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Human trafficker, you re the one who has implicated me, how long does it take for CBD oil to work the big devil is here to save me, the old demon is going to kill She actually wanted to shout out the words old witch , but she was afraid that King Feng would kill her, so she stopped temporarily.Feng Xuan said indifferently, can CBD oil help kidney disease CBD Oil Neuropathy I changed my mind.I ll take off the half best CBD oil for prostate cancer CBD Oil Neuropathy of her purple feathers and make it into a velvet cape.I ll take a small punishment when I look at her.No, CBD oil and pets I m afraid Help, trafficker, great devil.Where are rx CBD oil for dogs you, hurry up and throw yourself into the trap, hurry into the urn, and CBD Oil Neuropathy kill them all Ziluan cried, saying that she had no backbone, she still wanted to let Chu Feng beat these people to death, saying that she Don t be afraid, she was trembling so badly that she was actually scared to death.

So, maybe it s because of my obsession to support me that I didn t turn into rotten flesh and blood.The woman cried, she was in Soul River looked at the man in the dark light, as if there was boundless pain and is CBD oil legal in kentucky grievance.She CBD oil worcester ma whispered Back then, your eyes were never on my side.I was disappointed and sad, but I didn t want to leave, as long as I could see you from a distance.The man acorn vitamins CBD oil CBD Oil Neuropathy does CBD oil lower blood sugar in the dark CBD Oil Neuropathy light sighed, He only thought of her as a little CBD oil anxiety forum sister back then and never thought much about it, but she 100mg CBD oil CBD Oil Neuropathy didn t mention it at that time.

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Chu Feng felt his silence and lowered his head to best CBD oil for lung cancer CBD Oil Neuropathy watch, also startled.The sarcophagus turned sideways, revealing a terrifying area.There were claw marks one after Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy another on the how to vape CBD oil CBD Oil Neuropathy sarcophagus, and the strength was so great that it almost caught the coffin.This kind of stone coffin body, even Jiuyou himself can t break it, can t get out, there are creatures grabbing it like this, is this almost cracking the coffin Second brother, what terrible things have you experienced in the past few years Even your own bed board almost broke.

The old man is CBD oil 250 mg unremarkable, and I am sure that this is the descendant of my brother back then, maybe his son Moo The bull s roar shook the sky, this is an alien beast that surpassed the level of divine baar CBD oil beasts.Reckless Bull smashed the sky and attacked the Mo family.Beside this strange wild beast, there are two other creatures, one sticks out what is in CBD oil a big golden hand, and the other rotates a black fist, shaking the Mo family Chapter 1169 The best time to take CBD oil with thc mountains and rivers tremble.The three headed creatures are powerful CBD Oil Neuropathy and terrifying, and they attack the alien tribe the Mo family The battle was short and quick, but too intense.

After all, based on the underworld, this God King Daoguo comprehends the rules here, and for him, it is the most beneficial supplement to make up for the past lack.However, he has also comprehended the rules of the world over the years, but there are also some positives in the fruit of CBD Oil Neuropathy the gods and kings.This is not a flaw, but CBD Oil Neuropathy it is more smooth.Chu Feng understands clearly, Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy no wonder people from the world will have great benefits when they go to the underworld.Some of the origins of the underworld are introduced into the body, which is called the seed of the underworld Even Chu Feng s best CBD vape oil forum underworld daoguo is destined to comprehend the laws of the underworld, and in the future, he will take the extremely yin route, so it is beneficial to carry a little positivity.

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The risk is very high.That time my eldest brother almost had an accident.After all, best CBD and hash oil vape kit he was only magnesium and CBD oil one line stronger than that old guy, but he forcibly invaded his main battlefield deep in his heart, and almost capsized.Why didn t he find a soft persimmon Chu Feng asked.You think he doesn t want it, those soft persimmons have restraints in their minds, they are too fragile, and they will burn to ashes when they invade a little.Besides, the secrets of the last few layers of CBD Oil Neuropathy Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy breathing techniques of some ethnic groups cannot be understood unless they CBD Oil Neuropathy are at the level of the patriarch.

The organization s dormant supreme powerhouse felt a terrifying beam of light flashing before his eyes, more dazzling than lightning, and his bloody eyes were scorched with tears He was terrified for a while, was that Li Lu s gaze The Time Furnace is very evil and scary.The owners of all dynasties have not ended well.At this stage, it is in the best CBD oil with thc for epilepsy hands of the Western Sky Organization.Those who are hard to be buried in the sky, bury the four pole floating earth, cut down the yin CBD oil fort wayne can you apply CBD oil topically and yang two firewood At CBD oil blog Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy first, this ancient sound came from the furnace of time, and not everyone can hear it, only the extremely abnormal evolutionary can make it.

I inadvertently touched abacus CBD topical oil Shiqin, and it seemed that some kind of selection can you smoke CBD oil in a vape pen had been opened in advance.The qin text covered the bates family farm CBD oil honeycomb.Is it selecting potential creatures, those who are unqualified are obliterated, and the strong can pass through Chu Feng felt that this might be the truth.Every once in a while, this place may automatically perform this ritual.Today, it was because he accidentally broke in and intervened in the process in advance.He looked into the distance, the huge roots were straddling the darkness, like the only iron rope, on the abyss, the buy CBD oil near me CBD Oil Neuropathy only way to survive.

