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Cbd oil vs cbd tincture for dogs

Is CBD Safe For Dogs?

Studies have shown that adding CBD oil can offer a lot of benefits for your dog. CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid compound derived from CBD. CBD works in the same way as certain cannabinoids found in plants such as cannabis and hemp.

CBD used in CBD oil benefits your dog by working to treat pain or arthritis symptoms, help them with anxiety or motion sickness, and improve behavioral issues like excessive barking and chewing, and much more.

These might sound like they’re just “doggie” problems, but if not treated properly can affect your dog’s health and even shorten their life span. CBD oil has already been known to speed up recovery times and reduce how long it takes for scars to heal, which means that CBD can also improve your dog’s quality of life.

So let’s look at CBD oil from the perspective of how it can help your pet live a happy and healthy life.

Can My Dog Have CBD Oil?

Yes, CBD oil has no known adverse side effects for dogs. CBD oil is considered to be safe and non-toxic. CBD oil has actually been used in the medical community for years to treat diseases like arthritis, seizures, and more.

If you are still skeptical, you can always talk to your veterinarian about CBD oil, but chances are they will tell you that CBD oil has no adverse side effects on dogs.

The Benefits of CBD for Your Dog

Recent studies show that CBD may be more beneficial to your dog than it is to humans. CBD oil can help to treat:

  • Depression
  • Appetite loss
  • Glaucoma
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Aggression
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Skin conditions
  • Sleeplessness

And studies are finding out more benefits as we continue to study how dogs and other pets benefit from adding CBD to their daily diets.

The Difference Between Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum CBD oil is CBD oil that includes CBD with the other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD isolate contains CBD only, stripped of all other cannabinoids and compounds.

Full-spectrum is the better of the two. The other trace amounts that are in the full-spectrum mixture offer a CBD oil that works quicker and effects that last longer. CBD isolate is CBD only, which means CBD oil with CBD only takes longer to start working and doesn’t last as long.

The best CBD products are made from organically grown hemp plants harvested at their peak to create a full-spectrum extract. There is no higher content of CBD in full-spectrum hemp extract compared to CBD isolates.

Cool Nana CBD oil is a full-spectrum CBD that is made specifically for your furry friends for optimal results. Grab a bottle today and see what CBD oil can do for your dog.

How Long Before CBD Oil Starts to Work?

Full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs works faster than CBD isolate, but it still takes a bit of time to see effects. CBD oil provides a long-lasting effect, which means you can use less CBD and save some money. However, some dogs see results in as little as two hours.

This fast-working CBD oil offers almost instant relief of some pain or anxiety symptoms that your dog is suffering from. For example, a trip to the vet.

However, long-term use of CBD for things like pain might not show the full results for up to about three weeks. So try to keep the dosing the same and be patient.

How To Use CBD Oil for Your Dog

There are various ways that you can give your dog CBD oil. You can easily get CBD oil in two different forms, CBD tinctures that are a liquid and CBD capsules.

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CBD tinctures are CBD oil that has been diluted with an organic carrier oil. CBD tincture will provide almost instant pain relief for your dog because CBD absorbs into the bloodstream quickly.

The CBD capsules are CBD oil that has been extracted from industrial hemp plants, then dissolved in MCT oil (a type of coconut) to make it more potent. Because of this, CBD capsules take longer to absorb but can last much longer than a CBD tincture which means you don’t need to use as much.

You can also put CBD oil into dog treats to make it easier to give your dog. Check out our line of CBD tinctures powered by Cool Nana Naturals.

Can My Dog Overdose on CBD?

While your dog can get an upset tummy from too much CBD, there have been no cases where a dog, human, or other animal has overdosed on CBD oil.

If your dog happens to ingests too much CBD, it will only cause them to feel sick, which you can treat by simply taking CBD out of their diet until they are feeling better.

We at Natural Cravings recommend you stick to the recommended dosage of CBD per day to keep your pet safe.

With Cool Nana Full Spectrum CBD oil, the dosage is already on the bottle, making it easy to does your pet, and you won’t have to worry about over-dosing your furry friend!

Can I Use Human Grade CBD Oil?

It is safe to give your dog human-grade CBD oil. However, many pet owners find that it’s not quite as effective as the pet-specific lines, just like how humans could, in theory, take pet CBD oil.

CBD interacts with the body on an individual level, which means CBD can be more effective for your pet than it would you. CBD produces differing results in animals than it does in people.

The other perk of using pet CBD oil for your dog is that the dosing is much easier as these bottles, droppers, and amounts are specifically catered to dogs. It will also help to ensure that the oil doesn’t spoil before your dog uses it all.


Full-spectrum CBD oil has become a popular supplement among people and their pets. CBD offers many benefits and is incredibly safe. CBD can be used for just about any ailment or pain that your pet may have.

So if your dog is suffering from anxiety, arthritis, or other behavioral problems, CBD may be the answer you are looking for. CBD oil is an all-natural product that is incredibly safe and offers many benefits to your pet. CBD may not work for every dog, but it certainly has helped many dogs just like yours. CBD might be able to help get your dog back to its regular self again.

CBD is legal in most states and will help to get your pet on track without any side effects! CBD dosage can vary depending on the size of your dog, so you should do some research before buying CBD oil for dogs.

Or just make the easy choice and choose Cool Nana Full-spectrum CBD oil for your pet’s health needs. Buy a bottle today.

CBD Oil vs. Soft Chews for Pets: What’s the Difference?

In 2018, sales of tinctures, treats, and other pet products containing cannabidiol totaled $32 million in sales, quadrupling over the previous year, according to the Brightfield Group. The cannabis-focused research firm estimates that the market could top $1 billion by 2022.

