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Ohio doctors licensed for cbd oil in springfield ohio

Ohio Med Marijuana Doctors List
[Updated May ’22]

As of May, 2022, there are over 292 doctors in Ohio certified to recommend medical marijuana that have completed the required training in accord with state law. These doctors recommend medical marijuana to patients with a qualifying condition that allow access to legal cannabis products.

Not all are currently recommending patients for their Ohio Medical Cards and many are out of state. Currently, doctors are using Marijuana Card Telemedicine to conduct online consults.

All Certified Doctors Licensed To Recommend Cannabis in Ohio

With the Ohio Patient Registry online, Ohio medical marijuana doctors are ready to see patients. Contact one of the doctors on the list, find them on the certified doctor clinics map here. You can also sign up here for an OH Medcard and we will attempt to locate a doctor for you.

Active Certified Ohio Med Marijuana Doctors List By City

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Dr Roman Ringel (Summit Releaf) – 330-926-6882

Dr Frederick Slezak – 330-564-0728

Dr Imber Coppinger – 740-592-4229

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Green Medicine
34970 Detroit Rd. Unit 106

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Dr David Whitt – 614.573.1814

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Green Compassion Network
6657 Frank Ave. NW

John Benedict MD
7297 Brixton Lane

Dr Christopher South – 513-936-0700

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Dr Abdulkader Kasabji – 207-973-7000

George Muenster, DO – MyChoice Medical Clinic

14525 N. Cheshire St, Burton, OH – 440.273.8093

Dr. Todd Rafferty – Lakewood Medical Clinic – 440.809.8450

Dr Sachida Manocha – 614-262-7246

Stephen Canowitz – 140 Mill St., Ste B – 614.944.9029

Releaf Health Clinic
850 King Ave. Suite B

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Paul Conover, MD – 3080 Ackerman Blvd. Ste 205, Kettering, OH – 614.442.0702

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

David A Zainey MD – 937-874-5766

Dr Christian Jacobus – 419-423-5351

Gallipolis Chiropractic Center
990 Second Ave.

Dr Trent Austin – 620 Ring Road – 513.845.4558

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Dr Charles Thurston & Dr Harold Edmiston – 419-237-7119

Dr Michael Stretanski – 419-522-1100

Dr Mark Woyshville – 440-234-5700

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Dr Bradley Herpolsheimer – 614-933-9100

Dr Jeffrey Haggenjos – 740-343-4447

Dr Nicholas Varrati – 330-339-9211

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Northeast Ohio Center for Pain Management
60 S Pleasant Street – Suite B

Dr Rolf Brunckhorst – 513-523-1844

Dr Adam Hadaya – Zip Code: 44077 – 440-306-3200

Dr John Paul – Zip Code: 44077 – 440-352-0719

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

6681 RIDGE RD, SUITE 204

Dr Michael Madison – Zip Code: 44460 – 330-337-7316

Dr Daljeet Singh – Zip Code: 45504 – 888-649-4800

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

William B Wolfe
3860 Klein Ave

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Dr Mark Neumann – Zip Code: 48144 – 419-474-4700

Dr Arshad Husain – Zip Code: 43612 – 419-725-6290

Dr Sarah Milliron – Zip Code: 43613 – 419-841-7701

Ohio Green Team – Zip Code: 43221 – 614-639-0257

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Dr Hyo Kim – Zip Code: 44122 – 330-856-3355

Dr Holly Maggiano – Zip Code: 44484 – 330-856-5003

Dr David Ellison – Zip Code: 45069 – 513-847-6564

David M Fallat, MD – 8108 Beckett Center Drive – 513.939.4008

Dr George Calloway – Zip Code: 43081 – 614-891-7878

Dr Aziza Wahby – Zip Code: 44145 – 440-588-8005

Dr Nelson D’Silva – Zip Code: 44145 – 440-895-5076

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Dr Inna Krasnyansky – Zip Code: 44108 – 440-946-4662

Dr Patrick Tessman – Zip Code: 44094 – 440-946-1200

Duber Medical – Get Started Now

Dr Theresa Hom
1000 High St – Suite I
Worthington, OH 43085

Dr Edan Gilat – Zip Code: 43085 – 614-785-1115

Dr Andrew Espenlaub & Dr Erin Remster – Zip Code: 43701 – 740-455-4925

Other Certified Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors List By City

Dr Adel Zaraa – Zip Code: 44313
Dr Samer Narouze – Zip Code: 44333
Dr Frank Kousaie – Zip Code: 44303
Dr Richard Pitt – Zip Code: 44310

