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Do you need a prescription for cbd oil in nh

Is CBD Legal in New Hampshire? What You Should Know

New Hampshire participates in a medical marijuana program, but many still wonder, is CBD legal In New Hampshire? The state has yet to fully offer a mandate or directions in regard to the legal status of cannabidiol or CBD. In fact, the state has generally deferred its citizens to federal guidelines. However, much of this changed in 2018 with the introduction of the Farm Bill. CBD products are now much more accessible to residents in New Hampshire.

You may have already noticed that it has become increasingly easy to find a wide variety of CBD products throughout the state. However, authorities have advised businesses that it may not be infused with any drinks or foods.

What Exactly Is CBD?

CBD is the non-intoxicating cannabinoid that is present in cannabis. In other words, it’s not the part of cannabis that gets users “high.” Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the most abundant cannabinoid in the plant, followed by cannabidiol. Research shows that CBD offers a number of therapeutic properties, including seizure-suppressants, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory. CBD can be sourced from a wide variety of hemp and marijuana plants.

CBD’s Legal History

The hemp plant is incapable of producing enough THC to provide intoxication. Yet all forms of cannabis were controlled substances and considered illegal throughout the United States under the Federal Controlled Substance Act of 1970. During this period of time, cannabis was tossed into the Section One category. This meant that it was considered to be a substance that could be easily abused and habit-forming with no possible medical benefits.

However, the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 would legalize the ability to cultivate hemp and begin the process of normalizing hemp and helping to divide it from the Section One category. Hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC while marijuana contains more than 0.3% of THC by weight. Hemp became federally legal in 2018, thus making CBD from hemp legal. However, CBD from the marijuana plant is still an illegal substance. Because hemp is an agricultural commodity, farmers can grow and sell it nationwide.

Food and Drug Administration

Additionally, this bill allows the US Food and Drug Administration to regulate the claims and labels of CBD. Still, the FDA has remained steadfast in keeping CBD out of food and drinks. You also cannot label it as a dietary supplement. Recently, the FDA has begun to reevaluate its stance on a number of CBD products. The FDA has always been strict with products offering any form of health or diet claims. They have released a number of specific guidelines for both manufacturers and businesses alike. They provide rules to proceed in the sale and production of CBD products.

At the time of this writing, the federal legislation is still highly involved in the sale and production of hemp. The Hemp Farming Bill takes things one step further in allowing states to either regulate or prohibit the sale and production of CBD. Additionally, there are a number of states that are much stricter in their regulations than the FDA is.

Is CBD Legal In New Hampshire?

At this time the laws regarding cannabis in New Hampshire tend to be rather simplistic and undeveloped. It is illegal to use marijuana for recreational use, however one can use it legally with a medical marijuana card. That is as far as lawmakers in New Hampshire have taken it with marijuana laws. New Hampshire simply follows federal policy when it comes to CBD. The fact that the US government says CBD is legal is what makes CBD legal in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Liquor Commission stated the legalities of CBD in food and beverage in June 2019. The statement informs businesses that per the FDA mandate, CBD may not be used as an additive in any foods or drinks. A number of New Hampshire businesses voluntarily removed all hemp-derived food and beverages from their shelves.

A large number of CBD products do remain on the market, including the highly popular CBD oil. In June 2019, authorities did state that the standard’s of the FDA would not apply to CBD oil or CBD creams. These are still legal to use and sell throughout the state.

One interesting detail about hemp in The Granite State is that there is a bill stating that growing it is legal. The interesting part of the bill says that growers must be certified by the US government, but there is no such federal program. Typically states regulate hemp agriculture themselves. So technically New Hampshire has made it impossible to farm hemp at this time. The one exception is for research, but only the University of New Hampshire is permitted.

New Hampshire CBD Possession Limits

There is no limit as to how much CBD you may possess or purchase.

However, it should be stated that there are limitations regarding the medical marijuana program in New hampshire. A patient that has a qualifying health condition or concern and has a medical marijuana card is allowed to purchase and use products that contain both THC and CBD. Under the laws of New Hampshire, this individual is allowed to hold up to 2 ounces of medical marijuana at any given time.

