits outweigh the few side effects you may encounter.

CBD has powerful pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects; if your Pug has Legges-Perthes disease, nerve degeneration, or hemi-vertebrae, giving CBD oil may help soothe their pain and discomfort and help them become the active and playful dog you know and love again.

CBD also blocks serotonin in the brain, and has anti-anxiety effects. This may help your Pug deal with the separation anxiety that they can develop when you leave for any period of time. The breed is especially prone to separation anxiety. If you give them CBD oil before you leave, you can help soothe their worries.

Things to Keep in Mind as You Treat Your Pug with CBD Oil

While CBD is a viable solution for many dogs, including Pugs, dogs require a smaller dosage than humans and can be a lot more sensitive to the oil. Pugs don’t need very much in order to experience the effects. The exact amount that you should give your dog will depend on their condition, size, and the strength of the oil. Since CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive, there is no danger of causing an overdose. However, you should always be careful, and take note of how your dog reacts, before you give them more.

If your Pug suffers from many of the conditions that tend to impact dogs, CBD treatment plan is a viable solution. To be clear, it won’t get your dog “buzzed” or high; CBD is safe and not psychoactive. A lot of research has been conducted involving CBD and its benefits. Not only does it help soothe any separation anxiety that your Pug may experience, it can also reduce inflammation throughout the body and help with their pain. CBD has been widely accepted as a safe and well-tolerated medicine for both humans and dogs.

How Do CBD Supplements Help My Pug With Anxiety?

One of the fastest growing health trends in pet care is using Hemp and CBD oils to help treat dogs with anxiety. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in cannabis and hemp reduces anxiety. Research has found that CBD helps manage anxiety by changing the brain’s receptor response to serotonin. Though it comes from cannabis, CBD products contain almost no THC, the psychoactive compound that produces the “high” effect in marijuana. Providing your dog with CBD supplements will give them the benefit of relaxation without any intoxication.

In order to treat your dog’s symptoms, it’s important to first understand the root of the issue. There are three main causes of anxiety in pets: fear, separation, aging and general health.

1. Calm Your Pug’s Fears With a Patient Approach and CBD Supplements

Many Pugs have a fear of loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or vacuum cleaners. Other dogs are scared of cars, strangers, large bodies of water, or even other animals. Dogs often have a very physical reaction to their fears and may show they are scared by cowering, hiding, shaking, whining, or showing signs of aggression.

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Like humans, animals are often afraid of what they don’t understand. If your pug starts displaying signs of being scared, consider slowly desensitizing them to the phobia so they become more familiar with it. Just be sure to keep the approach slow and steady as not to instill more fear in your dog.

Another strategy is to divert your dog’s attention away from their anxieties by focusing on something else such as practicing tricks for treats, or using their favorite toy to play with them. It’s important that no matter what you use to distract them, you remain calm and speak in a soothing voice. Dogs are sensitive to tone and body language and will detect your anxieties, so you’ll want to reassure them that everything is perfectly fine and okay.

It’s also a good idea to swap out regular treats with treats that will help ease and comfort your dog. Calming soft chews, including CBD chews with peanut butter or bacon flavors. Delicious, nutritious, and effective will help your dog’s body in a short period of time.

2. Best Practices to Ease Your Pug’s Separation Anxiety

Some dogs simply hate to see their owners leave and panic when left alone. Most pet owners have seen the damage this distress can lead to: incessant barking or howling, chewing things up, getting into the trash can, and other misbehaving. Experts have stated that pet separation anxiety is expected to increase when people return to work after Covid-19 shelter-in-place mandates end.

Though there aren’t any quick fixes for separation anxiety, there are ways you can help adjust their behaviors. Make sure they get their exercise in —a tired dog is less likely to get into trouble while you are away. Additionally, you’ll want to be aware of how long you are away and be sure not to extend beyond your dog’s comfort zone.

Many dogs also benefit from crate training, though like any new system, you’ll want to slowly introduce your dog to the crate. Practice using it while you’re home to get them comfortable with the crate before leaving them in the crate while you’re gone.

3. Improve Your Aging Pug’s General Health and Mobility Using Natural CBD and Hemp Oil Supplements

Symptoms of anxiety in your dog can be an indication of pain or physical discomfort. Whether it’s joint pain, or genetic chronic pain, they may become lethargic, irritable or show other behavior changes. Witnessing your beloved family member in pain can be distressing for any pet owner. It’s always best to first take a trip to your local Veterinarian to get checked out.

