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Get a CBD free trial of MONTKUSH CBD Rosin Oil. 3ML of pure organic CBD goodness. Learn more about this premium CBD tincture trial. No catch just free CBD. I know many of you are interested in CBD products. Right now, Erth hemp is giving away some of their CBD products for FREE if you pay the shipping OF $4.19.


Your first bottle of premium-quality Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is completely free with the price of shipping, no monthly charges, or having to cancel subscriptions. Just free CBD! Experience the MONTKUSH Farms difference and taste the magic of our rosin yourself! It’s the same CBD Hemp Oil we use in our full-sized bottles. We only have a limited amount of free samples available, so hurry and get your free trial today!

USDA Organic CBD Rosin

From Organic Hemp

Lab Tested

Made in USA

As Featured In

Founded with Love

Why the OxiClean Guy made MONTKUSH

OxiClean Guy aka Anthony “Sully” Sullivan founded MONTKUSH for his daughter, Devon who was born with a genetic disorder. When she was prescribed an anti-seizure medication that dulled her vibrant personality, Sully made it his mission to find an alternative. CBD helped significantly. He took it upon himself to create the most natural & pure CBD he could, ensureing his daughter had quality product. Sully’s dire need to help Devon, has not only helped her, but many others in the process.

Experience The Difference

CBD Rosin Oil

Our hemp extract is made from our unique way of freshly squeezing the plant with NO chemicals. By gently pressing the flower, it produces a pure liquid rosin with all the necessary parts of the plant for the wellness benefits.


At MONTKUSH, our rosin is made from squeezing the hemp flower without using any chemicals. In doing so, we retain every active ingredient to increase the benefits.


At MONTKUSH, we don’t take shortcuts. Unlike some hemp brands, we use the entire flower, which produces rosin containing all the components working together for a FULL spectrum profile.


*Just pay for shipping and handling.




Our hemp oil is created from organically grown hemp flowers on our own farms.

All of our products have been tested by third-party labs to meet FDA standards for hemp oil.


We prioritize customer confidence and the best experience with our products.

The Same Organic Goodness as our Max Strength CBD Oil.

Don’t let the size of the bottle fool you! This CBD Free Trial is the same CBD oil we use in our $99 1000mg Natural CBD oil; the sample is just one-tenth of the size. That means you get the same organic goodness found in our popular full-strength CBD oils for FREE. That is right, FREE; your first try is on us! Order now for your FREE CBD; cover the cost of stress-free tracked shipping!

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Max Strength CBD

Lab Tested for Quality

MONTKUSH Organic CBD Rosin

Free! Just Pay Shipping

The Word Is Out

“I’ve been taking MONTKUSH CBD oil for months now & I love it! Thanks for a great product which is now part of my daily supplements.”

Reviews from Verified Buyers

I think they are the best I have found.

Very good, feels pure, no negative taste.

I love this oil! I sleep so much better at night.

So thankful for this product in treating my trigeminal neuralgia.

My first experience with CBD oil! And I am thrilled with the results.

I am a CBD-A user but was so happy to receive the sample of CBD! I kerp the little bottle in purse a .
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Very good product, will continue to purchase

I took this CBD oil along with CBDA oil. They work exceptionally well together. I highly recommend t .
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I am using it to help with pain and relaxation! I don’t know what to expect but feel less stressful! .
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The taste is good also. I did not get free shipping and was disappointed but I didn’t know it was a different website.
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Best CBD out there

I think it has good full spectrum activity. I’m also mixing it with another CBD oil to ensure I’m g .
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Amazing! Relaxing, clear, and non violent. Very soothing for PTSD and pain. Gentle and safe CBD.

awesome flavor authentic product! MONTKUSH is the organic way! you guys have got it going! keep the .
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This oil is awesome

This CBD works awesome.

We have been using MontKush products for 3-4 weeks and are satisfied and repeat customers. I have b .
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een using the 1000mg CBD oil which I add to my tea at breakfast daily. I have noticed a reduction in the lower back pain that I have lived with for many years.
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it made such a big difference thanks so much guys

I was genuinely impressed by the effects and will consider purchasing full sized bottles in the futu .
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My daughter has autism and this product works wonders for her and for her anxiety. I like the method .
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in which this CBD is produced. The best part is this company helps to support those with disabilities and that is what has my support. Thank you keep up the good work!!
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Haven’t done enough of this one but just put in an order and my hopes are that it will be a great be .
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I’m really impressed with this product! It really helped with my pain. I’ll definitely be purchasing .
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Again, the absolute BEST CBD we’ve found and tried a lot of brands.

