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Cbd oil for essential thrombocythemia

CBD Oil. Does it affect platelets. Hello all I. – MPN Voice

I did post about this earlier this year but unfortunately I didn’t get much in the way of responses.

Does using CBD OIL have any affect on platelets?

I have ET and I am on HU.

I have inflammation somewhere dnd it’s pushing my platelets up.

I’d be grateful if anyone can reply to me on this please

Everyone has a different metabolism and we all react differently to the way our body responds to treatment but my recent results have given me hope and I feel I have a little bit more of control of my condition. Haematologists are not really interested in. and I hate using the phrase ‘alternative medicines or diets etc’ and what I mean by alternative are things that we can take everyday, which for me, have reduced my counts. I have PV and recently had a clinic, my consultant was ‘very pleased’ with my bloods. Having PV, the main aim is to get hematocrit down to a safe level which venesections achieve, because this procedure can increase platelets, I was focused on getting platelets down which I think I’ve done by changing my diet, without going on and on I would research this deeply and find what best works for you, doing this will give you focus and a bit of self control over your condition.

Thank you very much

I need to get inflammation down but I’ve tried lots of natural things but they either hurt my tummy or thin the blood which I don’t find good.

Thank you again

For me, I’ve tried green tea with a dash of turmeric I believe curcumin is an anti inflammatory which turmeric contains.

Let me know how you get on good luck

Thank you for your response. My son has PV also. He has such clotty thick blood they can’t get a full bag. He has to go to hospital to scan for vein. His numbers are at 50 so not SO very extreme, but he can’t really function at that level. He does best below 45.

He realized today that when he used cbd oil regularly a while back, for about a year,he did not seem to have blood issues. I wonder why some go high and yours low. Once he gets his back down, he may try again to see if it does help.

i don’t know if CBD oil will increase platelets but I recently attended a patient symposium on MPNs at Weill Cornell Hospital in NYC where one hem suggested that marijuana might affect some markers in the blood. It was at a workshop for PV patients. The doctor told of a teenager- being treated for PV – whose bloodwork had suddenly risen to alarming levels. The doctor was trying to figure out the cause and asked the boy (in private , when his Mom wasn’t present) whether he was smoking marijuana. The boy said he was and agreed to stop . His blood resumed previous levels. I’m not familiar with CBD oil but when I googled it it said it was cannabis- related . At least that’s what I understood.

I’m always looking for ways to reduce inflammation – naturally . Like you, I try to do it through diet. I don’t know if it’s working. My hem says there’s no evidence of diet having any impact. I hope he’s wrong. But, he did tell me not to take turmeric.

I’ve been using high CBD cannabis oil for more than 5 years now and it has lowered my platelet counts. I have E.T. JAK2. I also have seen lowered counts when I added a higher dose of turmeric root or curcumin to my daily supplements. Hope this helps. Oh no hydrea just daily baby aspirin.

I’m answering just to let you know that many folks may not have answered because they aren’t familiar with what that oil is. I’m not. Good luck to you. Katie

I have ET and on HU. I think diet is the biggest driver of inflammation. Have you tested for food sensitivities? Do you avoid gluten and dairy which seem to be the common things folks cut out first. My hematologist has patients on CBD but could be for pain and help with chemo side effects. I don’t think there are any studies on if they reduce platelets. He also has patients on LDN, low dose naltrexone which helps inflammation but there are no studies that I can find that it lowers platelets. I’m on it for 8months and it has helped me with fatigue and inflammation but not yet lowering platelets ( except for the first month then when I tried to raise the dose my platelets jumped. Finding the right dose takes time. I hope this helps.

I’m afraid I have no idea if CBD oil has an effect on platelets. I have used it in the past for joint/muscle pain and it eased the symptoms. This was before I was diagnosed with ET so I don’t know if it helped with the platelets or not. May I ask, what makes you think it would have an effect on platelets? Perhaps the companies who sell it may be of help?

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Sorry I can’t be much help but would be interested if you find out

Did it help your muscle pain?

I’ll let you know if I try it if it affects platelets

It did seem to ease the muscle pain, making things less tight and sore. I took it last winter when my aches and pains always seem a lot worse and I’m sure it helped. I haven’t got any for this year more down to forgetfulness than design but am seriously considering it.

Thanks for your reply.

Glad it worked for you. I think I’m going to have to try it as my muscle is hurting so much. I’m in constant pain st the moment

Thank you so much for taking time to reply.

Yes, I’m ET Jak2+. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years back, hence trying the CBD oil. Now I don’t know if the fibromyalgia symptoms were ET all along or whether I have both. The explained symptoms for both ET and fibro seem so alike I don’t suppose it matters what label they have – they still hurt!

Good luck with the CBD oil. It’s not cheap but if it helps, it’s worth every penny. It may be best to check with your doctor before trying it out, to make sure it doesn’t clash with any medication you are on.

Thank you so much for your reply.

I have just this one back muscle that hurts after about an hour of being up out of bed..

I can go months without any pain and then it flares up. Usually after I’ve had a cold.

