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Cbd oil brands for pet reddit

PSA: CBD oil is not a miracle cure.

Hi everyone – the mod team has seen a significant increase in users asking about or recommending the use of CBD oil for everything from biting, to feeding, to surgery recovery, to managing normal puppy behaviour.

Firstly, I want to emphasize that you should always talk to your vet before medicating your dog.

Secondly, I want to share the wiki entry on CBD oil from r/AskVet:

There is no evidence for CBD oil and/or THC having a beneficial effect in dogs or cats, and they are both known to be much more susceptible to toxicity than humans. At this point, it cannot be recommended for any condition.

While there are some studies of these substances in pets currently being performed, no results have been published yet and the fact that a substance is being studied is not a sufficient base to recommend its use.

The current evidence does not support using these products for any condition in dogs or cats.

Dogs and cats are more susceptible to cannabinoid toxicity than humans, so there is considerable risk involved in giving these products.

As I mentioned above, we often see people suggesting the use of CBD oil in cases where they want to see a reduction in normal puppy behaviour. It is not appropriate to drug your puppy as a substitute for regular care (training, exercise, environmental management, etc.)

There are cases where medication may be appropriate, such as to manage pain or anxiety, but you should not be looking to internet strangers for advice on how to medicate your dog. You need to talk to your vet. There are many safe, affordable, well-researched medications for dogs that your vet can prescribe.

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[Discussion] CBD oil for dogs

Anyone have a good experience using this? My dog has recently developed an intense separation anxiety anytime we leave the house (extreme trembling) and just looking for something to help her be more at ease.

There is very little actual research on CBD and dogs, it’s all guess work and anecdotal evidence. Some dogs it works for, some it doesn’t. You might want to talk to your vet about other better researched chemicals that might help.

Whatever you decide to go with you want to try it first on a day you are going to be home all day, so you can see exactly how it effects him.

If you do go with CBD sure you get the lowest level of THC you can find, dogs are very sensitive to THC and you don’t want to get them stoned. One of the diagnostic criteria for THC toxicity in animals is being terrified(imagine a human having a bad trip but you can’t tell them “dude you’re just tripping” they think this is how the world is going to be from now on and it’s scary to them).