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Hemp oil vs cbd oil for dog relaxation

Hemp oil vs cbd oil for dog relaxation

By Christian Velitchkov
December 30, 2020

The hemp plant offers a diverse array of fantastic wellness and medicinal properties that can be great for dogs. If you are new to CBD and hemp, you may be unfamiliar with the unique properties of each. CBD and hemp products’ fascinating landscape may feel daunting, and you may not know where to begin. There are plenty of questions you may be curious about: What is Cannabis? Does hemp oil have the same effects as CBD oil? Is CBD the same thing as hemp? What’s the difference? This article will delve into all of your pressing questions about CBD and hemp and discuss whether CBD oil or hemp oil is best for dogs.

Differences Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil

While CBD oil does originate from the hemp plant, it’s classified differently from hemp oil. “Hemp oil” refers to oil that is pressed out of hemp seeds, while CBD oil is pressed from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant. Essentially, while both CBD oil and hemp seed oil are made out of the hemp plant, they come from different parts of the plant and offer other properties. Generally speaking, it’s a safe assumption when shopping for hemp oil that any oil with the “hemp oil” label is hemp seed oil. However, it’s always best to do some research and be sure of what you’re buying because there are situations where manufacturers list CBD oil as “hemp oil” on Amazon to work around the site’s CBD ban.

The cannabis plant is in the “hemp” family, but while CBD oil by definition comes from hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC, cannabis features a THC concentration of 0.4% or higher. The hemp oil you buy for your dog generally consists of 100% hemp seed oil. On the other hand, CBD oil often contains carrier oil to dilute it for a more pleasant experience. Our Dope Dog Salmon Dope Dropper, for example, features salmon oil as a carrier for a tasty treat packed with the added benefits of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil For Your Dog

There are many benefits to human beings taking hemp seed oil, and those same benefits translate beautifully to your furry best friend. Some major advantages of giving your dog hemp seed oil include:

Treating Skin Allergies

Hemp seed oil can be an effective treatment for a wide range of skin conditions and allergies. The fatty acid profile in hemp oil helps to soothe your pup’s skin and fortify it against any nutritional or environmental deficiencies. In 2005, the Journal of Dermatological Treatments published a study reporting the benefits of ingesting hemp seed oil. According to the study, taking hemp seed oil regularly can significantly relieve those suffering from atopic dermatitis.

Improving Your Dog’s Coat, Skin, And Joints

Not only is hemp seed oil fantastic for treating your dog’s skin conditions and allergies, but it is also great for your dog’s skin, coat, and joints. Hemp seed oil is a natural, highly concentrated source of healthy fats like Omega 3 and Omega 6, which help dogs develop a healthier coat. Most people know about the benefits of adding healthy fatty acids and Omega oils to their diet, but they may not know that these dietary supplements are also great for dogs and that hemp seed oil is a fantastic natural source.

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Your Dog

CBD oil also offers an array of benefits for your dog. Here are some of the benefits of giving your dog CBD oil:

It Fights Inflammation

Just like humans and most other mammals, dogs also have an endocannabinoid system in their body that works in conjunction with their nervous system. This means that dogs can get the same benefits from CBD as humans can! While research in this field is still in the preliminary stages, scientists are reasonably sure dogs should access all of the same benefits from CBD as humans since they have the same endocannabinoid system and thus interact with CBD the same way. The anti-inflammatory effect CBD offers is probably the most significant benefit you can give your dog from feeding them CBD oil. Often, dog owners have to go to the vet to get anti-inflammatory prescriptions to treat their pets because NSAIDs like aspirin or Tylenol are explicitly formulated for humans and are toxic to dogs. CBD oil offers the benefit of being an all-natural, totally safe alternative to standard pharmaceutical drugs. When you give your furry family member Dope Dog CBD oil, you have absolute peace of mind you’re not feeding them any artificial chemicals.

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It Calms Them Down

Even though CBD doesn’t offer the psychoactive effects of marijuana, many people report experiencing a more calm mindset, along with a reduction in their anxiety levels. These effects are especially significant in regular users who take CBD over a prolonged period. While further research in this realm is necessary, anecdotal research seems to back up this benefit of CBD. Many Dope Dog customers say that their dogs get much calmer and less anxious after using CBD. A 2019 study released by the Canadian Veterinary Journal found that dog owners who regularly dose their dogs with CBD report equally, if not more, effective results than conventional medications when treating canine restlessness, discomfort, or anxiety.

