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Cbd oil for dogs at pet food express

Pet Food Express’ Top 5 Trends in 2018 for Pets in California

OAKLAND, Calif.–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Pet Food Express (PFE) is announcing the top 5 trends for California pets in 2018, and they include a bigger focus on nutrition, alternative therapies and intellectual stimulation for pets. The Oakland-based company is basing the information on sales figures this past year from its 60+ stores in Northern and Southern California.

This announcement comes as Americans spent record amounts on their pets in 2018: industry projections show $72 billion on food, products, training and veterinarian visits. That’s up $3 billion from last year and double from 2005 (

Top 5 best-selling and/or fastest growing product-types at PFE stores in 2018:

HEMP – All things related to pet relief

USDA Organic Hemp OIL – Organic full spectrum hemp extract ($5, $10 or $20 off depending on size)

Human grade food for dogs:

Healthy chew alternatives for dogs:

The trend away from rawhide-chews was evident in sales at all Pet Food Express stores from Pasadena to Sacramento to San Francisco. The No-Hide™ Chew is an easily digestible chew made from American farm-raised chicken with no added hormones, steroids or chemicals.

Bathing your own pet – rather than the going to the groomer. It’s safer and less stressful.

Pet Store Sells CBD Oil For Jumpy Pets Ahead Of Loud NYE Fireworks

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — Pet Food Express is selling Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) for jumpy pets, claiming that it can help alleviate their tensions during the the upcoming boom of New Year’s Eve fireworks.

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Owners don’t need a medical marijuana card to purchase the products.

“It is not psychoactive and it’s not marijuana-based. It’s help-based,” explained Pet Food Express Spokesperson, Linda Loza. She explained that the animals don’t become “high.”

Some of the CBD Oil products being sold at Pet Food Express. (CBS)

Owners squirt the oil into their pets’ mouths or feed them snacks laced with the hemp extract.

Michelle Kay feeds the CBD snacks to her pit bull that has arthritis.

“I found that the CBD treats really help. She’s less stiff going down the stairs,” said Kay.

There’s also a product called Thunder Shirt being sold, which is supposed to calm dogs down similar to a baby being swaddled. Kyle Mueller says it works on his 75-pound pit bull Sassy.

“Like, Sassy needs a really tight fit. I’ve got to wrap her like a Burrito. She’s really into it!”said Mueller.

Owners are in on the calming products, since they want to make their pets as comfortable as possible on New Year’s Eve.