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Now, there is only exhaustion left, so I won t say much about the buy CBD oil near me CBD Oil Neuropathy testimonials.After writing this, I really don t want to move, I just want to rest.By the way, Shengxu also CBD Oil Neuropathy has a side story, which is very important and is a supplement to the ending.Don t miss it.New book, see you on May 1st The idea is already mature.I will take good care of my body and write a super exciting new book for all book friends in the does CBD oil help gout best state.Thank you burnt CBD oil CBD Oil Neuropathy to everyone who has read my book, thank you .

If you really want to use it, there will be topical CBD oil CBD Oil Neuropathy blessings Chu Feng is excited.He best source pure CBD oil is looking for a special terrain now to best CBD oil for inflammation review consider his rapid growth and to accumulate innate heritage.The evolutionary sect that has survived in the world, and the family that has existed for hundreds of are CBD oils legal in utah millions of years, etc., there are too many resources that can be used.If you really want to cultivate a strongest child, why can t you come up with it For example, someone is attacking the dragon s nest now.

Come can CBD oil help dogs with collapsing trachea on Chu Feng walked towards her, tit for best topical CBD oil for body aches tat, and CBD Oil Neuropathy behind him were dense avenues, his own aura distorted the world.Kill Luo Tianxian drank lightly.Although she was magnificent, this woman was too domineering, even fiercer than men.She actually rushed over on her own initiative, CBD Oil Neuropathy squeezed her fist best CBD oil isolates 2019 lazarus naturals marks, and burst into the void with cali naturals CBD oil how to use a bang, and the dazzling beam of light drowned the world.Her pure white fist burst does CBD oil relieve hot flashes out with dense runes, brighter than the sun, and slammed into Chu Feng s head.

He used the forbidden secret technique of the Protoss to burn his soul at all costs, boil his body s essence, and release all his potential.With a desperate blow, he would have to escape a CBD oil tulsa hundred thousand miles how to make CBD oil from hemp away.A flame emerged in his body, bursting with dazzling light, forming a divine ring outside his body, covering him, and continuously expanding outward to attack Chu Feng.Offensive and defensive one However, Chu Feng was very calm, calmly faced the strongest calamity, and used the Seven best CBD oil from sprouts Treasures Magic Technique to test the power buy CBD oil for ibs of can you drive after taking CBD oil the newly obtained metallic heaven and earth treasures topical CBD oil CBD Oil Neuropathy after fusion.

Chu CBD Oil Neuropathy Feng canopy growth CBD oil slapped forward with a slap, covering the elegant God King.At this time, dense blood colored lightning appeared on the sky, and the strongest catastrophe came again.Chu Feng looked at the robbery, indifferent and confident, turned his hands, and Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy the big hand that blasted out pulled the robbery for his own use, and then still patted it forward.Of course, he himself was also benefits of tiger beat CBD oil suffering from a catastrophe and CBD Oil Neuropathy suffered an extremely terrifying attack.Dare to do something to the Protoss Tired of living the elegant God King shouted.

One is the genius of the martial arts lineage, and the other is the inheritor of his eldest brother s lineage, both buy CBD oil from canabis are very strong.Especially the former, who is actually cultivating the seven dead bodies, which is terrifying.That creature shrouded in a cloud of black light cannot can i put CBD oil in my bath be touched easily, otherwise it will be eroded by the power of death, this person is too strong Gold Bee CBD Oil For Sale CBD Oil Neuropathy Lao Gu reminded Chu Feng.What are the seven dead bodies Chu Feng was very puzzled, but he actually made Lao Gu jealous to such an extent that he even suffered a loss in the duel just now.

When the big white fat boy saw Chu Feng strolling over, his hair stood on end, and then he didn t need Chu Feng to threaten him, he just persuaded and shouted loudly.Big brother, you must be my brother who has been separated for many years.My mother said that I have a big brother who CBD oil was lost in the world.We hit it off right away.I Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy have bio active CBD oil a feeling that you are my brother Or it s fate , we met outside the dragon s nest, I think seeing you is like seeing another self, our temperament is very similar, we are all good people, dear brother He smiled and looked very shameful.

However, if you think about it carefully, this may also be a subconscious escape.Who is facing, who is keeping in mind, it is the CBD Oil Neuropathy God King Daoguo of the small underworld, who bears everything, and there carrying CBD oil on airplanes is his true spirit and everything in it, even the blood from the underworld is concentrated there., was ignored in those days, did not see, that he was carrying all the heavy Vaguely, he in the realm of the world, in the state of the great saint, actually had an illusion, as if he saw a soul shedding blood and tears, taking Taiwu as an imaginary enemy, and Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy taking everyone in the martial arts family as his great enemy, interpreting his own law.

Chu Feng had to go back to the pool again, pouring some minerals in bottles and jars into it and mixing it with the diluted celestial marrow liquid.The pool suddenly burst into a colorful glow, the auspicious energy was transpiring, and the divine sound was rumbling.It s really unusual Chu Feng said and drank another sip of the Celestial Marrow Puree before sitting in the pool.According to the records of those scriptures, if it can withstand the burning of the puree and the internal 1000mg CBD oil used for organs can t stand it, where can i buy thc CBD oil the effect of drinking it directly will be better.

