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Do you need a preheating vape for cbd oil

The Do’s and Don’ts for Marijuana Vape Cartridges

Vape pens are one of the most popular vehicles for marijuana consumption, mostly thanks to their ease of use, simplicity and portability. Here at Sanctuary, we offer our v1 vape battery to consumers looking for a dependable, high-quality power plant for their 510 threaded vape cartridges.

Though using it may seem as straightforward as pressing a button and taking a rip, there are some best practices that can help maximize your experience. We’ll fill you in on what to know about your vape pen and cartridge, where issues might pop up and what you can do to both extend the shelf life of your devices and have a cleaner, smoother vaping experience.

  • Basics: Three settings (low, medium, high) with low/medium as the recommended temps for properly enjoying Sanctuary carts
  • Use: Hit the button, wait half a second, inhale, release a second or two early
  • Hits: Take several smaller, gentler hits on low heat for the best experience and to preserve the flavor of the cart
  • Troubleshooting: Double-tap the battery to initiate the warming function and take several small pulls (no inhalation) to pop clogs

The v1 has three heat settings denoted by different colors– green is low, blue is medium and red is high. To adjust the heat level, press the button three times, and the color will change along with the setting. For the best flavor and oil longevity, we recommend using your v1 on low heat. If you’re looking for larger hits, bump the setting up to medium.

We STRONGLY advise against using the high heat setting for several reasons. The atomizer does not need to be that hot to properly vaporize cannabis oil, and increased temperatures overload the cartridge capacity while leaving your device more prone to clogging. Even if the cartridge doesn’t back up, the oil and atomizer will become charred, diminishing the taste and the overall experience for the life of that cartridge.

We know some of our consumers prefer the huge cloud experience, in which case we recommend dabbing some of our delightful concentrates instead. More draws at medium heat are better for the health of your cartridge, more efficient in terms of how your body absorbs cannabinoids and tastier overall.

Using the Vape

The v1 is button-fired. A press of the button engages the coil, which in turn provides power to the heating coil in the atomizer and vaporizes the cannabis oil inside. For the best experience, hit the button, wait half a second, begin your inhale and release the button a second or two before your hit ends.

You don’t need to press the button multiple times during a draw; the warmed, vaporized oil will be naturally drawn into the chamber once the coil is fired. If you heat the oil without drawing on the vape, you’re charring the product and will lose flavor and vaporization in the rest of the cartridge. Releasing the button before the conclusion of your draw helps cool the atomizer and oil around it, preserving flavor and helping to prevent clogging.

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Taking the Hit

As for techniques, the impulse may be to take a hard pull with lots of suction to get a big hit. However, it’s better to pretend you’re smoking a joint or cigarette when using the vape pen because it doesn’t require that much airflow. As previously discussed, the device is vaporizing and naturally pulling more oil into the chamber at the same time, so it doesn’t require much enthusiasm on the draw to achieve a clean, solid-sized hit. Larger, more aggressive pulls deliver scratchier hits that are harsher on the lungs and heighten the potential for clogging.

For the best experience, we recommend taking several smaller, gentler hits on the low heat setting rather than one monster pull. As if you were hitting a joint, draw the vapor into your mouth using your cheek muscles before inhaling into your lungs. You’ll still be able to get a big, condensed hit because gentle draws are generally longer.

Troubleshooting Clogs

All vape pens are susceptible to clogging, in particular if you are using an excessively high heat setting. Should your cartridge become backed up, there is a warming function built into the v1 device that may help get rid of the blockage. This should only be used to clear clogs; as discussed above, pre-heating the oil is unnecessary and can lead to charring and additional clogging, and it will not result in a bigger hit.

To access the warming function, press the beaker twice in quick succession. That initiates a low-voltage current, which is sent through the atomizer to begin warming up the device. Wait three to five seconds after the double-tap before giving the pen a gentle draw. Don’t inhale the vapors (in and out of your mouth, just like a cigar), but do several more light draws to allow the timer to run itself out over the course of 15 seconds. This should pop the clog and allow you to resume business as usual with your vape.

More severe blockages may require a more involved fix. Often, the solution can be as simple as running a toothpick down and back up the mouthpiece opening of a cartridge to clear oil buildup in the vapor shaft. This should be performed with the cartridge at room temperature (not shortly after a hit while the inside of the cartridge is still hot).

