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Plus cbd oil spray for sleep

Cani-Sleep Broad Spectrum CBD Oral Spray 250

Sleep Supplement
Cani-Sleep is formulated with CBD and melatonin to target all three key sleep phases: relaxation before sleep, falling asleep, and staying asleep. In a convenient CBD oral spray with mess-free packaging, it’s easy to administer without ever having to leave your bed. Sleep better with this natural sleep solution!

250 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract
30 mg of melatonin
Valerian root
0% THC
Natural mint flavor

This compact and easy-to-use CBD sleep spray is our #1 selling product form. Perfect for microdosing your CBD intake, with each dose (8 sprays) giving you precisely 5 mg of CBD and 1 mg of melatonin. Spray the product directly into your mouth on the inside of your cheek or under your tongue for rapid absorption. Its mess-free packaging allows for quick administration without ever having to leave your bed.

CBD sleep spray is a natural sleep aid scientifically formulated to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. The optimal amount of CBD, melatonin, and herbal extracts ensure you feel amazing the next morning with no grogginess. The oral spray sublingual form allows for the most convenient usage and the fastest absorption. No more mixing beverages, no more waiting for gummies to kick in – just spray, roll over, and snooze! Control your dosage depending on how much sleep you need! Don’t split your melatonin gummies in half, don’t save your sleep beverage for tomorrow – our spray form makes for the most flexible dosage control.

Why Choose CBD Sleep Sprays?

CaniBrands CBD sleep sprays have a distinct advantage over other sleep aids:
· CBD extraction from only high-quality hemp
· Contains nutrients known for helping with healthy sleep
· Made with all-natural ingredients
· Spray format ensures quicker results and better absorption
· Lab tested for purity which ensures only the highest quality
· Perfect for those with sleep difficulties


Per dose
(8 sprays)
Per bottle
(13.5 mL or 240 sprays)
8 mg
250 mg
1 mg
30 mg

Our unique, multi-ingredient formulation combines broad-spectrum hemp extract with melatonin, 5-HTP and MCT oil to provide you with quality sleep and support your natural sleep cycle. A Cani-Sleep oral spray bottle (13.5 mL) contains 240 sprays (30 doses).

The Benefits of our Multi-Ingredient Formulation

  • Melatonin for sleep – known as the “sleep hormone” that is naturally produced by your body. Increased melatonin promotes sleep and relaxation. This lets your body know its night time and regulates your body’s internal clock.
  • 5-HTP – a chemical that increases your body’s production of serotonin. Serotonin helps promote sleep by increasing melatonin production.
  • L-theanine – an amino acid that helps support the body in times of stress and promotes relaxation.
  • Hops – flowers that come from the hop plant that may improve sleep quality. Combining hops with valerian can increase the effectiveness of hops.
  • Passionflower & Skullcap – can increase the levels of GABA (a neurotransmitter) in your brain that promotes relaxation, helping you sleep better.
  • Valerian Root – a herb that acts as a brain sedative to promote relaxation and sleep.
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Suggested Use

8 sprays directly into your mouth before bed, or as recommended by your physician. Hold for 25 seconds then swallow.


Purified Water, glycerin*, natural mint flavor, alcohol, fractionated coconut oil (MCT)*, sunflower lecithin, hemp extract broad spectrum (CBD, CBG, CBDV), melatonin, 5-HTP, L-theanine, cramp bark*, feverfew*, ginkgo biloba*, hops*, passionflower*, peppermint leaf*, skullcap*, valerian root*, stevia extract*, potassium sorbate.

Lab Results

We are committed to product safety, quality and consistency. Our products are pesticide-free, USA-produced and independently lab tested to ensure their purity and potency.

View our lab results here.

10 reviews for Cani-Sleep Broad Spectrum CBD Oral Spray 250

Kenny – 2022-04-13

This is an amazing product that helps me fall back sleep after mid-night nature calls. With a couple of sprays, I am now able to fall back sleep within minutes as opposed to at least 30-60 minutes in the past. Strongly recommend to others suffering similar issues.

Gabriella – 2021-06-17

Both the Can-i-Boost and Can-i-Sleep are amazing but it’s incredible how quickly the sleep spray works! I really can feel the difference right away. So much so that I’ve had to hide it from my husband!! LOL!

Charlotte – 2021-06-16

The CaniSleep has been the only product that has improved my sleep. I fall asleep faster, and stay asleep!

Chris – 2021-06-15

I usually would be able to fall asleep around 4-5 am every night before this spray. Now after a couple sprays I’m sleeping within no time.

Bradley – 2021-06-12

I’ve tried plenty of CBD products, none work quicker than this Spray, and this is the first product that doesn’t make me feel groggy and tired the morning after. A couple sprays a night does the trick and I wake up feeling fully rested the next day. Love it!

Ryan – 2021-04-21

I purchased the Sleep product and I feel that it has helped me stay asleep or fall back asleep faster than usual with just a couple of sprays before I lay down.

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Jamieson – 2021-02-24

I have had trouble sleeping my whole life. I rarely do this but for the last year, my wife and I have been using CaniBrands products.
This oral spray has been totally life-changing, I sleep like a baby now. I am only putting this review out there because I know a lot of people really struggle with sleeping and these products have truly changed my life.

Chris – 2021-02-21

I really like this spray, I have been using it most nights and find it really works. Keeps me down for the night and I don’t need to get out of bed to use it. Very effective and easy to use.

Angela – 2021-01-23

For the nights when I can’t seem to turn my brain off, this product saves my sleep schedule. After a couple of sprays, I am sound asleep and I wake up in the morning feeling great. No more restless nights or groggy mornings!

Hannah – 2021-01-02

So easy to use, love the oral spray consumption method! Makes falling asleep easy when you aren’t tired or are having a restless night. Wake up in the morning feeling really refreshed. The whole day after I feel like I have more energy and a clearer mind.

Plus cbd oil spray for sleep

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With the SLEEP SPRAY PLUS now even faster into the land of dreams

With the SLEEP SPRAY PLUS now even faster into the land of dreams.

HANF SLEEP SPRAY PLUS contains the goodness from the hemp plant, packaged in liposomes for better absorption. In our spray we have combined a broad-spectrum hemp extract with the body’s own messenger melatonin and vitamin B6.

Melatonin is a natural substance that signals our body to relax and fall asleep. This makes SLEEP SPRAY PLUS the perfect product for the evening.

TIP: The VAAY HANF SLEEP SPRAY PLUS is also available in a practical savings subscription. With the subscription you save 10% and take no risk at all, because it can be cancelled at any time.

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For even more peaceful nights.

What is the best way to use SLEEP SPRAY PLUS?

Calm down slowly in the evening and avoid agitating activities such as sports or intensive media consumption.

Bring body and mind to rest and prepare yourself consciously for going to bed. About 30 minutes before going to bed, spray 4 pumps (total 0.6 ml) into your mouth and keep the SLEEP SPRAY under your tongue for at least 90 seconds before swallowing. 0.6 ml contains: 1.5 mg hemp extract, 1 mg melatonin, 0.7 mg vitamin B6 (50% of the recommended daily dose).

Now go to bed and prepare your body and mind for a well-deserved night’s rest. Sleep well!

High quality is our first priority

At VAAY, we work with biologists, physicians, and researchers to create the best product for you from high-quality active ingredients. We use broad spectrum hemp extracts grown in the EU and have all our products regularly analyzed and certified in the accredited TÜV laboratory.

So that you can start your day relaxed with VAAY, we publish our TÜV analysis values and show you the high quality of our products.

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