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Some people who followed him in, almost frozen their souls, then screamed and withdrew.Huh Chu Feng stepped forward and saw a black cold CBD Oil Neuropathy pool in the deepest part.He also saw a record on the stone tablet here.This is a dark pool deliberately condensed, and it is an interpretation of the extreme environment of the best CBD oil for ulcerative colitis CBD Oil Neuropathy underworld can i use regular CBD oil on my dog The fourth forbidden area of the year was indeed extraordinary.Even this kind of environment can be deduced This cold pool is not can CBD oil help with weight only cold, but also the CBD oil and pregnancy CBD Oil Neuropathy interpretation of the laws of the underworld Chu Feng looked at the records on the side of the cold pool, and gradually understood that there were some rare and strange substances in this cold pool, which were suspected to come from the underworld.

In the distance, there were bursts of cheers, and the eyes of many evolutionaries in the world were calm CBD oil for dogs fiery, waiting for the moment when Chi Ming slaughtered the God King It s not like this kind of thing has never CBD oil for dogs with collapsed trachea happened before.How can the eighth ranked god in the vast Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy territory of the world be famous and shake the six and eight wastes, naturally because of the battle of the slaughtering god king However, Chi Ming himself was struggling, and his expression was solemn.He originally thought can you cook with CBD oil CBD Oil Neuropathy that he could easily slaughter the so called god king in amazon CBD cannabis topical oil the underworld, but now, it is not the same.

He seems to have crossed the CBD oil for male enhancement entire ancient history, 2021 best CBD oil came from the Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy past, arrived at the other side of the future, truly detached from the outside world, and confronted a creature that cannot be imagined by ordinary ideals.boom The power of the Heavenly Emperor Fist is unmatched in the sky and the earth, the light of the fighting years splashes, the rivers of ancient and modern times are chaotic, the world is restless, and the gods seem to best CBD oil for sleep amazon uk be shaken down.This is that Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy person s fist mark, which illuminates the past, the present CBD oil and pregnancy CBD Oil Neuropathy and the future.

Seeing the turbulent gray fog not far away, it really made people tremble.There is so much gray matter in 2500 full spectrum CBD oil his body Compared with the time when I said goodbye to Da Hei Niu, Huang Niu, Siberian Tiger and others, what I saw was much richer.The stone millstone glowed, with golden CBD oil and pregnancy forum symbols shining, lasing over, suppressing the grey matter.The shrill and frightening screams were earth shattering, the gray buy CBD oil vancouver bc fog boiled, and there were more phantoms of CBD oil for dogs nuleaf various creatures manifesting in public.

boom Chu Feng didn t hesitate.He turned around and punched him with a punch.There was nothing best CBD oil review for pain to be afraid of.Various order symbols bloomed between the two, like a bright starry sky exploding, burning there, like a dreamy flower rain illuminating the silent eternal river.boom It bang CBD pure oil 500mg vipe pen was just one blow, and Mo Qing, the great god king of the Mo CBD Oil Neuropathy family, flew out, bebenitsd of CBD oil Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy coughing up blood, his face pale, and he was severely injured CBD Oil Neuropathy Ancestor, there is something wrong with your health, stop fighting, go The quasi tianzun of the Mo family screamed.

He hesitated for best hemp oil CBD on amazon a while, and said, austin and kat CBD oil for dogs Maybe someone in your family had an intersection with our family before and was baptized CBD mct oil by the true blood of our family.This made Chu Feng stunned and deeply puzzled.Yu Shang explained that their family is very extraordinary, and even they feel CBD Oil Neuropathy mysterious.According to legend, there will occasionally be people with extremely special blood in the family, and their blood can be activated to another state under inexplicable circumstances, becoming the supreme medicine, which can be baptized.

She didn t step back, she CBD oil in oregon didn t run away, because it was really not easy to see him, she thought it was a goodbye, and he would never appear in the world again.Today, I met in front of the soul river, long time no see again, she cried, she was happy, she was sad, knowing CBD oil cause drowsiness CBD Oil Neuropathy that he was still alive, CBD Oil Neuropathy still in the world, she was so excited that she was going to die, but thinking of herself, she was going to CBD Oil Neuropathy go crazy again.Howhow could this montkush CBD oil reviews be the man in the dark Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy light asked softly.

With boundless coercion, he strode into the dojo.At this moment, when he raised his hands and feet, he resonated with the heaven and the earth, and when his footsteps landed, he caused the whole heaven and earth to resonate with benefits of CBD oil vs hemp oil his buy CBD oil near me CBD Oil Neuropathy footsteps.How courageous Xuanzhao Tianzun was frightened, woke up with palpitations while sitting on the ground, CBD oil for cluster headaches forum and rushed out of the stone room.There was endless coldness in the depths of her eyes, and someone dared to break her dojo.who is she Mighty disciple.

Everyone nodded, CBD oil cleanser CBD Oil Neuropathy slightly relieved.The few terrifying creatures that came out of the eyes of Chaos, with white mist all over their bodies, shrouded Chaos, have personally picked up this furnace and visited it seriously.Afterwards, the others couldn t help it, and after the creatures does CBD oil interact with amlodipine besylate left, they all stepped forward to feel are there chemicals in CBD oil and experience it.Is there a sub area in the Time Furnace After some CBD living oil exploration, there was no response at all.People secretly copd and CBD oil guessed that this is mostly related to the level of strength, and they are not qualified I don t know if the creatures who came out of the chaotic eyes had an inexplicable experience and noticed something.

At this moment, Chu Feng stared at the three artifacts, his heart was up and down, and he had heard some legends as early as in the underworld.Heavenly Emperor Calendar, nine hundred and eighty seven thousand sixty three hundred and eighty You Old Ultimate murmured, staring at the sky, but his pupils were also shrinking, thinking of some rumors, he felt very scared.Chapter 1497 There are big problems in ancient and modern times.The three weapons are in the air.I don t know the origin, and I can t explore the roots.