Dr Ann Dorobek – Zip Code: 44001

Dr John Ortman – Zip Code: 45701
Dr Peter Howison – Zip Code: 45701
Dr Chad Bigony – Zip Code: 45701
Dr Carl Ortman – Zip Code: 45701

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Dr Mohammed Ahmad – Zip Code: 44011

Dr Heidi Lencoski – Zip Code: 44012
Dr Cynthia Dietrich – Zip Code: 44012
Dr Jayantilal Bhimani – Zip Code: 44012

Dr Trent Austin – Zip Code: 47006

Dr Andrew Luxenberg – Zip Code: 44122

Dr Srinivas Erragolla – Zip Code: 45430
Dr Kathleen Glover – Zip Code: 45324
Dr Suzanne Croteau – Zip Code: 45385

Dr Paul Kolodzik – Zip Code: 45305

Dr Peter Foss – Zip Code: 43209

Dr Christal Rousseau – Zip Code: 45242

Dr Robert Roerich – Zip Code: 44512
Dr Vincent Paolone – Zip Code: 44512

Dr Rajbir Bajwa – Zip Code: 45306

Dr Peter Fragatos – Zip Code: 44141
Dr Daniel Gembus – Zip Code: 44141

Dr Richard Pine – Zip Code: 44147

Dr Ronald Yendrek – Zip Code: 44403

Dr Cynthia Caja – Zip Code: 43506

Dr Kathleen Padgitt – Zip Code: 44406
Dr Rajendra Koirala – Zip Code: 44406
Dr Matthew Eggleston – Zip Code: 44406

Dr Mark Pellegrino – Zip Code: 44708
Dr Fredrick Hayek – Zip Code: 44735
Dr Jamesetta Lewis – Zip Code: 44718
Dr Melanie Duhamel – Zip Code: 44709

Dr Richard Kim – Zip Code: 45459

Dr Charles Barrett – Zip Code: 44023

Dr Marvin Lucas – Zip Code: 45236
Dr James Bingham – Zip Code: 45219
Dr Shayla Pullen – Zip Code: 45215
Dr Newton Bullard – Zip Code: 45255
Dr Zeeshan Tayeb – Zip Code: 45248
Dr Richard Goldfarb – Zip Code: 45239
Dr Michael Kreines – Zip Code: 45219
Dr John Schroder – Zip Code: 45209
Dr Jennifer Lobert – Zip Code: 45242
Dr Sanjiv Patel – Zip Code: 45243
Dr Becky Mcgilligan – Zip Code: 45244
Dr Hal Blatman – Zip Code: 45242
Dr Allison Phelps – Zip Code: 45243
Dr Corey Hobbs – Zip Code: 45247
Dr Catherine Pham – Zip Code: 45202

Dr Robert Keating – Zip Code: 44130
Dr Nora Mcnamara – Zip Code: 44106
Dr Ryan Novince – Zip Code: 44113
Dr Dorothy Bradford – Zip Code: 44106

Dr Russell Adams – Zip Code: 15026

Dr Daniel Jones – Zip Code: 43221
Dr Francisco Garabis – Zip Code: 43223
Dr Arthur Armstrong – Zip Code: 43240
Dr Yeshwant Reddy – Zip Code: 43221
Dr Charles Von Gunten – Zip Code: 43214
Dr Shelley Blackburn – Zip Code: 43214
Dr Mark Taylor – Zip Code: 43235
Dr Maria Soto – Zip Code: 43220
Dr Michael Saribalas – Zip Code: 43219
Dr Andrew Kowalewsky – Zip Code: 43220
Dr Charles May – Zip Code: 43215
Dr Brian Carlisle – Zip Code: 43215
Dr Xequiel Hernandez – Zip Code: 43215

Dr B Sidari – Zip Code: 44077

Dr Eric Baron – Zip Code: 44321

Dr Karin Cseak – Zip Code: 44223
Dr Jennifer D’Abreau – Zip Code: 44223
Dr Dmitri Souza – Zip Code: 44223

Dr Oscar Cataldi – Zip Code: 45429
Dr John Murphy – Zip Code: 45440
Dr Priyesh Mehta – Zip Code: 45432

Dr Satya Bharmota – Zip Code: 43017
Dr Kevin Donlon – Zip Code: 43016
Dr Faisal Rahman – Zip Code: 43016
Dr Michael Alexander – Zip Code: 43017
Dr Charles Kassicieh – Zip Code: 43017
Dr Ranjana Sinha – Zip Code: 43016
Dr Steven Schneider – Zip Code: 43017