Is Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil Best For My Dog?

Whether you decide to give your dog hemp oil or CBD oil all depends on the results you’re looking for. As we discussed above, CBD is a cannabinoid made from stalks, flowers, and hemp plant leaves. CBD is not psychoactive and boasts a wide array of health benefits, such as controlling anxiety and pain relief (particularly from inflammatory conditions like arthritis). Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil is also not psychoactive but offers a diverse array of terpenes and cannabinoids, which provide further health benefits.

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Hemp oil pressed from hemp plant seeds is a healthy source of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, an essential component of a balanced diet. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help lower inflammation and give your dog healthier skin and a shinier coat. However, hemp oil doesn’t contain cannabinoids, which are what offer the most medicinal effects. It’s ultimately up to you- but CBD oil will give you more tangible benefits with appetite restoration, anxiety, and stress relief, and helping with inflammation-related diseases.

Can I Buy Other Products That Incorporate CBD Oil?

If you enjoy the idea of giving your dog CBD but are nervous about not giving them the right dose, you can always try giving your dog CBD treats, like our Peanut Butter CBD Calming Dog Treats. Topical products like our Oatmeal Lavender CBD Dog Shampoo are also great for healing hot spots and skin irritation. If giving your dog CBD oil directly isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of other options to look into.

How Safe Is Hemp Oil For Dogs?

As long as you only give your dog THC-free products (or products with less than 0.3% THC, like all of our CBD products), both hemp oil and CBD oil is safe for dogs. CBD oil has very few possible side effects, unlike strong painkillers and anxiety medications. This means that little can go wrong, even if you give your dog too much. Giving your dog too much CBD oil can make them extraordinarily sluggish and take a long nap, but it will wear off quickly with zero long-term problems. On the other hand, overdosing your dog on tramadol or Xanax is potentially fatal. Hemp seed oil is even safer than CBD oil and has no reported adverse effects, although giving your dog a large dose could result in diarrhea. Fortunately, our CBD products for dogs come in convenient dosing forms, making them difficult to overdose on.

Dope Dog Offers A Range Of CBD Products

Many dog owners are curious about the idea of giving their dogs CBD but are daunted by the dosing process. If you’re in that boat, try our CBD treats, like our Sweet Potato CBD Calming Dog Treats. Topical products like our CBD Bath Kit are also a great way to incorporate CBD into your dog’s routine and heal skin irritation.

Now that you know more about what hemp oil and CBD oil can do for your dog, purchasing the right product for your furry friend should be a cinch. Dope Dog offers a full range of CBD products made with simple, all-natural ingredients. Order CBD oil, dog treats, and more for your dog!

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Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Dogs: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been keeping up with trends in pet health, then you’re probably already aware that hemp and CBD oils are some of the hottest products right now.

These products have been claimed to do everything from calming an anxious pup to helping older dogs with joint and mobility issues. However, if you’re not familiar with them or how they work, it’s easy to get confused when deciding which to buy.

The biggest question, of course, is whether there’s a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, and if so, what that difference is.

In this brief guide, we’ll give you an overview of both products, so you can decide which one to purchase for your pup.

What’s the Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

Both products are derived from the hemp plant, so it’s easy to assume that they’re the same thing. That assumption would be erroneous, however.

Hemp oil is usually made from hemp seeds, whereas CBD oil is made from the rest of the plant (the flowers, stalks, and leaves).

While they both come from the same plant, they have different properties and are best used for different things.

Generally speaking, hemp oil is more of a nutritional supplement, as it’s loaded with important antioxidants. CBD oil, on the other hand, is used for medicinal purposes.

It’s important to note that many online platforms (such as Amazon) don’t allow the sale of CBD oil, so you may find manufacturers selling CBD oil but labeling it as hemp oil. Always check the label to see where the oil came from so you know for sure what you’re getting.

Image Credit: Erin_Hinterland, Pixabay

The Importance of Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are compounds that are found in the Cannabis sativa plant. The most well-known cannabinoid is THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects triggered by marijuana use.

THC isn’t found in either hemp or CBD oil, so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting stoned. However, there are 65 other cannabinoids found in hemp, including one known as cannabidiol, or CBD.