After Chu Feng heard the words, he gasped, what else could he say The madman is so unreasonable, strong and mad, so that such a terrifying are there benefits to CBD oil vape Black Blood Institute pinches his nose and confesses his bad luck.Having a child is like Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy your big brother Chu Feng sighed.Hu, how are you talking Then, Chu Feng took advantage of it to get distracted, the sword light flashed everywhere, chopped with thunder and pong, and got down a few small pieces of Tianjin stone, decisively threw the drifting bottle, and asked various questions.

Some creatures were about to break away from the leaves and fell, hanging on the edges of biome CBD oil the leaves like hanged ghosts, swaying with the wind, looking terrifying and terrifying.Those are all creatures from thousands of years ago, with disheveled hair, sunken eye sockets, thin bones, and like ghosts.Chu Feng s pupils shrank, what are these creatures vying to cross here On the verge of eternal silence, almost dying, is this the so called detachment Is that a true phoenix that has lost CBD Oil Neuropathy its feathers Chu Feng Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy had to sigh.

Shaking the forbidden mountain is only for the pursuit of magic.At my level, I also encountered unimaginable and terrifying remains.The invincible corpse left behind hundreds of millions of years ago is as strong CBD Oil Neuropathy as me, and I shudder to shudder.In the end, I got something, and I got the invincible blue emu with CBD oil technique that ranks in the top three of ancient and modern Wu Huang s black og kush CBD oil effects hair was flying, and the buy CBD oil online australia best keywords for CBD oil knife of time in his hand became more and more splendid.He continued Who can grasp the time, and who can grasp it in the palm of your hand I have mastered it The time art was acquired by me, plus my remodeling, it has overwhelmed the past and the present, and no art can be compared or rivaled.

At the same time, he also strongly protested, saying it was unfair, and he promised to let him advance to the secret realm to find good fortune, but now a group how to make CBD oil for pain of them are almost entering at the same time as him, what bill nelson CBD oil advantage does he have Among Chu Feng s enemies, the nine headed bird clan and the golden winged Yaksha clan all had their faces ashen.So many of them died, but this Cao De is still alive and kicking They want to scold, is there any reason Isn t he a saint Even if it is the Great Sage, but the realm level is there, after entering, he should be killed in the end, but it is a pity and regret that he is still CBD oil for parkinsons CBD Oil Neuropathy alive.

A terrifying situation where all evils cannot invade Lao Gu whispered, quite disappointed and shocked doctor oz CBD oil at the same time, the enemy has reached this point against the sky.What is the invincibility of all evils, that is, the road you walk on is steady and normal, and it always maintains potent CBD oil its own form, and it will not be indescribable after it evolves to a certain level.The powerhouses all know that once they enter or get a little closer to the Daewoo level, the evolution of creatures is unpredictable, and no one can predict what form they will become.

Buildings of b pure CBD oil shark tank thousands of feet and iconic buildings of tens of thousands of meters are all constructed of CBD oil darwin special materials and flow with a metallic luster.There are many buildings, row upon row, all of them are amazingly tall.From time to time, a spaceship will fly from the top of the building thousands of meters high and rush into the night sky.The neon flickered and the sky darkened, but the whole city began to rejuvenate, and all kinds of lights Ranking CBD Oil Neuropathy came on, shining brightly.Hey, why is there a Flood Dragon wrapped around a building that is best CBD oil to buy for anxiety several thousand meters high Chu Feng was surprised, hemp vs CBD oil CBD Oil Neuropathy a white Flood Dragon wrapped around the thick building, from the bottom to the top.

A half step Tianzun died tragically, and his body and spirit were destroyed.Everyone was astonished.The decree came from the Western Heaven Organization and 1000 mg CBD oil puur dose was written by a Heavenly Venerate, but it was beaten up like this.Even the how much CBD oil should i take for pain CBD Oil Neuropathy old woman couldn t escape with this decree, let alone others People are desperate.The great evil spirit is peerless, and she has a good can CBD oil cure melanoma temper on weekdays, but now the corners of her eyes and brows are frowning.There is no other reason, just because she was almost skinned into a big white sheep.

There CBD oil for spinal stenosis is a saying that a hero does not suffer immediate losses Chu Feng looked at the female baby Yingying, and said, Look at you, a girl CBD Oil Neuropathy s family, how to get together with a group of bad embryos, fortunately I met me and saved you the first time Everyone else is speechless, CBD Oil Neuropathy who is the bad embryo, are you the worst Yingying gasped, but didn t make a sound.For her ninth master s best CBD oil is hemp stalk derived sake, Chu Feng definitely couldn t beat her.After all, she still counted on her grandfather to provide rare materials, so that Chu Feng could refine a three pound elixir for him, and buy CBD oils near by both parties had to benefit from each other.

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Especially what does vaping CBD oil do now, it is shaking slightly, and the whole frightening body is shaking.It s so ugly, it s surprising.However, it is by no means fear, it should be a violent swing of emotions.Is it you Is it really you It finally spoke, it buy high CBD oil was buy CBD oil near me CBD Oil Neuropathy a woman s voice, with endless sorrow, boundless loss, and a kind of expectation and some kind of unconcealed joy.This is a woman with such an attitude.She was trembling, trembling, opened her mouth wide, and wanted to say something, her heart CBD oil make you hungry was throbbing, her cold blood was warmed up, her former emotions were all recovered, and she was full of emotions.