Dr Mohinder Singh – Zip Code: 43920
Dr Dharam Batish – Zip Code: 43920

Dr Kyle Tipton – Zip Code: 44333

Dr Benjamin Tourkow – Zip Code: 46804

Dr Mohammed Edwards – Zip Code: 43230

Dr Michael Cohen – Zip Code: 43023

Dr Matthew Lowe – Zip Code: 43026

Dr Damodar Reddy – Zip Code: 43528

Dr Michael Hamilton – Zip Code: 44839

Dr Mikael Schilb – Zip Code: 43130

Dr Marek Greer – Zip Code: 40503

Dr Kalki Bommaraju – Zip Code: 45011

Dr Tarek Aziz – Zip Code: 43138

Dr Stephanie Hess – Zip Code: 80504

Dr Mohammad Ahmed – Zip Code: 44903

Dr Adil Katabay – Zip Code: 43302

Dr Darcy Krueger – Zip Code: 45040

Dr Raymond Mason – Zip Code: 44647
Dr Meghan Nein – Zip Code: 44646

Dr Jane Li-Conrad – Zip Code: 44060

Dr Alok Bhaiji – Zip Code: 44130
Dr Janet Levatin – Zip Code: 44130

Dr Clyde Watson – Zip Code: 45042

Dr Robert Belluso – Zip Code: 15063

Dr Atul Shetty – Zip Code: 15108

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Dr Mark Stanley – Zip Code: 43054
Dr Thomas Mccartney – Zip Code: 43054

Dr Julie Forbush – Zip Code: 43055

Dr Patrick Mckenna – Zip Code: 23518

Dr Michael Debs – Zip Code: 44133

Dr Nathaniel Morris – Zip Code: 45056

Dr Youapa Yang – Zip Code: 44077

Dr Gabriel Pagani-Estevez – Zip Code: 41011

Dr Gary Milkovich – Zip Code: 44129

Dr Patrick Bruss – Zip Code: 43551
Dr Ryan Lakin – Zip Code: 43551
Dr Bryan Badik – Zip Code: 43551

Dr Maria Perea Barbosa – Zip Code: 43147

Dr Daniel Miller – Zip Code: 44514
Dr Vincent Marino – Zip Code: 44514
Dr Arthur Duran – Zip Code: 44514
Dr Sandy Naples – Zip Code: 44514

Dr Christina Tulenko – Zip Code: 43065

Dr Yuriy Estrin – Zip Code: 44143

Dr Phyllis Iannuzzi – Zip Code: 44067

Dr Larry Robinson – Zip Code: 44870

Dr Daniel Turner – Zip Code: 44122
Dr Sareena Singh – Zip Code: 44122
Dr Roknedin Safavi – Zip Code: 44120
Dr Alan Wine – Zip Code: 44122

Dr Barbara Abrams – Zip Code: 01770

Dr Larissa Elgudin – Zip Code: 44139
Dr Jeffrey Parks – Zip Code: 44139

Dr Kamel Abraham – Zip Code: 45502

Dr Mallory Ucchino – Zip Code: 44224

Dr Cynthia Taylor – Zip Code: 44136
Dr Catherine Watkins-Campbell – Zip Code: 44136

Dr Marilyn Agee – Zip Code: 43560
Dr Robert Rae – Zip Code: 43560

Dr Michael Bojrab – Zip Code: 43609

Dr Suresh Mendpara – Zip Code: 44281

Dr Mary-Helene Massullo – Zip Code: 44403
Dr Zachary Veres – Zip Code: 44483

Dr Melissa Pifer – Zip Code: 43567

Dr Rokeya Tasnin – Zip Code: 45068

Dr Troy Pope – Zip Code: 28787

Dr Adam Hedaya – Zip Code: 44145 – 440-306-3200
Dr Samir Shaia – Zip Code: 44145

Dr Joseph Williams – Zip Code: 15090

Dr Susan Graham – Zip Code: 44890

Dr Diane Eden – Zip Code: 44094

Dr Bernard Master – Zip Code: 43085

Dr Frederic Leeds – Zip Code: 45387

Dr Lindsay Benedict – Zip Code: 44505
Dr Patsy Buccino – Zip Code: 44514
Dr Scott Tofil – Zip Code: 44510
Dr Adil Jaffer – Zip Code: 44505

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Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Dr. Mark Roberto is authorized to provide medical marijuana card evaluations in Springfield, OH. After conducting a physical exam and discussion of your qualifying conditions, Dr. Mark Roberto may issue you a card for use at treatment centers in Ohio.