I am also hypothyroid but have been for 34 years.

I do wonder if it’s anytjing to do with HU as it started 3 months after starting HU.

I’ll try the CBD oil as I need some relief.

Do you use Holland and Barrett brand?

I tend to go online as You can get it cheaper. I have used Canavape who sell the oil as well as vaping CBD.

Thank you very much

Hi, I’ve been using CBD regularly now for 3months and would say it has helped and I feel OK, for my leg pains I use the CBDointment and for inflamation CBD infused oil and CBD tincture, I get it from Sisters of the Valley in California, it is all lab tested. I don’t know if it lowers platlets yet but I do feel less fuzzy and dizzy in the head I have less ringing in the ears.. So so far so good .I have PV and ET. Good luck Angelax

Thank you very much for your reply.

I’m I’m UK so will have to source done from within UK.

I appreciate your response

I’m UK I just order off net, it half price the price of uk and better quality than UK.

Oh I didn’t realise you were in UK!!

It hasn’t got the THC in it had it?

Thanks for the recommendation.

Do you get charged shipping for it.?

No it has no THC, it is pure CBD, they send it first class, it takes 5-7days and is tracked. I get the 500mg, it is a quarter full, so it has lasted nearly 3months, shipping cost is about £7- £10. x

Thank you so much for your help x

I had blood tests this month , I haven’t heard from consultant so I am thinking all is OK , my next blood test is march and I will be seeing the consultant too, and that would give me a more wholesome reading for the effects of CBD. I will let you know Rose.. Take care. Angelax

Thank you Angela.

That would be good if you could let me know how it goes.

Can I also ask if there’s a lot of choice and if so which one would you recommend?

Do you take it all the time or just in and off?

The CBD oil and CBD tincture I take daily I started taking it every 3-4hours and started feeling better immediately, after about 2weeks. I cut down to twice a day, and I hover between 1-2 times a day, if I feel abit dizzy, I take a drop and it clears. The CBD is made by Nuns and they make it during moon cycles, they believe it has extra healing because of the Moon and their prayers. I don’t know about that, but I do feel better and I was having infection and antibiotics one after the other. I will say the Sisters are genuine and the oil is pure. Make sure you go on the Sisters website Sister Kate runs it.

The nuns only sell their own products, they make the oil, the tincture, the balm, soap and a few othercbits. They have a lilac leaf as a logo, they sell the oil and tincture in 250 and 500mg. It is in Winton CA.

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I would like to try this for pains in my joints I suffer also from ITP low platelet s do you think it may help I’m in UK

I am in U.K. and shipping is very expensive. We have a very good supplier in U.K. .

Thank you for your time in replying

Give it ago, I’ve taken it and my bloods have been very good, I don’t take it continually only when pain is driving me nuts.

An article in the British Journal of Pharmacology – Endocannabinoids and the Haematological System ( shows that cannabinoids increase both platelet activation and aggregation. Since those of us with PV already have over-enthusiastic platelets and because marijuana users have been shown epidemiologically to have much higher rates of ischemic strokes and MI’s, (i.e, both caused by thromboses) I’m staying well away from cannabinoids even though I’d love to join the party!

BTW – the best place to research medical questions – MPN or others – is Pubmed – a huge database of professional research paper abstracts.

Cbd oil for essential thrombocythemia

“ “Modern medical research has confirmed the beneficial uses of cannabis in treating or alleviating the pain, nausea and other symptoms associated with a variety of debilitating medical conditions… ”

Jessica Harshbarger has deep cannabis sector experience. She was a founding employee of a medical cannabis company’s first Illinois dispensary location back in 2015. During the launch of the dispensary, she served as the Dispensary General Manager and performed this role for three and a half years. As the General Manager, she oversaw all aspects of successfully running an Illinois-based medical dispensary, including marketing, sales, customer service, wellness planning, community outreach, operations, cannabis acquisition, inventory, state inspections, compliance, and administering state compliant protocols for training, bookkeeping, and audits. Her cannabis knowledge as a consumer goes back nearly 20 years. However, she did not become an advocate for cannabis as medicine until after being diagnosed with a rare blood cancer back in January of 2011, Essential Thrombocythemia (E.T.) with a JAK2 mutation. Faced with a treatment option that would entail a lifelong regimen of chemotherapy, she explored other alternatives and found that cannabis had an apoptotic effect on Leukemic cancer cells. With her doctor’s approval, she began using medical cannabis to control her platelet count in 2015. Today Jessica has reduced her platelet counts from the 900’s to the 500’s using only CBD rich cannabis oil (R.S.O.) and turmeric root powder and has never gone on chemotherapy. (Normal human platelet counts are around 150.) Jessica gained knowledge on medical cannabis products, strains, and their uses through personal study, research, her personal use, cultivation center samples and tours, and working with patients over the last four plus years. Her passion is to help patients and dispensary agents alike to get the most out of cannabis use, and she strives to teach as many people about this as she can. In the fall of 2018, she founded her own cannabis education company, which has developed and delivered training programs for the public, medical professionals seeking continuing education credit, and dispensary staff seeking state certification. She has also provided consultative services for existing medical dispensaries and new dispensary applicants, as well as personal one-on-one patient consultations. In this new venture Jessica began creating cannabis educational course material and hosting educational training sessions; as well as providing personal consultations for patients. She has since developed three (3) Continuing Medical Education Credit Courses (CEU’s); ● Cannabis 101 ● Hemp vs. Cannabis for CBD ● Transitioning from Opioids to Cannabis; And has created one (1) Continuing Medical Education Credit Course (CME) for Doctors called: • “Understanding Cannabis”. All four (4) of these courses are certified through the Continuing Education Institute of Illinois. • IL Certified Responsible Vendor, Adult Use Cannabis Training Course listed on the IDFPR website under her business name, Empowering Health for IL