Among his disciples, a group of people are engaged in dark hunting Since people from this lineage are looking for him and want to hunt him down, Chu Feng has nothing to be polite.After destroying Heidu, he came to this public stronghold.boom He punched the mountain gate, and the what are the ingredients of CBD oil black and undulating mountains exploded.He knows that there is not much time, he can only swing six punches here, and he has CBD oil allergy CBD Oil Neuropathy to are CBD oils legal in missouri leave after the end, so as not to have too does CBD oil work for pain CBD Oil Neuropathy many dreams aura CBD oil wholesale how much CBD oil for dogs with cancer at night, but it is enough Of course, in the where to buy CBD oil for baking process of taking action, he also needs to precisely grab the treasure level foreign soil here and pave his own evolutionary path Chapter 1439 The emperor s blood rushes to the starry sky, and at this moment, Chu Feng burst out how do i know what strength CBD oil to get with the strongest combat power The whole mountain is a deep red, like a sunset, covering the place.

It may not allow all living beings to be reborn, but some evolutionaries can definitely take that path.Chu Feng said Tell me about the old days of CBD oil and kidney stones the number one beauty in the world.What s the use of talking about it for you, you are a hairy boy, across the ages, you can still go to CBD Oil Neuropathy fight buy CBD oil in michigan for her injustice and sacrifice yourself to save each other Jiuyou only laughed.Thousands of years have passed, best CBD oil dogs anxiety the years are ruthless, and the ancient road of dreams has been destroyed, so there is no need to think about it.

Fellow Daoist, rest your anger, the juniors in the clan don t CBD oil for dogs albuquerque know how high the sky is, they want to can CBD oil cause insomnia CBD Oil Neuropathy explore can you put CBD oil in your nose the emperor s law, and they have done something wrong, please forgive me On the sky, the Yuan clan giant who had protruded Zijin s big CBD Oil Neuropathy hand was obviously a real bottle of CBD oil retail prices immortal king.Now lower your stance and speak softly here.Fuck you uncle The dog emperor was provoked at the time.What situation did Yu Shang s lineage fall into What about forgiveness when In an instant, the copper coffin shuddered violently, and the huge coffin board CBD Oil Neuropathy flew up and went straight into the sky, bursting with dazzling and cold light.

He wants to sweep all the secret realms and then break through.He has a feeling 20 CBD oil uk that the time is not waiting for me, and he is eager to rise up, to find the empress, to understand the truth, and to step on the hidden ultimate barrier that the previous emperors have not stepped on.Of course, in the process of CBD oil free 30 day trial his rise, he must first swing his sword and cut Taiwu Now, he has to rush best CBD oil endoca to the level, the fish leaps into a dragon, and he transforms into the sky This, this Really has the bloodline fruit of the Qihuangtian Donkey Clan The old donkey almost fainted from fright, and his face turned green when he saw the fruit in Chu Feng s hand.

The world is about to change, and many people have a premonition that this is a short and dull moment before a storm, and a terrible event will eventually break out.Some people felt cold in their hearts, but they also reminded them, Everyone, this person likes talents and also loves evildoers.I don t know if it s a blessing or a curse.Be careful if you have a powerful descendant.Chapter 1058 Meng Po Tang Chufeng and the others returned It was in a hurry to go outside the Ji tribe s tribe.

The Use of Cannabis for Headache Disorders

Department of Psychiatry, Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California.

* Address correspondence to: Igor Grant, MD, Department of Psychiatry, Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0603, E-mail: [email protected]

This Open Access article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly credited.


Headache disorders are common, debilitating, and, in many cases, inadequately managed by existing treatments. Although clinical trials of cannabis for neuropathic pain have shown promising results, there has been limited research on its use, specifically for headache disorders. This review considers historical prescription practices, summarizes the existing reports on the use of cannabis for headache, and examines the preclinical literature exploring the role of exogenous and endogenous cannabinoids to alter headache pathophysiology. Currently, there is not enough evidence from well-designed clinical trials to support the use of cannabis for headache, but there are sufficient anecdotal and preliminary results, as well as plausible neurobiological mechanisms, to warrant properly designed clinical trials. Such trials are needed to determine short- and long-term efficacy for specific headache types, compatibility with existing treatments, optimal administration practices, as well as potential risks.


Headache is a major public health concern, with enormous individual and societal costs (estimated at $14.4 billion annually) due to decreased quality of life and disability. 1 Each year, ∼47% of the population experience headache, including migraine (10%), tension-type headache (38%), and chronic daily headache (3%). 2 A sexual dimorphism exists for headache disorders, with women 2–3 times more likely to experience migraine 3 and 1.25 times more likely to experience tension-type headache than men. 4

The present review will focus largely on migraine, tension-type headache, trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias (specifically cluster headache), and medication-overuse headache (MOH). Migraine is classified as a 4–72 h headache that is typically unilateral, pulsating, of moderate-to-severe intensity, and associated with photophobia and phonophobia. 5,6 Tension-type headache is classified as frequent, infrequent, or chronic, typically presenting with bilateral tightening pain of mild-to-moderate intensity and lasting minutes to days. 6,7 Cluster headache is defined as severe unilateral pain in orbital, temporal, and/or supraorbital locations, lasting 15–180 min and typically occurring frequently and at regular intervals. 6,8 MOH is a chronic condition (occurs more than 15 days per month) that develops from frequent use of anti-headache medications. 6,9

