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Receptra cbd oil for pets

Real Tested CBD Reviews: Top 7 CBD Oils for Pets

We are all always looking for ways to spoil our furry friends and give them the best quality of life. Whether it’s a new toy, a fluffy bed or tasty treat, giving our pets the very best is what we like to do. So, adding a CBD oil to your four-legged friends daily routine could be a great way to make sure they are staying happy and healthy for a long time to come.

Similar to humans, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system and its receptors to create balance and eliminate free radicals in animals. Although more studies are needed surrounding CBD’s benefits, especially for pets, CBD has shown to aid in a range of ailments and conditions from anxiety to pain management to seizures and epilepsy.

Adding a CBD oil to your pets’ diet could have multiple benefits – if they are suffering from anxiety or stress, aging ailments, or appetite issues – CBD could be a good natural alternative and helpful answer to their conditions. Of course, as with all things we give our beloved animals, the quality of a product needs to be prevalent. Here at Real Tested CBD, we do independent lab testing on a range of CBD products, including CBD oils for pets. We take the guess work out of your CBD purchase, ensuring you are giving your pets a quality CBD oil, with accurate label claims, purity, and potency. Here are out top five CBD oils for pets based on lab test results:

Top 7 CBD Oils for Pets

First we bring you ABSC Organics CBD Oil for Small dogs with a highly recommend from our expert review and a high score of 89. This is one of few CBD oils for pets we have tested that has most of the rare cannabinoids we like to see. This oil tests just above the label claim for CBD and also contains CBC, CBG and THC. This high-quality CBD oil for pets also passed all solvent and pesticide tests, making it great safe option for your furry friends.

Next up we have Blue Ribbon Hemp’s CBD Oil for dogs. This CBD oil for senior dogs gets a recommended review from experts. With passes on all solvent and pesticide tests, this is a safe choice to give your pets. This CBD oil also tested spot on the label claim, offering a high dose of CBD in ever dropper. This oil also contains 10mg of CBN which is yet another perk. Last but certainly not least, this CBD oil comes in a bacon flavor that your pup is sure to love.

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Third on our Best CBD Oils for Pets shortlist is Receptra Naturals Pet Tincture. This CBD oil tests above the label claim with 535mg of CBD in addition to many of the rare cannabinoids we like to see. This oil gets a highly recommend from our expert review and has a great value for buyers at just $0.08 per milligram of CBD. This CBD oil for pets also comes in different milligram amount so you can start slow and up the dose for your pet if needed over time.

From Thrive Flower CBD, we have the fourth-place spot with their 750mg CBD oil for pets. This oil tested above the label claim for CBD, with 879mg and even 6mg of CBC. This CBD oil for pets received a recommended review from our experts, and definitely offers customers a great value. Costing just around $0.05 per milligram of CBD, this is a high-quality CBD oil for pets available at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for a great CBD oil for your pets to start with, this is a good medium dose option.

Next up we have Infinite CBD Small Pet Oil with a score of 85 and a recommend from our expert review. This CBD oil tested right on the dot for label claims, but does not contain any rare cannabinoids, so no entourage effect. This is another well priced CBD oil for pets at only $21 per package.

Functional Remedies Dog and Cat Whole Hemp Oil takes us to the number six spot. This oil tested slightly above label claims for CBD and also contains most of the rare cannabinoids we like to see apart from CBN. Another plus to purchasing this CBD oil is free shipping on all standard orders. This CBD oil for pets gets a recommend from our expert review a solid score of 85 out of 100.

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Last but not least is Austin and Kats Hemp Extract CBD Oil with an acceptable recommendation from Real Tested CBD. This high potency oil tested above the label claims for CBD with 2735mg. It is missing any rare cannabinoids but proves to be a high-quality CBD oil for pets with its high milligram amounts. Don’t let the price tag fool you, because you are only paying about $0.05 per milligram of CBD.

One More Unique CBD Pet Oil:

Topping of our favorite CBD pet treats with one more unique option. Paw CBD Apple CBD Oil for Horses is a unique option for the equestrians out there. This apple flavored oil tests well above the label claim with 6700mg of CBD per package. This high potency means your large animals should benefit for the active CBD, even with no other rare cannabinoids present. This CBD oil offers an incredible value for buyers, just $0.04 per milligram – time to giddy up!

CBD Oil For Pets Key Takeaways

When it comes to taking care of our pets, giving them the absolute best is the bare minimum. Whether you have an aging dog, an anxious cat or a sore horse, a CBD oil could be a great natural addition to their lives. Rely on Real Tested CBD’s lab test results and expert reviews to make sure you get your pets the best CBD oils on the market, just like the few listed above. Check out our entire list of Best CBD Pet Treats or our Best CBD Oils for Pets for even more great options of CBD for your pets.

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Receptra Pet Tincture 25 mg

Our Serious Relief CBD tincture for large pets has been formulated to be a four-legged wellness solution with natural and organic ingredients that promote recovery and relief from life’s everyday battles or scary situations.

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