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Cbd oil for taking a cat on a car ride

CBD Oil for Cats with Anxiety

There are so many situations that can cause our beloved kitties to be nervous: moving to a new home, adjusting to new cats or people in the house, traveling, or trips to the vet or groomer. CBD (cannabidiol) can be an effective and natural solution to minimize anxiety for cats without harmful side effects. CBD oil for cats can be used situationally for temporary relief or on a longer-term basis for cats with chronic anxiety. If your cat is in pain, the CBD oil can do double-duty, helping them feel more comfortable which can also keep them calmer.

Will CBD oil make your cat high?

While the cannabinoids THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties) and CBD are in both marijuana and hemp, there are very significant differences between the industrial hemp plant from which pet CBD oil is extracted and marijuana. Marijuana contains high levels of THC but far less CBD, while hemp is a rich source of CBD but has almost no THC. It’s important to note that THC can be toxic to pets, but CBD extracted from industrial hemp is safe legal in all states.

The most important differentiation is that hemp CBD offers all the benefits without the THC, so your cat won’t get high–instead, they’ll experience a level of mild relaxation.

What’s the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?

CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same things, especially for calming purposes. Though they’re from the same Sativa hemp plant and neither product is psychoactive, hemp oil is made from pressed hemp seeds, which do not contain CBD. CBD oil is extracted from hemp flowers, leaves, and stalks, which are rich in the compound. To treat your cat’s anxiety, choose products that clearly state they contain a measured amount of CBD, not hemp oil.

How do you choose the best CBD oil for cats?

Product labeling and advertising can be confusing, so you’ll want to shop carefully to find the best hemp CBD for your cat. Find a product that clearly states the amount of CBD it contains, and make sure that it’s free of heavy metals and pesticides. The manufacturer should have the lab test results readily available for review.

What’s the best way to give a cat CBD?

CBD can help cats with anxiety to feel calmer

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We all know that our kitties can be averse to supplements! Fortunately, there are a number of options to choose from. One of the most popular CBDs for cats is a bottled oil that comes with a measured dropper to make it easy to dispense the desired dose. If your cat is not picky, you may want to choose full-spectrum CBD oil with terpenes, which are beneficial, natural compounds that can boost effectiveness. However, full-spectrum CBD can have a bit of a grassy taste that some cats find off-putting. For finicky cats, consider adding a flavorless CBD oil isolate to food or a treat. Most cats will take the flavorless CBD oil readily when added to food or a favorite treat.

An alternative to bottled CBD oil is Coconut Oil with CBD. This is a wonderfully versatile product. It can be applied to the bare skin inside a cat’s ears to be absorbed transdermally or dabbed on paws for cats to lick off. It can be added to food or treats for cats who enjoy the mild coconut flavor.

How much CBD should you give your cat for anxiety?

You may need to do some experimenting to find the right dose because every cat and every situation is different. The typical recommendation is 1–5 mg for a typical 10-pound cat, but there is no known toxicity level.

Try a dose in the middle of the recommended range and watch for calming effects that should occur within an hour. If not, you may want to give more CBD to total up to the upper dosing recommendation. Once you’ve found the right dose, your cat will seem calmer but not lethargic.

Can I give my cat CBD along with other medications?

Make sure to check with your veterinarian before using CBD oil if you’re giving your cat prescription medications. Holistic and integrative vets are often familiar with the benefits of CBD and will be easily able to answer your questions.

People who are looking for drug-free treatments for their cats’ anxiety may find that CBD can be the natural solution for a happier, calmer kitty.

Traveling with Pets for the Holidays

With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, and the holiday season quickly approaching, you may be planning a road trip or flight with your pet. We all know traveling can be difficult and stressful, for both you and your pet. But with the proper preparation, you can safely travel with your pet and have a trip you both will enjoy.

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Step 1: Prepare, prepare, prepare

Whether you are traveling by plane or car, preparation is key! Planning ahead for your pet will help everything run smoothly and create less stress for you and your pet.

If you are taking a road trip, consider your pet when planning your route. Plan ahead and make sure to know which hotels, restaurants and rest stops are pet friendly. I recommend the Bring Fido app , which will tell you all of the pet-friendly rest stops, restaurants, shelters, and hotels near you. Also, if your dog likes to move around, a seat belt harness may be your best option to keep your pooch seated.

If you are traveling by plane, make sure to read the pet policy before the trip. Additionally, if your pet is a service animal, make sure you read and follow the airline’s policies and submit any necessary documentation ahead of your flight. You may also need to call the airline to see what documentation you will need to have with you upon check-in. Whether your pet is in the cabin with you, or in cargo, we recommend reading reviews and talking to pet parents who routinely fly with pets, to know which airlines will be respectful of your furry friend.

Prepare a list beforehand, of all your pet’s daily needs, like food, water bowls, treats, medications, supplements, crate, toys, collar, leash, harness, waste bags, pads or litter box, and don’t forget their paperwork! Consider any paperwork that you might need, like their vaccination records or any important medical history, should your pet become separated from you or injured during your trip.

If your pet is microchipped, check that the information is up-to-date. If they are not microchipped, consider getting them a microchip or tracking collar. Remember, prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

Step 2: Managing Pet Anxiety, Stress & Fear

Traveling can be extremely stressful for pets. If you have a dog or cat who is normally anxious in the car, longer trips can seem like torture to them. If you have a high stress pet, CBD oil for dogs and cats can help them relax during the trip and experience less stress and anxiety.

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A 2013 article published in Neuropharmacology found that CBD can help in facilitating extinction of negative emotion surrounding triggers, like travel, and helps manage PTSD and anxiety or panic disorders in people and animals.

Even more interesting: A 2019 study published in the Permanente Journal found that CBD also has a calming effect on the central nervous system and is better tolerated than other psychiatric medications .

For dogs and cats with general anxiety, or situational anxiety when traveling, we recommend our Calm: CBD Oil for Dogs and Calm: CBD Oil for Cats.

One CBD Dog Health customer, Megan Aiken recently shared that when she took her small dog on a road trip from Florida to Missouri, CBD Dog Health’s CALM helped her high-strung dog to relax and sleep through most of the trip.

Whether you’re driving or flying this holiday, using CBD oil can be beneficial to ensure that your pet is as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

Step 3: Making a Safe Space

Your dog or cat might normally be relaxed or calm at home, but traveling can present a whole new set of anxieties for them. Once you reach your destination, there will likely be a lot of new people, new smells, and probably even new animals for them to meet. That’s a lot of new stimuli for them to process all at once. Be prepared for your dog or cat to possibly show some change in their usual behavior. They may be more shy, or more aggressive, or just generally not acting like themselves. While CBD oil can help them stay calm, if your pet is being met with too many new experiences and can’t retreat to a safe space, it can be overwhelming.

Once you arrive at your destination, try to find a quiet, safe place for your pet, perhaps an empty room or a quiet outdoor space, where you and your pet can sit or take a walk to calm down and decompress together. Spending time together in this safe space can reassure your dog that you are not going to leave them in this unfamiliar place and can help them de-stress from the trip. Remember to be patient, because dogs can sense human emotions and will likely feed off of your stress. Time alone with your pup can also help lower your own stress, so it’s a win-win!