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What ohm coil for cbd oil

What Wattage is Best for Vaping CBD?

What wattage is the best to vape CBD? We get asked this question all the time and it’s not such a simple answer.

What is important to remember when vaping CBD is that you don’t want to crank your wattage up too high because then the coil is too hot and will essentially burn the CBD. When this happens, you are essentially wasting your CBD product. When it comes to vaping your favorite CBD product, we recommend keeping your wattage between 10-30 watts for the best experience.

To find the perfect wattage for you, we recommend the “adjust to taste” method. This means to start your wattage low around 10 watts. From there, you can judge whether or not you like the amount of power and flavor. If you are not satisfied, increase the wattage up to 15 watts and start the process over. Do this until you reach a wattage that you like and keep it there.

Now, how do you pick the perfect device to use with CBD? When you are shopping around or perhaps digging through all of your existing vape gear, keep in mind that there are many different vaping devices on the market, as well as many tanks, atomizers and cartridges and they all are different.

Since a lot of the sub-ohm tanks on the market today require coil heads that have lower ohms, we recommend you stay away from these since they require a lot more wattage and that is what you don’t want with vapable CBD. If you really want to use your sub-ohm tank, try and find a coil head that has a higher ohm such as 0.5 or higher.

The best device to use when vaping CBD in our opinion are pod systems and we will tell you why. Pod systems have coils in them that are built with higher ohms such as 1ohm or sometimes even 1.6 ohms. The higher the ohms, the less wattage you need to power that coil which is exactly what you are looking for when vaping CBD. Pod systems have a battery, and that battery is set to a particular wattage and most of them do not have the ability to adjust that wattage. The good news is, a lot of these pod systems are only putting out between 10-15 watts and that is plenty of power to get the most out of your favorite vapable CBD product.

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Why Can Some CBD E-Liquids Handle Higher Wattage Levels Better Than Others?

Now that more people are vaping CBD, our industry is accommodating all kinds of user preferences and goals with a huge array of vaping products that all center around cannabidiol, the compound that we are primarily seeking out. Currently, you can find pre-filled CBD cartridges, user-friendly disposable devices, and bottles of CBD e-juice intended for more advanced, refillable vape hardware systems.

Still, if you’re going to start a new CBD vaping routine, it’s very important that you recognize that the type of CBD e-liquid you choose must be accommodate with the right hardware and configurations. Perhaps most importantly, you must be aware that certain CBD e-liquids are more suitable for lower wattages, while others are made to accommodate wattages that are higher.

The Two Types of CBD E-Liquids

Ultimately, there are two types of CBD e-liquid formulas, and each one is compatible with a specific type of vaping system. The type of e-juice is determined by the components of the formula, as the only thing that they always share in common with one another is that they contain an oil-soluble cannabidiol extract.

Type #1: CBD Vape Oils

CBD vape oils are what you’ll find in a pre-filled cartridge, disposable device, or pod. It’s extremely rare for CBD vape oils to come bottled, as they’re pretty much exclusively used with vaping setups that come with e-liquid already in them.

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A CBD vape oil is a thick, oily product that can contain only pure hemp extract, or, most usually, hemp extract diluted in a carrier oil like MCT oil. CBD vape oils usually come in a wide variety of strains, as they also contain terpene profiles associated with popular strains of the hemp plant. If they contain only hemp extract, then they have very high concentrations (milligram strengths). If they contain a carrier oil, then they can come in a variety of concentrations since they have been diluted.

Type #2: CBD Vape Juices

The other option is CBD vape juice, which is a lot more like a traditional vape juice, except it contains zero nicotine. CBD vape juice comes in a standard e-liquid bottle and is designed to be used with refillable vaping systems, like the sub-ohm vaping setup that you already have. The consistency tends to be thinner, and it contains a combination of vegetable glycerin (VG) and Propylene glycol (PG) as the base, just like with traditional e-juices.

Also, CBD vape juices tend to contain flavoring extracts as well as varying cannabidiol milligram strengths.

Why are Certain E-Liquids More Suitable for Higher Wattages?

Typically, a CBD e-liquid should be vaped between 10 and 30 watts. But, the more precise wattage range that’s appropriate depends on the type of e-liquid that you’re using. Generally speaking, vape oils should be vaped at lower wattages – 10 to 15 watts, give or take. Also, CBD vape juices should be vaped around 15 to 30 watts.

So, why the difference?

Well, it mainly has to do with the VG and PG levels in your e-liquid. You see, because vape oils are much more concentrated, their compounds are far more likely to burn when exposed to high output levels. And, once they’ve been burnt, not only will they taste bad, but they will have destabilized and therefore become unable to deliver the properties you’re looking for.

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Vape juices have PG and VG in them, which essentially acts as padding for the chemical compounds in the hemp extract. These two ingredients act as the base of any e-liquid for a reason – they allow for the ideal consistency so that the e-liquid turns into vapor rather than burning. This is why they can be vaped at higher wattage levels.

Regardless of the type of e-liquid you’re using, and the type of device, you should always start with the lowest wattage option and work up in small increments until you’re satisfied. Starting with the highest setting, especially if you’re using a high-powered box mod device, can instantly destroy the hemp compounds and result in a harsh flavor.

Bottom Line: Whether you go with a vape oil in the form of a low-powered system, or a vape juice made for traditional vaping setups is completely up to you, as it’s all based on personal preference.