Where To Purchase

It is possible to purchase CBD oil and other CBD products at a wide variety of retailers throughout the state. Typical New Hampshire businesses that sell CBD products include gas stations, retail shops, health food stores, as well as specific CBD shops, which can be found all over the state.

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The best way to purchase CBD products, especially in New Hampshire, is online. The best products come from states that are allowed to freely grow hemp and marijuana. Since it is almost impossible to grow hemp in The Granite State, you are better off finding information and products online.

Tanasi is a company that takes all of the guesswork out of your search. They have crafted their hemp extract formulas with the help of years of scientific research. Everything is labeled clearly and all of the appropriate testing has certified the products as safe and effective.

CBD Labels and Packaging

The major CBD retailers that are reputable will label their products with all of the essential information you need to know. Typically, the label should contain most of the information found below:

– Supplement Fact Panel

– Amount of active CBD per serving

– Name of manufacturer

– Isolate, full spectrum, or broad spectrum

– Date or batch code

One of the most important aspects is whether the product is an isolate, full spectrum, or broad spectrum.

A full spectrum CBD product is one that contains all available compounds of the hemp plant. Many people have found that the consumption of full spectrum CBD products leads to better results due to the entourage effect. The entourage effect refers to all of the cannabinoids and terpenes working together to produce the most complete effect possible.

A broad spectrum CBD product will contain both terpenes and CBD, however it has gone through an additional process to strip away any trace amounts of the THC.

Finally, an isolate has gone through extensive procedures to remove every element with the exception of CBD.

Conclusion: Is CBD Legal in New Hampshire?

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the legality of CBD in the Granite State. At this point in our country’s relationship with cannabis, things are rarely clear. Each state has slight variations on cannabis and hemp laws, and New Hampshire’s are somewhat tricky. Because it’s hard to grow, it’s hard to study and create products locally. Luckily, many companies like Tanasi ship high quality hemp extracts anywhere in the US. If you’re in NH and looking to try out some CBD products, look no further than this website. Understand that laws are always changing and it is best to come back to this page often regarding any updates on the legality of CBD and CBD products.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in New Hampshire? Hemp Oil Laws & Legality (2022)

Cannabidiol is becoming extremely popular in the U.S. because of its wide range of health and wellness benefits. In fact, CBD oil is probably one of the most wanted wellness products these days. Thus, we can expect more CBD stores popping up in the states, and New Hampshire is clearly no exception.

If you’re interested in finding the best place to get CBD oil in New Hampshire, the state offers plenty of opportunities for buying top-notch hemp products. In this article, you’ll learn everything about the legal status of both hemp and marijuana in New Hampshire.

Then, we’ll introduce you to the list of the top-rated in-state CBD retailers. Here we go!

Where to Buy CBD Oil in New Hampshire?

Since hemp-derived CBD oil is fully legal all over the U.S., you can find it in many stores across New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is hopping on the bandwagon, offering many CBD stores across the state. However, local retailers may have various standards when it comes to the quality of their products. Plus, their offer may be limited, as the industry is gaining pace and there are more and more new products popping up each week. But there is still hope, you know? Buying CBD oil online – does it ring a bell. Here is everything you need to know before purchasing CBD on the Internet.


Want to get access to an abundance of hemp-based products and the most recommended manufacturers? All you need to do is open your browser and start your online CBD shopping journey.

Speaking of arguments in favor of online shopping, many retailers offer great wholesale deals these days, selling their products at the most affordable prices. When it comes to shopping online, ordering CBD and getting it at home is both easy and convenient. Considering the time you would have spent looking for a trustworthy retailer locally, ordering hemp-based products online is also time-saving.

The question is: how to recognize a good brand on the Internet? Always check the manufacturer’s transparency, whether or not they provide the 3rd lab testing results and if the hemp is utilized with CO2 extraction. Moreover, CBD should be sourced from 100% certified, non-GMO industrial hemp. Once you find a brand meeting these standards, feel free to give it a shot!

Where to Buy CBD in New Hampshire [2022]

Marijuana laws in the United States are slowly becoming less strict. As researchers find more evidence that marijuana can be a treatment for medical conditions, more states are implementing medical marijuana programs. Some states have gone as far as legalizing recreational marijuana use.