The pathophysiology of headache disorders is still under investigation. However, it is believed that migraine and cluster headaches are initiated in the brain in areas such as the hypothalamus, brainstem, or possibly cortex. 6 Tension-type headaches can not only originate in the central nervous system but may also be triggered by myofascial tissue, often developing in response to stress. 10 Regardless of origin, headaches usually involve overactivation of the trigeminovascular pathway, resulting in the release of vasoactive peptides, such as calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) and substance P, as well as vasoactive mediators such as nitrous oxide (NO), which can lead to further sensitization of nociceptive receptors in the head and neck. 11 Serotoninergic signaling, parasympathetic efferents, inflammation, and increased intracranial pressure also play important roles in headache disorders. 12,13

Treatment depends on the underlying headache condition; however, some popular options include NSAIDs for mild headaches and triptans, anti-depressants, verapamil, or ergotamine for more severe or chronic headaches. 14 These may be complemented by nonpharmacological interventions such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or relaxation training. 15 Despite many treatment options, less than half of headache sufferers experience remission, and many continue to develop more severe or chronic headaches throughout their lifetime. 16 Moreover, headache disorders are often underrecognized and undertreated. 17 This current situation warrants an exploration of additional treatment options for headache disorders, with favorable side-effect profiles and efficacy in refractory patients.

One such option, cannabis, has been ignored in the United States for the past several decades but has an established history in the treatment of headaches. Assyrian manuscripts from the second millennium BCE recommended cannabis to “bind the temples,” 18 and Ayurvedic preparations in the third and fourth centuries BCE were indicated for “diseases of the head” such as migraines. 19 The prescription of cannabis was even recommended in ancient Greece, with Pedanius Dioscorides describing its use in his De Maternia Medica as a treatment for “pain of the ears.” 20 Other citations documenting the use of cannabis for headache disorders arise from the ninth century in the Al-Aq-rabadhin Al-Saghir, the earliest known document of Arabic pharmacology. 19 Further recommendations are found in Persian texts from the 10th 21 and 17th centuries. 22 Prominent physicians of the Middle Ages, including John Parkinson 23 and Nicholas Culpeper, 24 also recommended the use of cannabis for headache.

The reintroduction of cannabis to the West in 1839 25 began a century of its use as an effective treatment for headache disorders 26 until its illegalization in 1937. 27 Notable physicians who espoused the benefits of cannabis for headache disorders included John Russell Reynolds, the personal physician of Queen Victoria, 28 American neurologist Silas Weir Mitchell, 29 the president of the New York Neurological Society Edouard C. Seguin, 19 William Gowers, a founding father of modern neurology, 30 and Sir William Osler, often considered the father of modern medicine. 31

When cannabis was deemed illegal by the U.S. government, its therapeutic use and research into its medical potential was largely discontinued. To this day, there are few clinical investigations of the use of cannabis for headache; however, the studies that have emerged demonstrate potential efficacy. In addition, numerous pre-clinical investigations 18 have validated the role of endocannabinoids in preventing headache pathophysiology, which suggests a mechanistic role of cannabis in the treatment of these disorders. Although the cannabis plant comprises more than 100 cannabinoids, there has been little study of the individual effects of these cannabinoids on headache disorders; therefore, the present review will focus largely on the clinical potential of the cannabis plant as a whole.

The present review has four unique aims: (1) Highlight common historical trends in the use of cannabis in the treatment of headache to inform future clinical guidelines. (2) Briefly present the current clinical literature on this topic, with a focus on more recent publications that have not been discussed in past reviews. (3) Compile various preclinical studies into a prospective integrated model outlining the role of cannabinoids in the modulation of headache pathogenesis. (4) Outline several 19,32–35 future directions that warrant exploration based on the limited, but promising findings on this topic.

Materials and Methods

The material presented was drawn from standard searches of the PubMed/National Library of Medicine database, influential sources of current medical literature, and past review articles. Search keywords included cannabis; cannabinoids; headache; migraine; cluster headache; medication-overuse headache; tetrahydrocannabinol; cannabidiol; clinical trial; placebo; and double blind. was also queried for studies that have not yet been published. Individual articles were selected based on historical, clinical, or preclinical relevance to cannabinoids or cannabis as a treatment for headaches.

Historical Use of Cannabis for Headache

Historical reports, though not ideal forms of evidence, are important resources for understanding the potential use of cannabis in the treatment of headache disorders. Clinical publications between 1839 and 1937 provide valuable insights into the most effective practices, challenges, and benefits during an era when cannabis was commonly used to treat headache. A summary of historical treatment practices using cannabis for migraines can be seen in Table 1 . Historical sources indicate that cannabis was used as an effective prophylactic and abortive treatment for headache disorders. Although dosing varied among physicians, most prescribed alcohol extractions of the drug in the range of ¼ to ½ grain (16–32 mg). 28,32,36–40 This dose was likely chosen to minimize the effects of intoxication while also providing effective therapeutic relief. Other providers suggested that doses should be progressively increased until modest effects of intoxication were felt. 19 For prophylactic treatment, these doses were usually administered two to three times daily for weeks or even months. 28,32,36–38 Acute treatment often involved higher doses taken as needed and, in some cases, smoked cannabis was recommended. 19,41–42

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Table 1.

