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How to petition for cbd oil

NPA submits citizen’s petition demanding resolution on CBD issue

The Natural Products Association has filed a citizen’s petition calling for FDA to either rule that CBD is a legal dietary ingredient or to make a rule allowing enforcement discretion on the substance.

The petition is based on information presented to the US Food and Drug Administration in a meeting that the firm cbdMD had with the Agency. The petition states that FDA has hamstrung itself in its evaluation of CBD by declining to review existing safety data on the substance.

Review of existing safety information has languished

This results from a chicken and egg question that has plagued the regulatory resolution of the CBD issue from the opening of the market, which can be traced to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, though state initiatives had opened some doors even before then.

In that time, FDA has taken the position that CBD is not a legal dietary ingredient because of its prior investigation as a drug. The Agency states that it has received no credible information that CBD containing products were on the market prior the 1994 grandfather date in DSHEA, which would make CBD an Old Dietary Ingredient, and thus not subject to the prior drug development provision.

That being the case, safety information submitted via NDI Notifications has not been reviewed in good faith by the Agency, in NPA’s and cbdMD’s view, because CBD would be disqualified in any event from being a legal dietary ingredient.

CbdMD claims that is has a significant amount of safety information developed at its own expense. The citizen’s petition claims the company has spend $1 million developing that safety substantiation. The company said it has an NDI Notification dossier ready to go, but doesn’t plan to submit it if the process is doomed from the start. Not only would it be futile, but it could expose the company to having some of its confidential data revealed to no good end.

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Petition Make Cannabis Oil (THC & CBD) Legal and Available on the NHS in the UK

To help combat diseases such as cancer, MS, epilepsy and other debilitating and life threatening diseases.

Cannabis oil has been scientifically proven over and over again to help combat side effects and help battle the diseases stated above, and many more conditions.

We are asking for a MEDICAL marijuana program, people will get a prescription from a doctor who qualify as a patient. Cannabis oil has been vital to a lot of successful recovery stories and there have been many instances of medical ‘miracles’ achieved by patients using this plant.

From combating the nausea from chemo to helping epilepsy patients have a fit free day the evidence is there and lots of it, who is anyone to deny these patients the treatment they want.

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  • Date closed 4 September 2016
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