Research studies have found that CBD oil for dogs help reduce joint inflammation and improve an aging dog’s mobility. CBD treats for dogs are also closely regulated by the FDA and do not contain more than 0.3% TCH. If you have an elderly dog with joint pain, consider using vet certified natural supplements such as Full Spectrum Hemp Oil as pain management for your dog’s condition.

Picking the Right CBD Products for Pugs

Whether you Pug suffers from one of the conditions listed above or could simply benefit from a healthy, natural supplement, I recommend you give CBD a try.

CBD for Pugs: 5 Vital Things To Know Before Giving Your Pug CBD Oil or CBD Treats

Giving CBD to your pug for the first time can be confusing and intimidating. Over the last 5 years, CBD has exploded unto the scene, with my low quality brands popping up to make a quick buck. How can you determine whether a CBD product is safe and effective for your pug? We’ve created this guide with 5 vital tips for buying CBD for your pug. Tip #5, in particular, might really surprise you!

1. Does the CBD Oil You’re Giving Your Pug Have a Current COA (certificate of analysis)

Ensuring that the CBD product you use for your pug is pure is absolutely essential due to how CBD is manufactured. CBD is derived from hemp, which tends to absorb toxins from the earth. We have personally tested brands of CBD oil that have contained lead at 10x higher than safe levels.

While most CBD companies will have their product tested once, look for a brand that displays a current and updated COA on their website’s product page. It’s also absolutely vital that a CBD brand tests each and every batch of their CBD oil, as large variances can occur in the quality and purity.

The following is an example of a COA for the Cannanine CBD brand.

2. Has the Pet CBD Brand Been In Business for At Least 3 Years?

CBD for dogs has become a very profitable business, and many fly by night companies have popped up over the past few years. For this reason, we’d recommend looking for a company with a track record of at least 3 years in business. If a company can survive 3 years in business, their products are likely good enough quality to meet the standards of customers and regulators.

Learn more about the CBD endorsed by iHeartDogs, which was founded in 2018.

3. Am I Giving My Pug The Right Dosage of CBD?

Many first time pug owners make a mistake on dosing CBD. Fortunately, research shows there does not seem to be much of a risk of overdosing on CBD with dogs. However, it is advisable to start with a low dose and slowly increase, monitoring how your pug responds. In some cases, pug owners don’t realize that they can slowly increase the dosing if they fail to see results.

Typical dosing is recommended in the range of 0.2 mg to 0.5 mg per pound of bodyweight. Again, it doesn’t hurt to start low and slow. Oftentimes, if a dog does react negatively to CBD, it is often from the oil contained in the product. Usually the reaction will just be mild vomiting or diarrhea.

4. Understand The Difference Between the 4 Kinds of Products: Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, CBD Isolate, and Hemp Seed Oil

CBD for dogs comes with a confusing array of terms. Let’s break down the 4 kinds of products:

  • Hemp seed oil– Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant, not the actual plant itself. Sometimes referred to as just “hemp oil”, this ingredient offers many benefits from the Omega-3s contained in it, but it does not contain CBD . Beware of products labeled only as ‘hemp oil’.
  • CBD isolate – An isolate product starts with a full spectrum CBD, and chemically removes the other cannabinoids from the oil. While you still get some of the benefit of the CBD, you lose the benefit of a wider spectrum of the hemp plant. For this reason, we’d recommend avoiding CBD isolates for dogs.
  • Full spectrum – A full spectrum product contains all of the cannabinoids of the plant, including a small amount of THC. THC can be toxic to dogs, even in small doses. For that reason we prefer the next option, especially for smaller pups.
  • Broad spectrum – A broad spectrum CBD product contains all of the cannabinoids with the exception of THC, which is removed. The end result is a product that contains nearly the full spectrum, minus the riskier THC. For most dogs, we believe broad spectrum is the best option.

5. Beware of Purchasing Hemp Products on Amazon or Chewy, As They DO NOT Contain CBD

We have nothing against Amazon or Chewy, but at the time of this writing their policies do not allow for the sale of CBD on their marketplaces. Many unscrupulous brands list their “hemp oil” products on these stores in an effort to trick customers into believing they contain CBD, while it only contains hemp seed oil. While hemp seed oil offers many benefits, it does not offer the calming and pain relief properties of true CBD. For this reason, we’d recommend avoiding Amazon or Chewy when purchasing CBD, and instead purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website.