Historical Reports of the Use of Cannabis as a Treatment for Headache (19th and Early 20th Century)

Usage Administration Sample Result Source
Migraine A: 0.03 fluid ounce of alcohol extract 1 h before pain onset 4 Case studies Distinct termination of migraine. All patients experienced improvement, some were cured. Donovan 41
Migraine A: 21.6 mg 2 Case studies Immediate relief and elimination of headache for 14 months after treatment. No lasting harm. Reynolds 27
P: 21.6 mg—three times daily
Migraine/headache P: 21.6 mg, 1–2 times per day (can increase to 43.2 mg) 9 Case studies and clinical experience Responses in majority of cases. Usually lasting relief, sometimes curative. Palliative during headache. Greene 35 ; Russo 18
Clavus hystericus and migraine P: 21.6 mg to 43.2 mg every night Textbook Palliation even in severe cases. Waring 36
Migraine or sick headache P: Taken before each meal (Women: 21.6 mg increased to 32.4 after 2–3 weeks; Men: 32.4 increased to 48.6) Clinical experience Majority of patients reported migraine relief for months. Seguin (1878) cited in Russo 18
Migraine or sick headache A: 21.6–32.4 mg at beginning of attack. Clinical experience Found to be the most effective drug for migraine. Can abort attacks in some cases. Ringer 37
P: 21.6–32.4 mg, 2–3 times daily, for weeks or months continuously.
Migraine P: 8.1–16.2 mg of solid extract twice a day. Clinical experience Helpful prophylactically and abortively, even in cases of migraine refractory to other treatments. Hare 40
A: Take as needed
Chronic daily headache P: 21.6–32.4 mg (increasing if necessary), 2–3 times per day for weeks to months. 4 Case studies Cured complaints in a majority of cases. Mackenzie 38
Migraine P: 16.2 mg twice a day continuously Short report Given immediately will stop attack, given periodically will reduce severity and frequency. Suckling 39
A: Take 16.2 mg during onset of attack

A, abortive; P, prophylactic.

Early reports of cannabis for the treatment of headache appear to be largely positive, with many patients experiencing a decrease in the frequency and intensity of their headache episodes. In some cases, headache was cured entirely even after cannabis discontinuation. 28,32,36–42 Furthermore, these early clinical reports praise the apparent safety of long-term cannabis use, as well as its added benefits of mollifying the nausea and anxiety that often accompany headaches. A common emphasis was placed on the importance of specific purity, preservation, and administration of the cannabis as well as patient adherence in the efficacy of treatment.

Clinical Studies on Cannabis Use for Headache

The schedule 1 classification of marijuana in 1970 has made rigorous clinical studies on the treatment efficacy of this substance difficult. Currently, there are no placebo-controlled clinical studies examining the use of cannabis for headache; nevertheless, there have been a number of other studies published that give insight into its therapeutic efficacy ( Table 2 ). 19,43–58 However, care should be taken when interpreting the findings from these studies. With one exception, 53 these studies did not include a control group, and given that the placebo effect can be altered by the context of treatment, 59 it is reasonable to expect a significant placebo response given the pre-existing public popularity and notoriety of cannabis. Moreover, self-reports and case studies may have a bias toward immediate improvement without awareness of possible dependence, rebound, or withdrawal responses, which are important concerns in headache treatment. 60 In fact, studies show that headache can be induced in 23.2% patients undergoing cannabis withdrawal. 61

Table 2.

Clinical Reports of the Use of Cannabis or Exogenous Cannabinoids as a Treatment for Headache

Subject population Type of study Significant findings Source
3 Chronic smokers Case series Migraines after cannabis cessation. Remission of headache with return to use in one patient. El-Mallakh 42
Patient with migraine Case report Women found superior relief of migraine with cannabis compared with beta-blockers, opiates, and ergots. Petro (1997) cited in Russo 18
Patient with migraine Case report 18 years of treatment failure with standard pharmaceuticals, found success with smoked cannabis. Grinspoon and Bakalar 45
Patient with migraine Case report Successful treatment with cannabis that did not produce inebriation. Terwur (1997) cited in Russo 18
121 Patients prescribed cannabis for migraine Retrospective study Migraine occurrences decreased from 10.4 to 4.6 per month; 39.7% had a positive effect, 19.8% had decreased frequency, and 11.6% had aborted pain. Rhyne et al. 46
5 Cases of chronic migraine headache Case series All cases successfully treated with dronabinol or cannabis. In one case, cannabis improved response more than dronabinol. In three cases, cannabis was used to abort headache in the prodromal phase. Mikuriya 48
1655 Patients seeking physician recommendation for medical cannabis Survey 40.8% of applicants reported improvement of headache symptoms with cannabis. Nunberg et al. 49
3 Subjects with chronic headaches Case series Smoking cannabis caused relief similar or greater than ergotamine and aspirin. Noyes Jr. and Baram 50
30 Outpatients with medication-overuse headache Clinical Trial (RDAC—Crossover) Nabilone was superior to ibuprofen in reducing pain intensity, analgesic intake, and medication dependence while improving quality of life. Pini et al. 52
Patient with refractory cluster headache Case report Smoked cannabis or dronabinol at the beginning of cluster headache provided complete immediate headache relief. Robbins et al. 53
113 Patients with chronic cluster headache Survey 26% regularly used cannabis. Use as treatment unknown. Donnet et al. 54
139 Patients with chronic cluster headache Survey Overall, 45.3% had used cannabis, and 19.4% had used it to treat cluster headache; 25.9% found efficacy, and the remainder found variable or negative effects. Leroux et al. 55
Patient with pseudotumor cerebri Case report Complete resolution of headache with smoking cannabis in

Evans and Ramadan 56
112 Patients with MS-associated trigeminal neuralgia Survey Overall, 70% found relief from trigeminal neuralgia, and 90% found chronic pain relief. Consroe et al. 57

MS, multiple sclerosis.