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CBD, a chemical compound found in marijuana and hemp, has been shown to reduce the effects of pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures.

The most convenient way of purchasing legal CBD is through a trustworthy online supplier. There are also many ways for you to find CBD in a store near you.

The best place to start your search for CBD in New Hampshire is to familiarize yourself with local marijuana laws.

1. All Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids Legal | Marijuana Medical Use Only

Table of Contents

Buy CBD Oil in New Hampshire

    — Best CBD Oil Overall— Best CBD Gummies— Best CBD Isolate Oil— Best CBD Flower— Best CBD Oil For Dogs

Is CBD Legal in New Hampshire in 2022?

YES! Despite New Hampshire having fairly restrictive marijuana laws, there are many places where you can buy CBD legally.

If you are a medical marijuana patient, one of the best ways to find CBD is to visit your nearest dispensary or discuss your options with your doctor.

If you’re not a medical marijuana patient, don’t worry. You’re legally allowed to purchase industrial hemp CBD in all 50 states.

As a result of the 2014 Farm Bill, industrial hemp became an agricultural commodity rather than a prohibited drug. Previously, it was treated the same as LSD and heroin, and possession would be punished under harsh federal laws.

Now, farmers are legally allowed to produce industrial hemp products, including paper, clothing, food, fuel, and extracts — such as CBD.

Generally, the best way to find high-quality CBD in New Hampshire is to make your purchase online.

But before you dive in and spend your hard-earned cash on CBD, let’s take a look at how you can tell the good stuff from the bad.

How to Find Quality CBD in New Hampshire

The CBD industry is reasonably new and overgrowing; this has led to a significant increase in the number of CBD companies — and not all of them are great.

Doing your research about a company and its products is the best way to save yourself time and money.

A Few Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Shady CBD Companies

  1. Avoid companies that are making outlandish claims about CBD. Although CBD is providing much-needed relief to thousands of Americans, it’s not a miracle drug. Any company that makes these kinds of statements is likely trying to take advantage of uninformed customers and make a quick buck before more regulations are established.
  2. Trustworthy companies will have their products tested by an outside lab. Regardless of what a company claims about its product, there is no better way of making sure that it is legit than getting the CBD tested by a third party. A reputable CBD supplier will be able to produce these reports that show its products match what is advertised.
  3. Buy CBD that is extracted using CO2. CO2 extraction is one of the best methods to make CBD. It doesn’t require any additional chemicals or solvents, which helps keep the CBD as pure as possible. The necessary equipment to do CO2 extraction is expensive and, therefore, shows that the company is committed to quality.
  4. Full-spectrum CBD is generally better than an isolate. Full-spectrum means that the CBD was produced with the entire plant, which captures other beneficial compounds — including terpenes and flavonoids. These other compounds help your body process CBD quickly and efficiently. CBD made with only parts of the plant may not have these compounds.

Are you feeling ready to try CBD for yourself?

Check out our guide below for buying CBD online and in-store!

Online Shops

Buying CBD online is the right way to go. Its almost always less expensive and more convenient than running around trying to find a reliable local supplier — especially if you aren’t a New Hampshire medical marijuana patient.

Over the counter, CBD isn’t usually sold by specialists. If you find CBD locally, it’s generally in vape stores or tobacco shops. They may have limited information about CBD and the best options for your needs. You can find online shops that specialize in CBD and can recommend the exact product you’re looking for.

When you make your purchase online, you’ll be able to quickly compare multiple products and companies with only a few clicks. Locally comparing products is time-consuming and makes it difficult to properly research before you buy.

CBD found in-store costs more than CBD found online. Operating a physical storefront is not cheap, and the prices usually reflect this. Online stores can offer you bulk purchase deals or special offers to get rid of stock.

If you buy online, you open the door to hundreds of different products. Some of the most popular applications for CBD include tinctures, balms, lotions, creams, and edibles. You might even be able to find something for your pets.

If you feel more comfortable heading into a local store and looking at products for yourself, we have made a shortlist of places that should sell CBD in New Hampshire.

Take a look below and see if you can find your city!

Local Stores in New Hampshire

Some of the best places to find CBD locally include vape stores, head shops, and natural health outlets.