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What Brand of CBD Has the iHeartDogs Seal of Approval?

iHeartDogs helped formulate the Cannanine brand of CBD for dogs. In addition to being organically farmed, every batch of Cannanine CBD is triple tested to ensure purity, safety, and efficacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil, Chews & Treats for Pugs

CBD vs. Fluoxetine/Prozac for Pugs: Which is More Effective?

Prozac/Fluoxetine an SSRI antidepressant used to treat a variety of behavioral disorders in pugs. Many veterinarians prescribe Prozac for separation anxiety. In recent years, many pet owners have begun turning to CBD for more natural anxiety relief for their dogs.

Only you and your veterinarian can make the best choice for your pug’s situation. In my personal experience with my dog’s separation anxiety, while my pup got temporary relief from Prozac, it also significantly changed her personality and energy. Eventually with a process of training and using CBD that I detail here, we were able to finally beat separation anxiety for good.

CBD vs. NSAID Pain Medications like Rimadyl, carprofen, Novox, deracoxib, Deramaxx, firocoxib, Previcox, meloxicam, or Metacam: Which Is More Effective for Pugs?

NSAID medications can be powerful tools in fighting pain. They do, however, often come with long term side effects that can affect digestion, the kidneys, or the liver. Only you and your veterinarian can make the best choice for your pug, but many owners have found that CBD offers more natural relief without any known side effects. Many pug owners give CBD in addition to prescription medications, but be sure to discuss your plan with your veterinarian.

Can CBD Help My Pug’s Joint Pain, Hips, Back, Arthritis or Mobility?

The last few years has produced exciting research on the effectiveness of CBD on an older dog’s mobility. Several clinical trials using CBD on dogs have shown improvement in mobility scores for dogs given CBD oil. Remember, arthritis is a degenerative condition that will continue to worsen, however it appears CBD can help slow the progression of pain. According to a poll administered to 400 dog owners, 59% reported that CBD was ‘very effective’ and 19% reported CBD was ‘somewhat effective’ in alleviating their dog’s joint pain.

Can CBD Help My Pug’s Anxiety?

As detailed here, clinical trials using CBD for humans (who also have an endocannabinoid system like dogs) have shown its ability to calm anxiety. According to a poll administered by iHeartDogs to 400 dog owners using CBD, 41% of owners reported that CBD was ‘very effective’, while 25% reported it was ‘somewhat effective’ in helping their dog’s anxiety.

Can CBD Help My Pug’s Allergies & Itchiness?

A 2020 study concluded that dogs using CBD were more likely to see a significant decrease in atopic dermatitis symptoms. In fact, the dogs in the study had a 51% decrease in CADESI-4 scores, meaning fewer allergy/itchiness symptoms were present after the study.

An iHeartDogs poll showed that 68% of respondents said that CBD was ‘very effective’ or ‘somewhat effective’ in alleviating their dog’s allergy symptoms.

Can CBD Help My Pug’s Seizures?

One of the earliest uses for CBD in both humans and dogs was for minimizing epileptic seizures when medication failed to work. One study published in 2018 showed that an astonishing 89% of the dogs studied showed a drop in regular seizures after given CBD. The study was a double blind, placebo controlled test.

The same iHeartDogs poll showed that 70% of respondents claimed that CBD was ‘very effective’ or ‘somewhat effective’ at reducing the number of seizures experienced by their dog.

Which CBD is Best for My Pug: Oil Tinctures, Soft Chews, or Treats?

Whether you give your pug a CBD oil tincture, a CBD soft/gummy chew, or a treat is a personal choice.

There are some benefits to CBD being absorbed in the mouth sublingually, and your best bet for this rapid absorption is by using a CBD oil tincture. However, if your pug won’t take oil directly to their mouth or in their food, a CBD soft chew or treat is an equally viable option.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional.

KING KALM™ CBD 150mg for Pugs

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King Kalm 150mg CBD Oil for Pugs

KING KALM™ CBD Oil for Pugs is made from the highest quality naturally occurring CBD extracted from industrial hemp and is formulated with the highly beneficial omega-3 rich krill oil.