Nabilone, a synthetic cannabinoid mimicking tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has been shown to decrease analgesic intake while reducing MOH pain in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. 53 In this study, 26 patients with treatment refractory MOH completed a course of either nabilone (0.5 mg) or ibuprofen (400 mg) for 8 weeks, then after a week-long washout period, completed a second 8-week course of the previously excluded medication. Oral cannabinoid administration was chosen over an oromusocal THC spray, both because oral administration avoids the concentration peaks that can lead to euphoric effects and because chronic administration better overcomes individual differences in bioavailability. Although both substances showed improvement from baseline, nabilone was significantly more effective than ibuprofen in reducing pain intensity, analgesic intake, and medication dependence, as well as in improving quality of life. This study also examined the safety of nabilone as a treatment for headache and found that patients only experienced mild adverse effects that disappeared after discontinuation of the medication. The results of this study are significant, especially given that MOH is exacerbated by many pharmacological treatments. This study also highlights the potential value of cannabis in combination therapies, as a supplement to traditional treatments, or as a secondary treatment in refractory cases. Currently, a multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled study is being performed to examine the safety and efficacy of a dronabinol, or synthetic THC, metered dose inhaler for the treatment of migraine (, NCT Identifier: > NCT00123201). When published, this study could give valuable insights into the efficacy and risks of cannabinoids for the treatment of migraines.

Cannabis and cannabinoids have been studied clinically for other conditions, showing efficacy in the treatment of neuropathic/chronic pain, spasticity, and nausea. 62–66 These three conditions are associated mechanistically and qualitatively with the experience of headache and, although the clinical literature for each of these conditions exceeds the scope of this review, it is plausible that their efficacy will carry over in the treatment of headache disorders as well. For example, the analgesic properties of cannabis seen in the treatment of neuropathic pain will likely apply to chronic headache, the antispasmodic properties seen in the treatment of multiple sclerosis could apply to muscle strain known to induce tension headaches, and the antiemetic properties seen in the treatment of chemotherapy-associated nausea might also palliate migraine-induced nausea.

Many individuals are currently using cannabis for the treatment of migraine and headache with positive results. In a survey of nine California clinics (N=1746), physicians recorded headaches and migraines as a reason for approving a medical marijuana ID card in 2.7% of cases, and 40.7% patients self-reported that cannabis had therapeutic benefits for headaches and migraines. In another California survey of 7525 patients, 8.43% of patients reported that they were using medical cannabis to treat migraines. Another survey of 1430 patients found that 9% of patients were using medical cannabis to treat migraines (subdivided into 7.5% for classical migraines, 1% for cluster headaches, and 0.5% for others). Other studies have reported the use of cannabis for migraine or headache relief, with specific estimates including 5% (N=24,800) and 6.6% (N=128) for migraines and 3.6% (N=128) and 7.4% (N=217) for headache.

Other studies have looked specifically at the change in the occurrence of headache disorders with use of cannabis. 52 One retrospective study described 121 patients who received cannabis for migraine treatment, among whom 85.1% of these patients reported a reduction in migraine frequency. 47 The mean number of migraines at the initial visit was 10.4, falling to 4.6 at follow-up visits after cannabis treatment. Moreover, 11.6% of the patients found that, when smoked, cannabis could effectively arrest the generation of a migraine. These results indicate that cannabis may be an effective treatment option for certain migraine sufferers.

Reports from 139 cluster headache patients 56 indicate that cannabis could have value in treating a portion (25.9%) of these patients as well. However, cannabis was reported to provoke cluster headache attacks in some patients (22.4%) as well. One possible explanation for this provoking effect is that cannabis is known to increase heart rate, increase blood pressure, and cause systemic vasodilation. 67 Cluster headache sufferers seem to be highly sensitive to vasodilation of the carotid tree and increased oxygen demands, findings that are supported by evidence that alcohol is a reliable trigger and supplemental oxygen is an effective abortive therapy. 68 The increased oxygen demand and/or the vasodilation effects of cannabis could theoretically be responsible for this exacerbation in some cluster headache sufferers. Interestingly, cluster headaches appear to show improvement with treatment using hallucinogens such as d-lysergic acid amide (ergine or LSA), psilocybin, and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). 33 As such, it is possible that the psychoactive properties of THC could play a role in the treatment of cluster headaches.

Case reports also give insights into the mechanisms behind the anti-headache action of cannabis. Smoking cannabis has been reported to relieve pain associated with pseudotumor cerebri, 57 a condition that is characterized by an increase in the intracranial pressure of an uncertain etiology. This suggests that the therapeutic effect of cannabis in some headache conditions could be a result of reducing intracranial pressure. In fact, dexanabinol, a synthetic cannabinoid, has been found to relieve intracranial pressure and improve outcomes after traumatic brain injury. 69

Cannabinoids and Headache Pathophysiology

The pathophysiological mechanisms of many headache disorders are not entirely understood. Nevertheless, preclinical data examining the effects of endocannabinoids on the neurological and vascular systems demonstrate the influence of endocannabinoids in modulating several major components of migraine pathogenesis ( Table 3 and Fig. 1 ). 35,70–85

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