Jessica is considered to be an expert among her industry peers and is exceptional at teaching people how to use each method of cannabis consumption, and what products work best for each symptom and condition. She knows IL cultivators and their products, cannabis strains, terpenes, cannabinoids, ingestion methods, safety precautions and standards, dosages, medical effects, Laws and rules regarding the programs here in IL, as well as Laws and rules around working in a dispensary. Her passion for teaching others about cannabis is unmistakable. She continues to host local cannabis workshops and training courses today. Her recent courses have covered the following subjects; cooking classes, vape tips and tricks, medical vs. recreational cannabis, cannabis for Veterans, PTSD and panic disorders-how cannabis can help, yoga and cannabis, incorporating cannabis safely into your workout, and dosage and safety tips with cannabis, ask the pharmacist (with Joe Freedman), and many other topics related to the proper use of cannabis. Jessica Harshbarger personally uses R.S.O. daily for her blood disorder; smokes concentrates, vape cartridges, and flower from many different cultivators; uses topicals; and bakes her own edibles. She also used her cannabis knowledge to help her 24 year old son through his chemotherapy for a Ewing Sarcoma cancer diagnosis the family received in June of 2019. Friends, industry colleagues, family, and acquaintances all contact her regularly for advice on cannabis & CBD. Jessica has toured the Pharmacannis, Cresco Labs, Green Thumb Industries, Bedford Grown, and Grassroots Cannabis cultivation center facilities; and has attended many industry events throughout her career here in IL cannabis. Jessica is remarkably familiar with all products available through the medical cannabis market here in IL and how to properly open and optimally use each of them. She has not only taught dispensary staff, the public, and medical staff about cannabis and the IL program; but she has also spoken as an advocate for cannabis at the following events:

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Some of Jessica’s IL Advocacy Work

Patient presenter for Migraines & E.T. with JAK2 at the IL petition hearing May of 2015

What’s the Deal with CBD Oil?

The cannabis-derived product is incredibly popular, but what are the risks and benefits for people with bleeding disorders?

Last October, a New York Times headline asked a question many people across the country have had on their minds: “Why Is CBD Everywhere?” CBD oil, scientifically known as cannabidiol oil, has been heavily marketed as a cure-all for everything from inflammation and chronic pain to anxiety and insomnia. For people with bleeding disorders, CBD oil may seem appealing to try. But what is it exactly, and how much evidence is there that it actually works?

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of several chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. Another cannabinoid is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound in marijuana that makes you high.

How is CBD oil made?

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and added to oils, creams and balms, liquids for vaping, pills and even candies like mints and gummies.

How does CBD oil make you feel?

Unlike THC, CBD does not get you “stoned.” Some report that CBD’s effects include both physical and mental relaxation, reduced soreness and inflammation, and improved focus. However, some users say they don’t feel anything.

What’s the evidence that it works?

Little research has been done into the health effects of CBD. However, more studies are underway, and health agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization agree more research is needed. In the US, just one prescription drug has been approved that contains CBD as its active ingredient: Epidiolex, which reduces seizures in people with two rare forms of epilepsy.

Is CBD safe?

Some studies indicate CBD—and other cannabinoids—may have an anticoagulant effect by suppressing production of blood platelets, which is an obvious concern for anyone with a bleeding disorder. Another issue is how CBD interacts with other medications, which is uncertain and needs more study.

More broadly, general safety is a gray area when it comes to CBD oil. Production of CBD oil products is unregulated, so it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re getting. The US Food and Drug Administration tested several brands of CBD oil and says that “many were found to not contain the levels of CBD they claimed to contain.” Other research has found some CBD products contained levels of THC that could cause intoxication. In an exhaustive report on CBD oil, Consumer Reports magazine says it may be safer to buy CBD in states where medical and recreational use of cannabis is legal, as standards are likely to be stricter in these locations. Another tip is to look for CBD from producers who post the results of third-party testing of their products.

Is CBD legal?

In most states, CBD is legal as long as it is extracted from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant and it contains no THC (the 2018 federal farm bill legalized cultivation of hemp). You can check the laws in your state at the website of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

The bottom line.

CBD may help relieve pain, anxiety and insomnia, but it also may not. If you’re interested in using it, be sure to check with your healthcare team first so they can advise you on how to use it and monitor its effects.