I am very happy with your product so far and hope to continue with the quality. However, can we do s .
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Helps with my pain and mental well-being! I take half a dropper twice a day. If I’m do all kinds of .
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Helps my daughter’s anxiety.

The CBD was very helpful with my pain and my anxiety problems that I have. I was very pleased. Thank .
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This stuff worked so well for me I should e made my review earlier but I can say I have ordered from .
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I don’t remember when the last time seizures visited me. It’s been so long with this buy product. It .
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I’m really enjoying my CBD.

Helped me relax at bedtime

I love it! Definitely works for me. Great absorption and natural flavor is palatable with full spect .
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Great product. Very ‘clean’ feeling. A little bit goes a long way.

It was a tasteless and a calm feeling

Enjoying my cbd oil. It’s helpful with my joint issues. It’s also keeping me healthy!

Ive never slept so good!

One dose of Raw CBD 1000mg helps my wife sleep through the night.
Thanks Anthony & Josh

I was having difficulties choosing which CBD oil to purchase as there are so many to choose from and .
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I was afraid of buying a sub standard product. After watching Kings of Kush I decided to purchase their brand as I was able to witness their process first hand. I am pleased with the early results. My daughter’s are sleeping better already and I am anxious to see how it will help with their anxiety.
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I’ve bought other cbd but this is the best one I’ve had wish it had more thc in it but in Indiana no .
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Best I’ve tried, very happy w/the whole experience

Since taking this, my sleep is improved, I’m more calm, and I’m starting to feel a loss of impotence .
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Works well! I can now get to sleep and even go through my day without intrusive stressful thoughts a .
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I was pleased. I decided to order a bottle to get a better idea of this products potential. I am us .
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I enjoy the products I’m using from Montkush. My sleep has improved greatly and I feel they are help .
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I got the natural CBD Oil for my husband to try to see if he liked the mint or the natural better. .
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tastes good and helps me sleep

Better than what I presently use.

everything went very easy form order to receiving.

This product was received in a timely manner and I really like the effects experienced. I would reco .
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Great tasting full spectrum,

I’m on my second bottle as I waited a month to leave my review! I’m sleeping 100% better on this!! I .
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love that it also helps with many aches and pains during any day! This has changed my life for the better!
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As a Cannabis regular I know the benefits of of the Cannabis plant. I’ve tried CBD in the past but w .
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asn’t impressed. After watching Anthony Sullivan & his BFF Dave create an organic CBD farm from nothing & doing it in VT (my State Neighbor) made it even better. What really sold me on their CBD was the testing they did at the end of the season, the pure CBDA was a game changer. It wasn’t until I received my trial that I found out how truly impressive Montkush Full Spectrum CBD is. I HAD to get more. Being a disabled Veteran & not able to work I found Montkush CBD to offer me Amazing Results. No more aches & pains, no more sore muscles, no more feeling tired & on & on.
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Tried MANY brands. This has been the best I have ever taken. I suffer from a lot of pain and do trea .
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t without pharmaceuticals and have searched for the one that helps ME. Every one is different BUT I absolutely will be ordering either drops or the new capsules. Thank you for your continued fight for not only Devon, but for those of us who suffer in seclusion. Highly recommend!
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I was hoping it would help with my pain but it didn’t. It did put me to sleep & I only took 1/2 drop .
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FREE Erth Hemp CBD Product (Just Pay Shipping)

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I know many of you are interested in CBD products. Right now, Erth hemp is giving away some of their CBD products for FREE if you pay the shipping OF $4.19. Just answer their brief questionnaire and you will receive an email with a coupon code good towards one of their current available sample sizes (Valued at up to $17.99).


  • 1000mg VAPE – 4ml Sample of our 1000mg Strength (34mg Per serving x 4 servings) Valued at $15.99
  • 1000mg TINCTURE – 4ml Sample of our 1000mg Strength (34mg Per serving x 4 servings) Valued at $17.99
  • 250mg PET DROPS – 4ml Sample of our 250mg Strength (8mg Per serving x 4 servings) Valued at $7.99
  • 25mg SOFTGELS – 4 Softgels (25mg Per serving x 4 servings) Valued at $12.99

To use, select the product you are most interested in. Choose the sample size option in the drop down. Click Add to Cart. Click Checkout. Scroll down to “Discount Code” Enter the code from your email and click apply.