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Pet owners are purchasing CBD products to help their dogs and cats overcome issues ranging from anxiety and arthritis pain to seizures and cancer.

Thanks to their widespread popularity, the number of CBD pet products on the market has exploded—and that can make it hard for pet owners to decide which ones to choose for their four-legged companions.

CBD Oil and CBD Soft Chews: How Are These Products Different?

Both CBD oil tinctures and CBD soft chews contain cannabidiol, a natural medicinal ingredient found in the cannabis plant. The hemp-derived ingredient is converted to an odorless oil known as a tincture or extracted as an isolate.

Let’s take a closer look and compare oils and soft chews:

CBD Oil For Pets

CBD oil comes with a dropper that can be used to give a precise dose to pets. While some pets will let their owners put the oil under their tongues or against their cheeks, most pet owners drizzle the oil on their pet’s food.

Giving CBD oil with food is important because it increases the amount of CBD that gets absorbed, ensuring the active ingredients can take effect.

Compared to soft chews, CBD oil has a higher concentration of cannabidiol and contains other minor cannabinoids such as cannabinol (CBN) and cannabichromene (CBC) as well as terpenes and flavonoids—all compounds from the cannabis plant that have healing properties—to increase the health benefits. Thanks to the marked dropper, pet owners can administer precise dosing.

CBD Soft Chews for Pets

Soft chews are made with a CBD isolate, a product that contains CBD oil but no other cannabinoids. The cannabidiol is combined with a proprietary blend of botanicals that have been scientifically proven to offer healing properties such as reduced anxiety and inflammation.

The soft chews can be offered as treats, making it easy for pet owners to give them during a car ride, at the veterinarian’s office, or other places where cats and dogs could use a calming boost. They may also have added natural flavoring to increase palatability for dogs and cats.

Also, each chew contains a fixed amount of CBD, meaning the dosing is not as easily adjusted as it is with oil products.

A Closer Look at Products From The Anxious Pet

At the Anxious Pet, it’s important for us to offer products that work for the lifestyle of you and your pet. We have a variety of formulations and offerings, including organic hemp oils and soft chews. Our soft chews are available with and without CBD.

Read on for more information on how these products differ and how they can be used together as part of your pet’s calming routine.

The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil

Organic hemp is grown without the addition of toxic pesticides and other harmful chemicals, and the CBD oil extracted from the plant material is organic, too. Since the products are absorbed into the bloodstream, an organic product ensures that dogs and cats are not consuming chemicals or additives.

In order for a product to be labeled organic, it must contain at least 95 percent organic material. A certified organic CBD tincture contains organic hemp oil and organic carrier oils such as the fractionated coconut oil (which is used as a carrier oil in Anxious Pet products).

The Anxious Pet Hemp Oil is easy to give directly into a pet’s mouth or can be added to food. Dosing instructions are available on the box, and are recommended based on your pet’s age and weight. Dosing can be easily adjusted up or down with the dropper based on your pet’s needs.

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Our hemp oil products contain more CBD than our soft chews, and the tincture form allows for the oil to absorb more quickly into a pet’s bloodstream—which means it works more quickly than CBD treats or chews.

The Anxious Pet Calming Soft Chews

The Anxious Pet Calming Soft Chews are made with a CBD isolate and the cannabidiol is combined with carefully selected botanical ingredients and the right nutritional balance to ensure maximum health benefits. Unlike CBD oil—which can be given in precise doses—each soft chew contains a set amount of CBD. This makes adjusting the dose to precise amounts more difficult.

We also offer a Soft Chew formulated without CBD. The vegan, grain-free formula contains herbs such as gingko biloba, kava kava, passionflower, and lavender that are known for their calming properties.

Both the CBD and CBD-free soft chews are flavored. The peanut butter and bacon flavors make dogs and cats will think of them as delicious treats, not medicine.

A Closer Look at Key Differences

The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil The Anxious Pet Calming Soft Chews
Pure organic hemp oil (containing CBD) that comes in a dropper. Soft chew format is more like a treat. Given individually.
Can be given directly into a pet’s mouth or drizzled over food. Given directly, like a treat.
Higher concentration of CBD. Fixed concentration of CBD, lower than hemp oil.
Can adjust amount for precision dosing Fixed dose of CBD in each chew. Dosing not as easily adjusted.
Contains other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, naturally derived from the hemp plant. Does NOT contain other cannabinoids. Instead, soft chews offer a blend of botanicals with healing properties.
No added flavoring. May include added natural flavors—like peanut butter and bacon—to help palatability.

Can Both These Products Be Used Together?

Pet owners often purchase both CBD oil and soft chews for their dogs and cats and use them together.

Some pets get a dose of CBD oil added to meals and soft chews as occasional treats (or training tools with added health and wellness benefits). Since CBD oil must be given with food, pet owners might opt to use the oil at home and use the soft chews for an on-the-go dose.

Dosing recommendations for Anxious Pet products ensure that the amount of cannabidiol in the products will never harm a pet—even when both products are used together.

How to Choose Which CBD Product is Right for Your Pet

Both CBD oil and soft chews are safe, effective options for helping with a range of health and wellness concerns in cats and dogs.

CBD oil is often the preferred product for moderate to severe anxiety. The tincture allows for more precise dosing and the oil is more readily absorbed into the bloodstream (making it more effective) but it requires extra effort to administer: The dose must be measured and given with food, and some pets might object to the taste.

With soft chews, the dose of CBD oil is pre-measured and pets love the flavors. Pets get the benefits of CBD in an easy-to-use format.

The good news: There is no need to choose between a tincture and a chew. The CBD products can be used together, allowing pet owners to choose when their dog or cat might need a higher, more precise dose with an oil or a lower-dose CBD chew that helps take the edge off, leading to healthier, more relaxed dogs and cats.