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Cbd oil for cat reddit

CBD oil and cats

Hi! Has anyone used cat friendly CBD oil on their fur children? I am researching this in hopes to create a calmer atmosphere in my home among the cats. 2 of the younger (but bigger) cats bully the older cat:/

My cat had arthritis and dementia and CBD really helped with the symptoms of both. She used to panic a lot when she got confused about where she was or who I was, and with this, it was much easier to manage her anxious symptoms. She gained a lot of her mobility back, as well.

In conjunction with that, I’d recommend separating your cats at least once per day to help tire out the younger ones and give the older one some confidence and strength-building exercise. The more tired they are, the less likely they are to bully the older cat.

I used CBD treats and oil for all three of my cats during our last move and before the move when we were integrating the new cat into the mix. Our vets, in the new place and the old, wouldn’t talk to us about CBD but said to use our best judgement and do a lot of research. They cannot legally say use it or not.

Anyways, the treats and oil I used are from this company based in California called Pet Hemp Company. They worked so well and I thought their prices were pretty good. One thing I will recommend and insist is that do not absolutely do not use CBD oil derived from regular cannabis plants, only use CBD derived from hemp plants. Hemp has significantly less THC, almost none, so there is less chance to accidentally dose your pets with THC, which is toxic to cats and dogs. Most pet CBD is going to be hemp based so it’s a good idea to go with something specifically for pets.

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CBD oil

Has anyone used CBD oil or treats on their cats? My poor baby suffers from GI issues which doesn’t allow her to gain weight and she has diarrhea and vomits. I’ve started to look into and want to possibly see if it will help her.

My best friend of 26 years (old school ravers, blood, fire, death and trust exist here) administered CBD to his 17 year old dog when he was having troubles with food.

After about 4 weeks he was able to cease the dosage, Cash is still hanging with us today.

Point of interest, when Cash started vomiting and exhibiting body pain, the quote from my friend in a state of panic to his wife was “IF I EVER LOOK LIKE THAT, FUCKING GIVE ME DRUGS”.

Turns out a few weeks of CBD brought his dog back to the show for a little mo’.

Kitty may or may not benefit, but it’s definitely non toxic so you can try.