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Get details and read the latest customer reviews about Strawberry 20:1 CBD + Hybrid Enhanced Gummies – MI by Wyld on Leafly. Daytrip's Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies make every day a happy, healthy adventure. Our mouthwatering CBD infused gummies are packed with plant botanical terpenes, full of natural ingredients, and low-cal. Datyrip's nanotechnology, for faster CBD absorption, always gives you that sweet escape you expect from Daytrip!

Strawberry 20:1 CBD + Hybrid Enhanced Gummies – MI

Our Strawberry 20:1 CBD:THC gummies are made with real fruit, a Hybrid terpene blend, and enhanced with cannabis-derived CBD oil. Perfect for relaxing your body while keeping your mind sharp and alert. They are the go-to gummy if you are looking to decompress or take the edge off.

It’s a little like a spa treatment for your body and soul. Enjoy!

200mg CBD:10mg THC per package, 20mg CBD:1mg THC per gummy.

About this brand

Oregon’s leading cannabis edible brand. We create products infused with real-fruit ingredients & flavors that embody the true Pacific Northwest culture.

Wyld THC products are currently available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and across Canada.

Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies

Make every day a sweet escape with mouthwatering CBD gummies. Believing Happier is Healthier Daytrip’s products are low in calories, full of natural ingredients and infused with plant botanicals. We call our mood-elevating happy calm the Daytrip Effect and our CBD gummies are packed with botanical terpenes to deliver on that promise.

Daytrip knows 25 mg CBD is the sweet spot for gummies, enough to split in half and microdose or share with a friend, or pop the entire edible to maximum chill out.

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We use high-frequency energy to minimize the hemp-derived CBD particle size creating an uplifting maximum absorption product that does not wait to kick in at digestion.

Our Daytrip Effect of botanical terpenes and CBD delivers positively delicious mood elevation in every bite. A blend of Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool, Beta-Pinene chosen for its mood-boosting and stress-reducing properties is powerful enough to relax muscles while encouraging mental clarity.

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