If that does not do the trick, the staff at any of our Sanctuary dispensaries are happy to take a look and answer any other questions you might have about vape batteries, cartridges, issues, troubleshooting and more. With these do’s and don’ts, you should be well on your way to maximizing your marijuana vaping experience, so be sure to check out the vape cartridge menu at your nearest Sanctuary dispensary!

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What Temperature Should I Set My Vape Pen To?

When it comes to batteries, temperature settings aren’t one-size-fits-all. The optimum voltage depends on if it’s wax or oil, how thick the material is, how much material is left and more. To simplify these nuances, we’ve put together our tips for finding the best temperature for your vape sesh while still protecting your battery. Just follow the Ooze rule of thumb: use a lower temperature for oil, and crank up the heat for wax and thick concentrates.

Because our versatile vape pens can be used with different materials, it’s important to make sure you’re setting it up for success. Whether you’re using wax concentrates with an atomizer or pre-filled oil cartridges determines what temperatures you should stay within for everyday use.

For pre-filled oil cartridges, set your pen to 3.3V.

Prefilled 510 thread cartridges require lower temperatures because the material is thinner and easier to heat. We recommend starting at the lowest voltage, 3.3V, and moving up to 3.8V if it’s not giving you enough of a hit. Some oils have a thicker consistency, so just turn the dial incrementally until you get the desired hit. Overall, it’s a good practice to keep your temperature at the lowest setting possible so you don’t burn the delicate coil on the bottom of the cartridge.

For these oil cartridges, repeated use on the highest temperature setting could burn the coil, resulting in nasty-tasting hits. One or two hits on a higher setting won’t damage the pen, so if you want a video with a huge cloud, just remember to turn it back to the lowest setting afterwards!

For dabs (wax), set your pen between 4.0V-4.3V.

Wax is typically thick, so it will take more heat to get it going. Once you load the dab in your atomizer or attachment, set the voltage at 4.0V. Take a hit and expect a big cloud with crystal clear terpene flavors. If you’re really having trouble getting a hit even at 4.0V, turn it up to 4.3V or run one cycle of preheat mode by double-clicking the button. On the other hand, if your dab tastes burnt, dial it back a bit.

Pay attention to your exhale—if you don’t think you got a decent hit, turn the dial up just a notch and try again. If it was uncomfortably large… you know what to do!

Using wax in vape pens can be a bit more of ‘trial and error’ than oil since it’s thicker and the consistency tends to vary. Some forms of wax just need more heat to get them going, so keep this in mind every time you pick up a fresh batch.

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Vape pens are a great alternative to burning CBD or marijuana flower due to their convenience, cleanliness, portability and odorless vapor. If you just need a quick hit, vape pens allow you to get instant relief with a quick press of a button—all without having to grind and pack a piece.

Our Slim Twist pens are designed to require as minimal setup as possible, but adjusting the temperature settings can still make a difference in your experience. Wax users—don’t be afraid to crank the temperature up a few notches. If you use oil or a thinner concentrate, your pen should be good to go right out of the box.

Pro tips for extending battery life

Turn off your battery when you’re not using it.

It’s actually a myth that turning your battery on and off between sessions will drain the battery. The opposite is true! Making sure your battery is fully resting during the hours between hits will improve your overall battery life between charges.

Not only will this preserve your battery so you can wait longer between charges, but it also prevents any accidental firing of the heat source. For example, if you leave the battery turned on and put it in your pocket, there is a chance the button could get accidentally pressed by your wallet or keys. All it takes is one wrong angle!

Use the included USB Smart Charger.

Other USB chargers can easily overcharge your battery, weakening the cells inside over time. This is because other chargers continue to charge the battery, even when the charge is full. If you charge your pen overnight like most, you can easily degrade your battery in just a few months. The Smart Charger automatically stops supplying energy to the battery as soon as it’s fully charged.

Use Preheat Mode sparingly.

Preheat mode runs at a lower voltage than when actually pressing the button down, so only run it if your wax is super thick and clogged, or for a hands-free experience. Double-click the button to run it and take a hit!

Regardless of your chosen material, keep the Ooze rule of thumb in mind when setting up your vape battery. Start low and work your way up if you need to. If you want to create a huge cloud for a video, you can crank the voltage all the way up, but just for a hit or two! Your battery will function optimally for much longer if your default temperature is as low as possible. Do it for the ‘gram every once in a while, but don’t make a habit out of super hot hits because it could hurt your pen’s (and your throat’s) longevity.