All vertebrates have receptors throughout their bodies for producing and receiving cannabinoids. Many are found in the brain, where they help with memory and motor functions, while others boost your immune system and the production of bone marrow cells.

When you ingest cannabinoids, they can inhibit the release of neurotransmitters responsible for releasing certain chemicals, such as stress hormones or pain signals. This is why cannabinoids like CBD are now being explored for their abilities to treat pain and other issues in pets and humans alike.

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Cannabinoids are only found in the resin of the plant, so you won’t find it in the seeds; it’s only present in the stalk, leaves, and flowers. As a result, this makes hemp oil and CBD oil extremely different in how they interact with your body.

Overview of Hemp Oil

While hemp oil may not offer any of the major medicinal benefits that CBD oil is famous for, that doesn’t mean it’s without merit on its own. In fact, it’s one of the most antioxidant-rich substances on the planet.

Hemp oil is chock-full of omega fatty acids, which can be used for everything from improving brain function to fighting off inflammation. If you’ve ever heard that fish is good for you, it’s largely due to the omega fatty acids, and hemp oil has them in spades.

As a result, hemp oil may be able to help with certain medical issues, such as skin conditions, arthritis, and lowering cholesterol, but its effects are going to be less visible and dramatic than those you’d find with CBD oil.

That being said, hemp oil will make your dog healthier overall, which is never a bad thing. There aren’t really any downsides to giving your dog hemp oil, but it’s important to know that you won’t see an immediate difference like you would with cannabinoid-rich CBD oil.

When Should You Give Your Dog Hemp Oil?

There’s really no bad time to start giving your dog hemp oil; dogs of any age will benefit from the antioxidant-rich oil.

Younger puppies can benefit from it, as omega fatty acids are important for proper brain and eye development. It will also help their immune systems become as powerful as possible.

If you’re giving it to an adult dog, treat it as more of a preventative measure than anything else. Hemp oil can stave off issues like heart disease and dementia, so you can’t go wrong adding it to your dog’s chow.

Once your pup becomes a senior animal, hemp oil becomes even more important for keeping their brain, heart, and immune system functioning properly. The anti-inflammatory properties will be helpful too, but you may still need to give your dog a pain reliever as well.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil for Dogs

What’s the difference between hemp oil vs. CBD oil for dogs? We’ve been wondering that for quite a while. Many sources use these interchangeably, which makes it confusing. So let’s investigate further.

Hemp and CBD oils come with a bag of health benefits — they’re excellent for your pup’s nervous system, fur, and heart. Plus, the oils are rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, complementing your dog’s diet perfectly.

So if both oils support your pup’s overall health, which one should you choose and when?

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil for Dogs

It’s almost impossible for pet parents not to hear about hemp and CBD for dogs at least once a week. These holistic and natural oils have conquered the world in the past few years. Thousands of customers share amazing stories of how these products improved the health of their doggies.

But is hemp oil the same as CBD? And if not, what’s the difference? Let’s clear things up.

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is extracted from the cannabis plant’s seeds. Your first association might be marijuana, which worries some, but don’t fret. While these plants are the same species, they differ fundamentally in THC content.

THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that makes you high. Hemp oil doesn’t contain much of it, so consuming it won’t make you or your dog potheads.

If you compare hemp oil vs. CBD oil, you’ll find that the latter contains less than 0.3% THC, while hemp has almost none. So, you’re safe to try both. They’re legal (at least in the US) and won’t do you any harm.

What Is CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound in the cannabis plant. It comes in a dry powder form, which companies usually dissolve into a carrier oil for better digestion.

Scientists have been exploring CBD’s benefits for years, but research still isn’t enough to know whether or not the advantages are significant.

Still, CBD oil is a favorite to many. Its fans claim the oil relieves anxiety, stress, and depression, speeds up wound recovery, and even treats arthritis. And these are only a few of the CBD oil benefits for dogs.

So, is hemp oil the same as CBD? Nope, not really.

While both oils come from the same plant, they’re extracted from different parts. Hemp oil comes from the seeds, and CBD might come from stems, leaves, and flowers. What’s more, hemp oil doesn’t necessarily contain CBD, and CBD doesn’t necessarily have to contain hemp oil.

Types of CBD Oil for Pets

You can buy several types of CBD oil for your puppy. But whether or not you chose it to be dissolved into hemp seed oil for dogs or another carrier oil isn’t of huge importance as long as the carrier is dog-friendly.