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If you have a New Hampshire medical marijuana card, however, skip those and head straight to a dispensary. Dispensaries will have the most knowledgeable staff who can recommend the right product for your needs.

Marijuana in New Hampshire

Currently, marijuana is legal for medicinal use in some circumstances in New Hampshire. Recreational marijuana could end up on the ballot in 2022, so keep an eye out for changes.

Possession Penalties

If caught with less than ¾ of an ounce, you’ll receive a fine of $100. The penalties rise for each of your subsequent offenses. On your fourth offense, it becomes a Class B misdemeanor, and you’ll receive a $1200 fine. Anything over ¾ of an ounce is an automatic misdemeanor with the potential for up to one year in jail and a $350 fine.

These same laws apply to hash and concentrates — less than 5 grams is a civil violation with fines, and over 5 grams is a misdemeanor.

Growing marijuana is illegal and usually viewed as possession with the intent to sell. If caught, you could be charged with a felony and receive seven years in prison and a $100,000 fine.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana became legal in 2013. However, New Hampshire’s laws are some of the most restrictive in the country.

Governor Maggie Hassan signed a bill that allows patients with debilitating or terminal illnesses to purchase marijuana from one of the state’s non-profit dispensaries.

Eligible Terminal or Serious Debilitating Medical Conditions in New Hampshire:

Under this bill, patients may only use medical marijuana when other treatments have failed.

Merely having a severe medical condition is not enough to grant you a medical marijuana card. Your symptoms must be severe enough that traditional medicine is not sufficient.

Any marijuana you possess must be from a state-approved dispensary. Even if you have a New Hampshire medical marijuana card, you still can’t grow weed at home.

Once you’re approved for medical marijuana, you can legally possess up to two ounces of weed.

How do I become a Medical Marijuana Patient in New Hampshire?

If you have one of the above medical conditions, you may be eligible to become a medical marijuana patient.

In addition to having one of the approved medical conditions, you must be a current New Hampshire resident and provide a written certification from your doctor.

You must have a pre-existing relationship of at least three months with your doctor before they can recommend marijuana as a treatment.

As of August 20, 2019, you can get a Written Certification not just from your doctor, but also from physician assistants who are now authorized to recommend the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

You’ll also need to submit a photograph of yourself, a $50 check for the registration fee, and a copy of a New Hampshire ID that shows that you’re a resident.

You can find more information on the state website or by consulting your family doctor.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in New Hampshire in 2022?

Delta 8 THC is legal in New Hampshire, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding it.

Some states are shutting down access to it as questions over its legality come up. For now, you can enjoy it, whether you use it recreationally or for medical purposes.

It’s similarities to delta 9 THC make it a popular go-to for many things like pain and nausea. Of course, it also causes a high — just one more reason to love this cannabinoid.

How to Buy Delta 8 THC

If you’re shopping locally, look in vape shops and other places that sell CBD. Just be prepared for high prices. These places rarely test (or have proof of) the quality of the delta 8, making it a risky route to go.

Reputable online shops will make the third-party tests available so you can be sure what’s in the D8. Not only that, but the prices are usually better and the selection can’t be beat. By shopping online, you have access to almost everything D8-related.

However, even the online market is flooded with companies. While most are okay, you don’t want to waste your money on “decent” delta 8. At least, not when there’s stuff out there that will knock your socks off.

These vendors don’t mess around when it comes to delta 8. You can know you’re buying the best if you stick with them.

If you shop local, make sure you’re careful.

Recommended CBD Retailers in New Hampshire




All of these stores listed should have helpful employees who can point you in the direction of a local CBD source.

If you don’t see your city here, try your local vape shop as a starting point. If all else fails, an online supplier can send CBD to your door within a few business days.

Final Notes on Buying CBD in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is slowly making progress with its marijuana laws. For the time being, medical marijuana is approved for use by certain people in particular circumstances.

If you are waiting for the day that New Hampshire legalizes recreational marijuana use, maybe it’ll happen soon. In the meantime, head over to either Maine or Massachusetts for your needs.

You should be able to find industrial hemp CBD reasonably easily over the counter, but be sure you do your research before buying.

As always, we recommend buying CBD online to save yourself time and money.