Anyone can tell a Pug apart from other dogs just by enjoying a brief glance at its face. Known for its wrinkled and short-muzzled face, in addition to its curled tails, the Pug is also a great companion dog, having been at one time in history a favorite of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Originally from China, Pugs have come a long way and now enjoy steady popularity here in the States, where they are consistently depicted as fun-loving dogs in movies and media alike. In 2004, a Pug even won Best in Show at the World Dog Show. Not bad for such a little guy!

CBD for Pugs – An Introduction

Pugs are characterized by charming personalities that can win the affection of just about anyone in the room. Despite their small size, Pugs have a lot of spunk in their character, giving the phrase “a lot in a little” a whole new meaning. They are great with families of all sizes, extremely patient and caring with children and infants, and love to spend all their time running around or lounging with their people. This is just who they are; they are true companion animals.

While these are the farthest thing from negative traits, their loyal and owner-bound personalities can sometimes get the better of Pugs, especially when they’re left alone for an extended period of time. Pug separation problem is a reduction in calm behavior that causes Pugs to feel especially distressed when they are separated from their owners. This is easy to understand, considering how much time they generally spend with their people. Often owners will consider them their little shadows, due to the number of time Pugs spend tailing their every move. For dogs suffering from Pug separation problem, veterinarians used to recommend gradual exposure therapy to get the dog used to be alone, or they may have prescribed low dose antidepressants to de-stress them. Nowadays, however, there is a new treatment plan available to dog owners, and that is CBD for Pugs.

CBD oil for Pugs works by interacting with their body’s endocannabinoid system, a relatively new discovery that is thought to regulate a dog’s mood and behavior, in addition to playing a role in how they process pain (but more on that later). CBD for Pugs is thought to work in a somewhat similar fashion as antidepressants, by inhibiting certain neurotransmitters responsible for an anxious or overexcited system. Only, the benefit with CBD oil for Pugs is that it carries none of the negative side effects known to generic pharmaceutical products. It is all-natural and organic and is tolerated well by most dogs.

How Much CBD for Pugsis Appropriate?

A general rule of thumb for dogs new to CBD is .05mg per pound. For Pugs, this means that spending a little can go a long way. CBD for Pugs is an affordable treatment plan for reduction in calm behavior and one highly customizable to the measurements and tastes of your dog. For example, if your Pug needs some time getting used to CBD oil for Pugs, King Kanine also stocks flavored treats to make snack time extra special, in addition to CBD infused balms to make their next grooming session one that is all the more therapeutic. Choosing how much CBD for Pugs comes down to analyzing the severity of your dog’s symptoms and knowing exactly how much they weigh.

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CBD for Pugs – Pain Management

While Pugs are generally low maintenance pets thanks to their small stature, they do suffer from some breed-specific health problems which require owners to have solid treatment plans in mind. Because of their short muzzle, Pugs are known to develop breathing problems more frequently than many other breeds. This can become an even more significant problem when paired with obesity, which is another problem Pugs routinely deal with as they age. CBD for Pugs can be administered in these situations, as it has the potential to fight inflammation — a common cause of breathing issues — and potentially curb excited appetites or gastrointestinal problems resulting in obesity.

CBD has the potential to combat a wide array of health problems in canines, including but not limited to: chronic pain, hip and elbow dysplasia, glaucoma, gastric issues, seizure disorders, inflammation, and more. These are all problems Pugs may deal with as they age, and having an all-natural, organic treatment plan like CBD for Pugs can make improving the overall well-being of your Pug much easier than one might think possible. CBD can have an immediate or cumulative impact depending on the dog, so it is recommended that owners start their dogs early, that way they have both a preventative and pain management treatment available at their disposal.

CBD Oil for Pugsand More

King Kanine has every CBD canine product owners need to make their pet’s lives better. Try one of our renowned CBD oils, flavored edibles, or topical balms to give your Pug the healthy kick they need. Using our products, you’ll likely begin to notice a number of positive changes in your pet, including calming effect on the nerve, diminished pain, and, if they’re suffering from arthritis, less achy joints than they had before. Reach out to our CBD pet experts and find out why so many dog owners are trying this revolutionary and all-natural treatment. Say goodbye to unwanted negative side effects. We’re waiting to hear from you!

CBD for Dogs

The Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) in krill oil is known to be an efficient catalyst for delivering CBD to the body. Increased omega-3 consumption has been linked to the up-regulation of endocannabinoid receptors as well as increased levels of endocannabinoid synthesis enzymes making krill oil an efficient catalyst for delivering CBD to the body.