So what are the CBD oil types?


Cannabis is rich in cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, terpenes, and flavonoids — all acting together in a mechanism called the entourage effect. When extracting CBD from the plant, the best option is to get as much of the other health-boosting compounds as possible. They’re all beneficial for your health.

And that’s what full-spectrum CBD hemp oil for pets does. It takes the CBD from cannabis and all other cannabinoids (including tiny quantities of THC present in the plant).

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The broad-spectrum CBD oil is another excellent option for your pup. While it doesn’t include all of the beneficial compounds, it still comes with some cannabinoids, most often CBC and CBG. That’s usually achieved by extracting the CBD and infusing it with other pre-extracted compounds to the desired proportions.

One company that does that is Paw CBD. It prides itself on its Superior Broad Spectrum formula. According to many Paw CBD reviews, its CBD oils help pets recover from stressful situations, decrease anxiety, and improve the overall life quality.


When comparing hemp oil vs. CBD oil for dogs, we must consider the available CBD oil variations on the market.

The last type of CBD oil is the CBD isolate or the so-called pure CBD. It consists of only the carrier oil and cannabidiol extract. While it’s still a fantastic tool for decreasing anxiety, it simply doesn’t contain all other helpful ingredients.

That said, it’s usually cheaper. So if you’re new to CBD and want to give it a try — you can safely start with this one.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD — When to use Which?

Both hemp and CBD oils have amazing health benefits. While different, they’re often mixed for a better result. But if you have to choose only one, what’s the best option for your case?

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil for Dogs With Cancer

Hemp oil is rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). These compounds make it a perfect supplement for healthy skin and fur for our lovely doggies. Also, they lower the “bad” cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Even though it’s healthy and beneficial, hemp oil isn’t the best option for cancer. So if you have to choose between hemp oil vs. CBD oil for dogs, know that your pup will benefit much more from the latter.

While it’s definitely not a cure for cancer, CBD can support anti-tumor medications and provide pain relief. Besides, it can help your dog’s immune system and decrease inflammation. But please, never stop your dog’s prescription meds in favor of CBD without talking to your vet.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil for Dog Seizures

One study, made in 2019, revealed that CBD could significantly decrease seizures in dogs suffering from epilepsy. The study also correlated the CBD in the blood plasma of the participation dogs with the reduction in seizure frequency.

So CBD oil for dog seizures is definitely the winner in the hemp seed oil vs. CBD tournament this time.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil for Dogs Anxiety

Many dog owners who’ve used CBD for pets report decreased anxiety and stress. While hemp oil is also said to have some calming effects on the central nervous system, in many cases, it’s not strong enough to calm down a dog.

But choosing between hemp oil vs. CBD oil for anxiety also depends on your dog’s state. If it’s experiencing anxiety on rare occasions, you can go for hemp oil. In contrast, if it’s frequently stressed out and anxious, perhaps CBD is the better option.

Overall Health Supplementation — Hemp vs. CBD

One difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is that hemp oil contains little to no CBD or other cannabinoids. In contrast, it’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B and D, and Gamma Linolenic acid (GLA).

These hemp oil compounds make it an excellent supplement for daily use. So if your dog isn’t suffering from anything particular, and you simply want to take care of its health proactively, go for the hemp oil for dogs.

Is Hemp Oil or CBD Oil Better for Dogs?

While both are fantastic for your pooch, it depends on what effects you’re looking for.

If your doggy is fine, but you’d like to boost its health a bit and take care of its skin and fur, hemp oil can become your best friend. In contrast, if your pup is nervous, stressed out, anxious, or in pain — go for CBD oil.

The only problem you might face if you want to introduce your pet to CBD oil is that not all dogs enjoy the taste. But don’t worry. You’ll find dozens of CBD pet products on the market. So why don’t you try some of the best CBD treats for dogs?


There are numerous benefits of hemp and CBD oil for dogs — from shinier fur to less anxiety, pain relief, and even decreased seizures. Both oils provide excellent support for your fur baby. But when it comes to specific needs — which one is better?

Hemp oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. So it’s a fantastic everyday supplement that will support your dog’s skin and lower the “bad” cholesterol.

In contrast, if your pup is suffering from stress, anxiety, allergies, or pain, the best supplement option is CBD oil. So if you have problems deciding between hemp oil vs. CBD oil for dogs, think about what you want to achieve.

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