You must undergo a medical marijuana card evaluation conducted by a certified professional doctor before applying for a medical marijuana card in Ohio. You will only receive your medical marijuana card for use at any medical marijuana treatment center in Ohio if you are eligible.

Your medical marijuana license application can either be approved or rejected after the assessment of your qualifying conditions. If your application is approved, you’re free to apply for a medical marijuana card in Ohio. In addition, you’d be eligible to become a participant in any medical marijuana program in Ohio.

Since obtaining this card can be a taxing process, this article will break down how to obtain a medical marijuana card in Ohio. It will include vital information such as the various health conditions that qualify for medical marijuana, medical marijuana health benefits, and Ohio’s different medical marijuana laws. Most importantly, it will wrap up with expectations you should have when you visit a medical marijuana dispensary in Ohio.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio

1. Schedule a Visit With a Certified Doctor

You must visit a qualified Ohio doctor to get certified for a medical marijuana card in the state. Thus, consider seeking assistance from qualified personnel who will guide you through this tiring process.

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2. Meet With the Doctor

The most common health conditions that make people want to apply for marijuana medications are multiple sclerosis and chronic pains. In Ohio, you must be referred by a licensed doctor to qualify for a medical marijuana card. You’ll get to discuss your qualifying conditions with your doctor during the scheduled appointment. In addition, you will undergo simple health exams.

3. Submit Your Registration through the State of Ohio’s Website

If you qualify for a medical marijuana card in Ohio, you must complete the state application either through mail or online. The doctor will enter your data into the MMUR, after which you will have to provide proof of residency, pay the necessary fees, and provide your passport-style photograph.

4. Visit a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center in Ohio to Purchase Medical Marijuana

If the OMMU approves your cannabis use application, your medical marijuana card will be mailed to you. You can use this card to purchase medical marijuana from any licensed dispensary in Ohio.

Medical Marijuana Qualifying Health Conditions in Ohio

Medical cannabis use has numerous qualifying health conditions. Some of them include:

  • Cancer
  • Anxiety disorder
  • ALS
  • Anorexia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Arthritis
  • Glaucoma
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Epilepsy

Various health conditions that arise due to their relationship with the listed health conditions are not listed. However, those conditions are still eligible for a medical marijuana prescription. For instance, a doctor may prescribe medical marijuana after diagnosing you with fibromyalgia. The condition qualifies you for medical marijuana since it is considered chronic pain.

You should consult a medical marijuana specialist even if your condition is not on the provided list. The specialist will instruct you on how to obtain medical marijuana in Ohio. In addition, the specialist will explain the various medical marijuana benefits and the state medical marijuana laws.

Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can be very beneficial to humans’ health. Some of the known benefits include:

  • Anxiety reduction
  • Pain relieving
  • Healthy sleep promotion
  • Fighting cancer
  • Improving appetite
  • Alzheimer’s disease prevention
  • Relieving eye pressure and arthritis

Understanding Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws

Medical marijuana laws in Ohio can vary according to federal regulations. Medical marijuana is legal in Ohio, but it remains illegal federally. Also, different states have different laws regarding medical marijuana.

Currently, only 36 states in the US have legalized the use of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana use is legal in Ohio, but recreational marijuana use is banned.

Marijuana use was first criminalized in Ohio in 1975, and legalizing it has not been an easy feat. An attempt to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio failed terribly in 2015. However, in 2016, Gov. John Kasich presented the same bill and it passed. The bill legalized the use of medical marijuana in the form of edibles, oils, tincture, and vapor, but did not legalize smoking or cultivating marijuana.

What to Expect at an Ohio Medical Marijuana Treatment Center

Visiting a medical marijuana treatment center is pretty intimidating, especially when you lack knowledge about what happens there. However, the experience is quite enjoyable when you know how your visit is going to go. You will do the following once you arrive at any dispensary in Ohio:

  • Show the receptionist your Ohio medical marijuana card, either by mail or physically. The receptionist will check the card for referral, prescription, and your license to use medical marijuana in Ohio.
  • After the confirmation, the receptionist will introduce you to the budtender, who will confirm your prescription while providing you with suggestions. This is also the chance to ask any questions regarding medical marijuana.
  • After the session, the budtender will process your order, where you will pay in cash in most cases. However, some dispensaries are accepting debit cards too.
  • After paying the required amount, the budtender will package your products per state laws.


Qualifying for medical marijuana use in Ohio is a long, tedious process, especially when you do not know how to go about it. First, you will need to educate yourself about medical marijuana in Ohio, its health benefits, laws governing its use, and the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card.