Why choose King Kalm CBD for Pugs

Our broad spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes create an entourage effect which studies have shown provide a more significant therapeutic effect than CBD alone. Our pet CBD oil is formulated with your pet in mind by professionally formulated with years of experience in the industry. Each of our formulas is manufactured in our ISO-9001 Certified FDA Facility and tested in a third-party lab to ensure purity and dose accuracy making us the best CBD oil for dogs in the industry. Our 150mg CBD for dogs comes in a 30ml bottle with one oral syringe for easy application in your pet’s mouth.

See our King Kalm FAQs for Further Information.

*CBD Oil Color May Vary

Suggested Dose: Please use the dosing chart included in the box (also posted above with product images). Administer 1-2 times a day.

**Due to recent studies and customer reviews, splitting the recommended dose into two servings has proven most effective.

Ingredients : Naturally Occurring Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Krill Oil, Hemp Oil

Consult with a professional veterinarian prior to use.

Why choose King Kalm?

Broad spectrum Phytocannabinoid rich oils

  • CO2 extraction
  • Each product is formulated with your pet in mind manufactured in our GMP Certified, ISO-9001 FDA registered facility.
  • Third party lab tested (available upon request)
  • Homogenously suspended in Krill oil and lavender
  • Edible recipes are formulated by our license holistic physician and nutritional expert
  • Free of solvents, pesticides, metals and unnatural substances
  • All oils come with a dosing chart and oral syringe (our charts and delivery method is to ensure the maximum amount of CBD per dose)

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of over 80 cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis/hemp plant. It is a completely natural, plant-based compound that is non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and does not produce a so-called “high.”

How do I know if my dog or cat needs CBD?

As mammals, all dogs, cats, and humans have what is called an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system contains receptors which when bound to create and modulate an immune system response, can have a profound effect on the nervous system and many common conditions that plague both us and our furry family members.

Will CBD interact with my pets medication?

We always recommend consulting with your veterinarian prior to using our products.

Is it as effective for dogs or cats as it is for humans?

What makes King Kalm CBD different from other CBD pet products?

King Kalm™ CBD is derived from Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol Oils. Extracted from the highest quality all naturally occurring hemp and suspended in high omega-3 Krill Oil. Our CBD is lab tested vigorously and often for its potency and bio-availability. We do not use ANY artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, or colors whatsoever. Our product is 100% pure and something that can be found only in nature. We only create and sell a product we would give to our own pets.

How do I know which strength/bottle to choose?

There are many factors in deciding which milligram bottle to choose which can also depend on the ailment you are treating. Since each dog and family is different it really becomes a personal decision.
Please use this chart to choose:
Small sized pet 20 lbs & under – 75mg bottle (approximately 2.5mg / 1ML)
Medium sized pet 21lbs to 50 lbs – 150mg bottle (approximately 5mg / 1ML)
Large sized pet over 50 lbs – 300mg bottle (approximately 10mg / 1ML)

How much CBD is there in the King Kalm Crunch treats?

There are approximately 3-4 milligrams of CBD per treat and approximately 30 treats in each 8oz bag.

How do I dose King Kalm CBD?

Each box of King Kalm™ CBD comes with a dosing chart that may guide you based on your pet’s weight.
Please note: This product has not been approved by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Always consult a veterinarian prior to supplementing any product.

How do I give my pet the oil?

Each box comes with an oral syringe to administer in their mouth. That is the preferred method but you can put it in your pets food as a second option.

Is King Kalm CBD given more than once a day?

Administer the dose once a day and take notes of how your pet is responding. Monitor the signs and symptoms over a few days to weeks’ time. Make adjustments based on your pets response.

Once I start CBD therapy, do I have to always give it to them?

Ask yourself this; once you decide to eat healthy, do you have to continue eating healthy in order to gain the benefits from the nutrients and vitamins found in that food? The answer is yes. This is a lifestyle change and like all other lifestyle changes they must be consistent in order to achieve the best results. There are no greater results to be had than the health of our four legged family members.

How does King Kalm help with my pet’s health problems?

The FDA prohibits the correlation of our products and the healing of any medical condition and or ailments. We recommend trying one of our products for at least one month to witness any changes in your pet.