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CBD oil for reactivity and anxiety?

I’ve been thinking about whether or not to try CBD oil to help with my dogs anxiety and resource guarding. I know it’s supposed to help with anxiety, but not sure how it would help with his guarding me. When people get too close to me inside he will bark at them, outside he is much better and doesn’t really do that. And he will try and guard me around other dogs when they run up to me. But not if they’re calm and not moving fast. So I was wondering if the CBD might help with that so he doesn’t always have to be on alert and can relax a little. Thanks everyone in advance for any input. I appreciate it

My dog has very similar issues, and is on 1mg/1lb of CBD. I’ve noticed it has helped his impulse control, so he sometimes isn’t as quick to escalate when resource guarding, but it 100% doesn’t fix his guarding and still needs to be worked on. The CBD just helps keep him under threshold.

[help] has anyone used pet cbd oil for anxiety?

My dog is wonderful with my family, my brothers dog and I. But when she’s introduced to strangers and other dogs she gets VERY stressed out. Which makes it tough to walk her. We got her from a shelter 4 years ago and as she ages the worse it gets. She’s a border collie mix, super protective of us so I feel that doesn’t help her stress at all. I’ve been looking into cbd to help calm her and I just want to know if anyone has used cbd oil for their dog?

Did CBD oil work for your dog and if so how long did it take to notice a difference?

As the title says – my pups are both very fearful and reactive of any guests coming into our home. I decided to give CBD oil a shot before asking my vet about fluoxetine. They’ve been taking it for about a week and I have noticed absolutely no difference, but I know it can take a while to build in their systems.

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Looking for others’ experience!

We give our 15 old chihuahua and our year old ACD CBD drops twice a day. If it has changed our ACDs reactive behavior it’s very very subtle.

However, the dramatic change it had made to our ACDs Knee dysplasia slight limp and our chihuahua’s back/arthritis is AMAZING! It took a week or two and the ACD no longer limps and the chihuahua went from having trouble going up the stairs to taking them full speed. It wasn’t the results we were hoping for with the ACD but for joint pain apparently cbd is a miracle drug.

I’ve been mentioning this in my other posts here but we’ve been doing a combination of adaptil (plugin & collar), cbd, and heavy training. We’re seeing huge improvements in our backyard recall when we miss someone coming by and LAD training when we do catch them coming by.

I also use adaptil but also haven’t seen much results from that. Training is difficult since it’s only when we have guests over and obviously our guests don’t like being viciously barked at

What CBD brand are you using and where do you get it? I, too, have an ACD who I’d love to see if it can in any way help him take it down a notch 🙂

I use CBD oil for my reactive dog twice a day, it was a really subtle difference at first where I wasn’t sure if it was working until I didn’t give it to him one day and definitely noticed a difference. For my pup it doesn’t change his reactivity directly but he’s much more trainable when he’s on it

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I have a 12 year old pug who had a sudden onset of anxiety and insanely frantic barking accompanied by running around the house at full speed and even jumping off furniture with no regards to his own safety or ability to land the jump. After several vet visits and a clean bill of health, he was diagnosed with anxiety and maybe a bit of doggie dementia. CBD didn’t work for us, but fluoxetine did. After some time on fluoxetine with great improvements in anxiety, we were even able to slowly taper the dose to half the recommended for his weight while maintaining great results. He is a much happier (and safer) dog now. I hope you find an option that works for you and your pups. Keep trying and hang in there. You and your pups deserve it! 🙂

Thank you so much for your kind words! Some days it feels really defeating, but it’s way too soon to give up on these precious pooches 🙂

Canna Companion USA works well recommended by my vet. Takes around two weeks to see improvements but ymmv. It’s pricey for the oil $80USD but worth it. Now I still train my dog daily re desensitizing him but he has made great strides re his fearfulness.

It works, but one should always combine it with some sort of training (at home or professional) AND exercise.

After a few months of use, I thought, perhaps, it could be a placebo effect (for me). So one morning I decided to take my dog out for a morning walk without CBD and I saw the difference.

With the CBD (with a touch of THC) my dog will still react to squirrel, lizards, and dogs that bark at him, but in a milder manner and he moves on from the moment once his triggers are out of sight. Without the CBD, he whines and pulls for 10 minutes after the experience or for the entire walk. However, months of training has lessened the the strength and duration of his reactivity. So, now, without the CBD, my dog is much better than when we first got him, but he still reacts. CBD makes the process more bearable for both of us, but especially for my dog.

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The CBD also lessens his anxiety to a great degree, which then helped with my dog’s rotten tummy (from nerves). It also helped with my dog’s night-terrors (he’d cry, whine and growl in his sleep as well as sleepwalk on occasion). Without the CBD, his night terrors come back with no change–can’t train a dog out of what he dreams.

I can’t stress enough how important excercise and training is. My dog is at his happiest when he’s walked a few miles and has played. Training reinforces our communication so he feels more reassured and in-step with me.

CBD or CBD with a touch of THC (which we use, but the amount of THC is non-psychoactive but is suppose to help the CBD work better) is not cheap. 30mls is around $40 and 70mls is around $80. For a 50 pound dog with a once a day dosage, 30mls lasts between 15 to 20 days and 70mls last between 30 to 40 days. My dog gets the suggested serving size in his morning meals and CBD biscuits in his dinner. I use VET CBD with THC.

We discussed the matter with the vet and she was for it. Said initially papers on CBD use was promising.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. Is it a fix-it-all? No, but it gives one a good place to start with fixing as much as one can.